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  1. Very good application, you seem to know what to do. Have also seen you around the server and you always try to help anyone in need. +1 from me.
  2. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to Jedi Archives GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: Connix Burra Known Alias’/Nicknames: Connix Previous Occupation: Jedi Youngling Current Occupation: Jedi Padawan Known Languages: Torgruti, English Hobbies: Reading, Duelling and Meditating Alignment: Jedi Order PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Stable Mental Disabilities: None Likes: Reading, Duelling and Meditating Dislikes: Being alone and quiet Personality: Friendly and respectable PHYSICAL INFORMATION Physical State: Fit Age: 16 Weight: 67kg Build: Muscular Disabilities: None Appearance: JEDI INFORMATION Rank: Padawan Master (current or previous): Jedi Knight Skye Ramsay Lightsaber details: Black long hilt with a red emitter Combat style: Uses 2 forms these are Form 3 - Soresu for field work and form 4 - Ataru for duelling BACKSTORY When the young Togruta boy Connix Burra was 6 years old he was discovered by the Jedi Order. It was years before the Clone Wars and it was the time where gangs of pirates would try to take over farms on planets, this problem grew so big on the planet Shili that Jedi assistance was required. One unusually Smokey morning young Connix crawled out of bed to see what sound has awoken him from his slumber, as he walked to his door he saw nothing but smoke that was coloured orange from the fires surrounding his home. As he stepped down his front steps he saw his mother running towards him as he went to ask his mother what was wrong she dropped, she had been shot and also emerging from the smoke behind her a large party of pirates. Connix felt the anger inside him swell as he ran to his dead mother, he sat by her as the pirates came ever closer as they approached and saw Connix one yelled "looks like we got ourselves a slave boys" they all laughed as they surrounded. He watched as one walked up to him with binders and just behind the pirates shoulder he saw a light bouncing around coming towards them. But that's all he remembers because as the pirate touched Connix to put the binders on he let out a massive howl letting out his anger, pain, sadness and the force within him. As Connix blacked out he shot all the pirates back and a young Twi'lek Padawan backwards, as the Padawan got up she stumbled towards the centre of the outburst shocked to discover that it was a boy she lifted him and carried in back within the smoke. As Connix awoke he discovered he was no longer in his house or even in a hospital on Shili, he quickly sat up seeing a young Twi'lek girl beaming at him "where am I" said Connix, "on a Jedi transport" replied the girl "my names Skye and I'm a Jedi padawan" she continued still smiling "why am I here" replied Connix "well... you used the force and took out the pirates, you nearly took me out as well" replied Skye "I then carried you all the way to my master and he told me to bring you with us" she said. "Where are we going exactly" quickly replied Connix "we're going to coruscant... to the Jedi temple" Skye replied with, Connix put his head back and didn't say anthing for the rest of the trip. Many years Connix was trained as a youngling learning the ways of the Jedi and finally when at the beginning of the clone wars the Jedi who discovered him became a Jedi Knight and selected him to become her Padawan. RELATIONSHIPS Dead| Death Wish | Hatred || Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Best Friend | Inglis Burra (Mother) - Dead Jedi Knight Skye Ramsay (Master) - Friend
  3. Name: VandersSteam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198403340914/In-game Name: Crewman Vanders Server: Imperial RP Why do you want it: Inquisitors are one of my favourite people in Star Wars, they're so cool and I would be really happy to become one on the Imperial server, I also feel like my roleplay as one will be elite.
  4. Great application, I know you know what to do and I think you can become one of the best EM's on the server. +1 Love from Vanders
  5. Rat you’re a very good person that seemed to have some good ideas, I believe you being an EM will be great for the server bringing some fun and original event ideas. +1 From me -Love From Vanders
  6. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to Jedi Archives GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: Vanders Xurian Known Alias’/Nicknames: Vanders, Vanders Xur Previous Occupation: Jedi Padawan. Current Occupation: Jedi Knight. Known Languages: Galactic Basic, Toydarian. Hobbies: Duelling, flying and fixing damaged Astromech droids. Alignment: Jedi Order. PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Stable. Mental Disabilities: None. Likes: Sounds of battle and lightsaber sounds. Dislikes: Quit places. Personality: Aggressive and arrogant. PHYSICAL INFORMATION Physical State: Very fit Age: 18 Weight: 66kgs Build: Muscular. Disabilities: None. Appearance: JEDI INFORMATION Rank: Knight Master (current or previous): Master Wulfric O'Gara, Master Aayla Secura Lightsaber details: Basic dark hilt, green crystal. Combat style: Form III (Soresu), Form V (Shien) and a little bit of Form IV (Ataru) BACKSTORY BEFORE THE ORDER It was a normal day Vanders would wake up early to help my father transport food to neighbouring systems, he got out of bed tip-toeing out of the room trying not to awaken his younger brothers Ruu and Geko. As Vanders gets to the ship his father is already lifting the last boxes of food into the hold " Father, i'm sorry I slept in" he yelled out in arrival "it's okay my son you're here now" he replies as Vanders walk past him taking his favourite seat in the cockpit of his fathers vessel. As they usually did every morning they would discuss the gossip of the town they had nearly arrived at there final stop when suddenly a ship fired upon his fathers ship. Vanders father started flying around in spinning but it wouldn't be enough to stop a the hostile ships tractor beam from halting them. "Quickly son hide I will head them off when they board" said Vander's father "but father they might hurt you" replied Vanders "don't worry about me son" his father said back as he pushed him out the door, Vanders ran to the crates with the last supplies in them quickly hiding inside as he heard the ramp of the ship lowering. "What is the meaning of this" demanded Vander's father as all footsteps stopped "Hsssss we're taking you and your supply's, you will make a fine slave" said a hissing voice Vanders heard his father scream as a body hit the floor, "put him with the others and get those supplys in the cargo hold hissss" said the same voice. Vanders felt the crate lift and felt like a full rotation before he was dropped to the floor inside the crate, Vanders waited a little while and once he knew it was clear he would go to the brig in search of his father. Once he reached the surprisingly unguarded brig he started opening all the doors inside normal people who had also been captured, he arrived at the last door he felt an odd feeling inside him an odd feeling that had rarely come to him he opened the door to not see his father but a man in robes, the man looked up and said " geeting young one i'm Jedi Knight Hoin Kjgh" said the man " have you seen my father" I replied "no I have not but come with me and we will find him" calmly replied Hoin as he walked past me. "First we must find my saber young one" said Hoin bursting into a jog "Okay" I replied trying to keep up with the Jedi, finally we arrived outside a door and inside came a sort of buzzing sound followed by laughter the Jedi opened the door with a swift movement of his hand inside was several trandoshan's holding Hoin's sabers he put his hand out and they go flying into the wall and his saber rolling to his feet, Hoin closes the door and slices the controls to the door locking the door "I have an idea where your father is follow me" said Hoin puffing "Okay" Vanders said with a growing pain in my chest. We reach another door inside he hears his fathers screams he quickly open the door and burst in and see a trandoshan branding his father with a metal rod "Noooooo" he yelled putting his hand out and sending the trandoshan into the wall behind him same as the Jedi had done, Hoin rushes over to Vanders father and says to Vanders "You are strong with the force, you shall come with me back to the Jedi temple and become a Jedi and protect the galaxy against scum like this" "Okay" Vanders replies running up to his father and hugging him. Vanders and his father return to there home with the Jedi, Vanders grabs all his essential items for travel to the Jedi temple. Vanders walks with the Jedi to a small ship Hoin bought he looks behind to see his brothers Ruu and Geko waving at him. DURING THE ORDER Vanders was a strong but arrogant padawan he was trained under two different masters, Jedi Master Wulfric O'gara and Jedi Master Aayla Secura. Vanders was scared by the loss of his first Master Wulfric O'gara the loss of his Master also made him a stronger Jedi. Vanders was also happy to be reunited with his brothers who are now also Jedi . RELATIONSHIPS Dead| Death Wish | Hatred || Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Best Friend | Liked - Aayla Secura (Former Master) Friend- Ruu and Geko (Brothers).
  7. This man is a very good bloke to be around. You know what you’re doing as a former SEM and you had a very good event idea. +1 Love from Vanders
  8. In-game name: 2nd Lieutenant ‘Appo’ (501st) Private First Class 1053 Zinger (CG) Padawan Vanders (Jedi) In-game Rank: Warrant Officer Steam Link & ID: STEAM_0:0:221537593 https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198403340914 Discord Name Vanders#9575 Why you want the role, & what will make you a viable candidate: I would like the role of Unassigned CO for many reasons, some of them you would have heard before others you may not have. One of these reasons is it will help my already growing leadership skills. another reason I would like this role is to help the unassigned private’s who are looking for a regiment land that position in the regiment they want to join. I would also like to teach private’s the basics of Star Wars RP such as Climbswep, shooting, faces and formations. I would also crack down on minges to make sure that players don’t join the server just to minge. Also I feel like if I was to become the CO of the unassigned it will benefit the server as I will try to get the new players up to the best they can be before I hand them over to the regiments they want to join, I continue to assist these players after they’ve joined a regiment. I believe I’m viable candidate for this position for many reasons, for example I’m the current Torrent CO within the 501st as well as being a warrant Officer. I’ve been a commander as Barriss Offee on my Jedi slot but have since dropped that role to hopefully become a commander as my own character. I’ve also trained a lot of cadets who have joined regiments and are doing quite well within there regiments. I also already enjoy helping new and even experienced players on the server. I’ve been on the server for nearly over a year and have been under many CO’s I feel like I’ve learnt enough to become a great CO of unassigned.
  9. // Accessing Jedi Archives // // Password Accepted // // Accessing // // Welcome // Personality:GENERAL INFORMATION Name: Vanders Age: 18 Status: Active Species: Trandoshan Affiliations: The Jedi Order Rank: Knight ------------------------------------------------ PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Stable Mental Disabilities: None Found Likes/Interests: Vanders being a Trandoshan likes hunting. Vanders also likes seeing people happy because of the way he was treated before he was brought to the jedi temple. Vanders also likes to go camping and Hunting and really enjoys eating meals from animals that have been caught from hunting. Vanders also likes reading about the history of the Jedi, reading the archives and meditation. Dislikes: Vanders dislikes to see people hurt or sad that's why he goes out of his way to comfort and make people happier, he does this because of the way he was treated back on his homeworld. He dislikes seeing people hurt even more that's why he will do anything to efficiently aid the person who is hurt. Vanders also dislikes eating meals that have not been caught from hunting although he will still eat. Personality: Vanders is a very friendly Jedi who likes talking with his fellow Jedi and with the clones he fights alongside. He is very good when working as a group as he finally has a family to be with. He also talks about his past as he thinks talking is the best medicine for bad past experiences. He will often try to get people talking about there past. ------------------------------------------------ PSYCHICAL INFORMATION Physical Traits: Looks like your basic Trandoshan but is very muscular and has a lot more scales then the average Trandoshan Weight: 78kg ------------------------------------------------ JEDI INFORMATION Current Jedi Rank: Knight Jedi Master: N/A ------------------------------------------------ Appearance: Vanders is a very muscular Trandoshan who has more scales than a normal Trandoshan. He wears traditional robes that are a light cream colour. Note: This is the closest image I could find to the Trandoshan i'm aiming for. ------------------------------------------------ HISTORY / BACKSTORY Birthplace: Trandosha Homeworld: Trandosha Family: Vanders never knew his parents as his mother and father died in a tragic accident. ------------------------------------------------ Vanders woke up one morning thinking the same as he usually did that today was going to be the same old day where he would be bullied at school for having no parents and having a weird ability that allowed him to lift items by out stretching his hand and picking it up using his mind. On his way to school he was tripped, punched and kicked by the other Trandoshan children, when he arrived at his school he noticed a tall Rodian man wearing greyish robes and a cloak with his hood down. As he looked at him the man locked eye contact with Vanders sending shivers down his spine, Vanders quickly turned into his room where he was tripped as he entered the room. All the children turned and started laughing at him he stood up tears rolling down his scales on his face. As Vanders sat down the boy next to him punched him in the shoulder and said "my parents told me that your father was a drunk" this angered Vanders as he never knew his mother and father but he knew his father was a good man, the boy on the other side slaps him on the back of the head and says "Yeah my parents told me that your father was such a drunk that he was drunk when he crashed the ship your mother and father died on into that building". This made Vanders extremely mad and inside he felt something he had never felt before he put his arms out and sent the two boys into the walls around them. One of the boys went through the wall and into the hallway where the Rodian in robes was the other boy didn't go through the wall but didn't get up after hitting the ground. All the children in the room started screaming it was at that moment the school principal and the robed man ran in. "What is going on here" yelled the principal the teacher at the front pointed at Vanders and said "He did it he put his arms out and the two boys went flying into the walls". The principal looked to the robed Rodian and the Rodian looked back at him and nodded. "Vanders come with me" demanded the principal he stood up head down and rushed out of the room and towards the principals office where he had been many times before. After about ten minutes later the principal and Rodian walked in, the principal sat on the other side of the desk while the robed Rodian sat next to Vanders. "This is Jedi Knight Ruu he was sent here to calm down the trandoshans starting to protest against the war but he has now offered to take you with him back to the Jedi temple where you will be trained to become a Jedi", Vanders had only heard a few stories about the Jedi but he had never thought he a bullied Orphan would have any abilities and especially not the abilities to become a peacekeeper of the galaxy. "Me a Jedi are you sure I have that ability" Vanders replied, "Oh yes most certainly" Ruu said quickly "and does that mean I get to leave this place" Vanders excitedly said "Yes only if you want to" Ruu said back just as Vanders had finished "Okay then i'll go with you" Vanders said. Ruu took Vanders to a hanger where there was a LAAT gunship perfectly sat with approximately ten man with green and white armour on who jumped up and saluted Ruu as he walked closer "At ease man" Ruu said as he walked towards them "Field Commander Doom it's time to leave and please make our guest welcome" Ruu demanded as he stood onto the gunship. Vanders followed and sat on a crate as 'Doom' placed it before him, they took off and as they got above the dark clouds Vanders saw it a massive ship, Vanders had never seen something so big he was nervous but excited as he was leaving the place where he endured so much pain and suffering but was leaving to become a part of the famous Jedi Order. Vanders was showed to a room where he stayed the entire time not seeing anyone and not hearing anything but the humming of the ship. When he arrived he was taken to a room with other children of many species. After years of training as a Jedi Youngling he passed his gathering and become a Jedi Padawan, Vanders was assigned to Jedi Master Wulfric O'gara who was the Jedi Commander of the elite 327th Star Corps he continues to train very hard as a padawan and that brings us to now his final steps before knight hood. // Logging Out //
  10. Your Name / Nominated Players Name: Vanders or thek7ingofwar Your in-game Name: 2530 Vanders Your Regiment: 38th Armoured Division
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