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  1. +1 Hypo has turned over a new leaf and has really shown that he wants to change. I know from first hand they he is very talented in coding and understands a lot of languages.
  2. +1 Tumble has shown that he has a deep understanding of pac3 and as him being in engineers I have seen first hand his roleplay and insight in alot of his roleplay scenarios.
  3. Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/banksbonk/ In-game alias/rank: [ENG] Banks B. Batson Teamspeak name: Banks List your server playtime: 72 What is your age? 19 What kind of development are you interested in pursuing for Gateway Gaming? Model Creation & Texture Design Please list the programs you use to create your content: Blender Substance Painter HLMV VTFE edit Crowbar Photoshop On a scale of 1-10, how well do you know how to use said programs? 8 Have you created any content before? If so, provide below https://steamcommunity.com/id/banksbonk/myworkshopfiles/ What sort of content are you interested in making for Gateway Gaming? Fixing some current models (hit boxes, texture issues, etc.) I can port from other games if needed. Mostly what ever is needed fixing or done for a certain type of regiment. TOS: It's important to recognize that IF you become a Developer for Gateway Gaming, the content you possibly provide is for the use on Gateway Gaming ONLY. If you are caught distributing any content without the permission of the Executive Staff team, you will be community banned. Yes
  4. I have known suna for a very long time and on every server he has always shown a love for pac, and on every server he truly shows that his knowledge of pac has grown. +1 Keep up the great work man.
  5. Although at the beginning of the server crispin was following a bad path becoming widely known as a troll, but he has now joined medics and shown that his colours have changed. +1 Has a wide understanding with pac and has really changed to become a better person.
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