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  1. Hell yes choog, good app, Is a really great guy and would make an amazing fit for the staff team +1 Good luck!!! :DD
  2. Hell yeah the app looks great and has some good detail and your well known and liked so yeah for sure a great fit for staff +1
  3. Dude I've been wanting to know how to do this for soooooo long jesus
  4. Nice activity, great guy and a really nice app +1
  5. These look great, I love the injured one that's really nice. It would be great to see more of your work on the server. +1
  6. Yeah I agree I love your animations, they are really creative and unique +1
  7. Omg why did i say no......wtf. Thanks for spotting that haha
  8. I've never really tired it but it does sound interesting
  9. Well as I said I wanna do more for the the server
  10. Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198329924113 In-game alias/rank: Gunnery Sergeant 1902 Mine, Padawan Mallabecca, ARC Trainee B-92 , EC Teamspeak Name: Minestorm01 List your server playtime: 584 What is your age? 19 What programs do you use to create artwork? I use Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, and sometimes Procreate but not as often as the others. If I'm going to create Videos and animations however I'll use things like Premiere Pro or After Effects. How experienced are you in graphic design? I have done Graphic design and Photography for all of the high school and college which spanned around 6 years for those subjects specifically and then for college I also did media and I'm currently in my gap year and I'll be attending university in 2022 and will be majoring in graphic design. I also have family who make a living off graphic design and who have their own business, which I have also been taught by which really helped me when I was starting. What is your preferred art style? Well, when it comes to what I like to make most it would probably be posters, landscapes, loading screens, wallpapers, illustrations, website design and logos but other than that I don't really have a preferred style but I will say I can’t do realistic artworks haha. Why do you want to be a graphic designer? Well, there are many reasons why I want to be a graphic designer for Gateway as well as being a full-time graphic designer in general. I have always had a passion for art and especially over the past 7 years it has grown into a passion for graphic design and now I would love to share that passion with the server in any way that I can. Recently I have been wanting to do more for the server and be more involved and so when I found that I could become a graphic designer for the server I was excited because it meant that I could really do something for the server even if it was just a small thing. Another reason would be that this would be a great experience for me and I could use it to further my graphics design career which would be amazing. Provide examples of your artwork below: Well this is a link to my Portfolio, Don't mind the name of the link haha I couldn't change it haha: https://minestorm01.myportfolio.com Please tell me if you think I should add, redo or remove anything... I know I'm not the most talented but I try and am happy to take on board any criticism, comments or suggestions you may have TOS: It's important to recognize that IF you become a Graphic Designer for Gateway Gaming, the content you possibly provide is for the use on Gateway Gaming ONLY. If you are caught distributing any content without the permission of the Executive Staff team, you will be community banned. Yes
  11. Yeah look the face that you put the time and effort into this ban appeal show to me that you do really want to come back to the server and not as a minge which is really good. And personally I don't think your request is asking too much as your not asking for them to just let you back but you would still do time which again to me shows that you understand that you did the wrong thing which is good. I think it would be a good idea for a month long ban to be considered
  12. Yeah as I don't know you I cant really comment on how you are or your activity but the application looks good and has some nice detail and the fact that you would actively ask for help is great. I also really like your reason for wanting to join too, but yeah I think you would make a good addition so +1 :)
  13. Poggers for new jedi :DD Goodluck everyone!!
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