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  1. Thanks everyone for letting me stay, and enjoy being a gateway gamer. But my ARC Traineeship was denied because of my computer. It's really fucking ass. And if I can't achieve my goal as Alpha ARC, than what's the point? But in the meantime, I'm going to dip.
  2. Name: Mag (ARC Trainee) Sever: Clone Wars
  3. Thanks mate, means alot to me. Still trying to fix my game though. Which sucks.
  4. Yeah no clue with this one. Tried factory reseting my gmod, verifying game cahce, reinstalled my content ect...
  5. App looks great! Hopefully you get trial mod! Then you can join all of the other staff ARC +1
  6. Not really to sure what causes it, as whenever i enter ARC bunks i instantly crash. I do see a error message pop up, but its difficult to read in time. Maybe someone with experience in crashing can help me? I have noticed it is when i look in the SW direction i just crash. In order for me to leave bunks i have to spin around carefully, so it must be something in the bunks causing me to crash. Everywhere else in the map is fine but ARC bunks. But thanks for reading this post, and if you can help ill be in teamspeak with the name of Mag. Just give us a poke!
  7. Thanks mate. Errors in applications are always tricky for me to pick up, but feel free to quote areas with said errors and I'd be more than happy to fix them!
  8. Clone Wars Moderator Application Template Prerequisites: Do you have Teamspeak 3 Installed? Yes Do you enjoy helping other people? Yes Are you willing to test your stress? Yes Age? (Minimum of 14 years of age.): 16 List your current playtime (Minimum of 80 Hours): 172 hours. However, I have had a few name changes. Also over 2700 hours on Gmod. Are you willing to learn new ways to approach situations? Always ready to learn more. Do you have any active warns? No active warns. Or any warns at all. Do you have a problem with any of our current staff members? No. Requirements: Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:80092927 Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198120451582 Current in game alias / rank: B-27 How known are you on a scale of 1-10 (10 being everyone knows you): 6.5, I’m a newer member of the community, but I’m always interested in getting to know more people! How will you becoming a moderator make an impact on the community? Becoming a Moderator, or any Staff position is a privilege. And with that said i understand that not everyone can be given it, but I believe I can show the maturity, seriousness and the professionalism of a staff member when needed. And can also have a good time. I am that guy that will listen to a problem, and try to figure out a way where both parties involved agree on the outcome. I enjoy learning new things, and ULX is a newer thing to me and I believe love of learning is a great trait to have for anyone. But that means I’m also always open for constructive feedback, on how to become a better staff member and a better player in general. These qualities are what I believe a staff member should show and that I can too. Such as being helpful, always listening to what’s said, and always trying to improve not only myself, but the quality of gameplay for others too! Having me around, I wouldn’t just be a staff member but a friend to all. Do you believe you're able to deal with individuals and situations in a completely unbiased manner? Yes. No matter who they are, the decision will be based on what was done, not who they are. Do you use our Teamspeak server often? Yeah, always. It’s a part of my routine. Load up Discord, TeamSpeak them steam. Do you understand that as a member of the Staff Team, your position may be subject to change and / or termination should you not be performing to the degree stipulated? Yes. I completely understand. Situations: Legend: Red = Command Blue = Speech Green = Name 1. A user is RDMing and insulting other users. You are the only staff available to deal with the situation. What do you do? Firstly, I would accept the ticket. From the ticket it was said that CT-2222 ‘Fred’ had been the user RDMing and insulting others. Then I would use the command /logs to see if the user had killed anyone. If the logs displayed that he did in-fact RDM another user, I would then go to an isolated part of the map. Using the command !jailtp CT-2222 ‘Fred’. I would then say “I have been given a report that you have been rdmimg and verbally insulting other users. Is this true?” Now he could either deny the report or admit that he did it. If the user did deny it I would explain to him “I have checked the logs, and yes you did kill another user. The user who made the ticket, and who you RDMed was CT-4545 ‘Jack’” I would then !bring CT-4545 ‘Jack’ And have him explain his side of the story. Once he has explained what happened to him I would say “It is clear that you have RDMed CT-4545 ‘Jack’ the logs indicate that you killed him, and he claims you did to. For that you will be receiving a warn for RDM.” Then I would !warn CT-2222 ‘Fred’ RDM | Lying to Staff. Then I would return both users using commands; !return CT-2222 ‘Fred’ and !return CT-4545 ‘Jack’ Then I would resolve the ticket. If the user had admitted to it I would explain “You may of admitted to RDMing another user, but you are still breaking server rules. So you will be receiving a warn for RDM.” Then I would use !warn CT-2222 ‘Fred’ RDM. After being warned I would !return CT-2222 ‘Fred’. I would then resolve the ticket. 2. A user has contested a warn you have given him and proceeds to verbally abuse you, what do you do? I would move myself to a isolated part of the map. For this instance lets say CT-7878 ‘Mike’ had contested a previous warn and was being verbally abusive toward me. I would then try to explain in a calm and professional tone “You were warned previously due to RDMing other users. The warn was complete fair and just, evidence was provided to support the warn. I hope you can understand that breaking rules will result in a punishment.” Once he has understood why he was warned and has calmed down I would then !return CT-7878 ‘Mike’. 3. A user has threatened to DDos and take down the server. What do you do? I would take screenshots of chat, for later evidence. Then I would contact a Senior Staff member about the user threating to DDos the server and then have them deal with the incident. If no one was available I would !ban trev 0 DDos threat. Later on I would show the evidence to Senior staff member to justify the ban. 4. A Commander and Lieutenant are arguing in front of debrief. It is getting quite heated. The context to the argument is unknown to you. What do you do? If the argument were to be In-Character I would leave it to CG as it may be roleplay. However, if it were about a OOC matter I would then find myself a isolated part of the map and then !bring Commander then !bring Lieutenant. I would explain “Both of you please calm down. I understand you are in a predicament, but this is nor the time or place to be auguring about said matter. You both are leaders of the server, and many new players look up to you as what a good trooper looks like. But this childish behavior is unacceptable especially during a debrief. I hope you both understand, I will only give you a verbal warning. I don’t want to see this happening again.” Then I would !retrun Commander then !return Lieutenant. After this I would go back to debrief and using !administrate I would briefly see if they had continued auguring. If there were no signs of argument I would then !unadministrate. 5. A Cadet has been complaining and wandering around because he hasn't been trained yet. He doesn't appear to have any intent to role play. What do you do? I would teleport them back to the training room using !bring Cadet Dave, and instruct them to remain there. I would then get a trusted trainer using !bring Aldis, to train the recruit. I would then overview the training process using !administrate and see how they act during it. Once they have been trained without any misbehavior I would briefly watch how they act and if they were to be mingey or annoying to other users. I would then !unadministrate. Thanks heaps for reading my app, any and all feedback will be welcome in the comments below!
  9. Finally somewhere I can jump off of after a long day of being a clone
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