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  1. Not my area of expertise but wanna but in quickly. I think the application looks pretty good and seems like he knows what he's talking about. As for people talking about his behaviour, he's a good bloke but just does mingey things, I believe that he will keep his head in check and take the role seriously as he wouldn't of taken time out of his day to try make a good application and to step up and try something new for no reason. +1 at ease champ.
  2. If you are in the same boat as Ferrero, then I believe this ban is not warranted. People do this stuff late at night just to take a load off and have fun doing stuff they can't do during active hours, even if he was wrong for acting in self defence when most staff aren't online to handle these situations 3 days doesn't seem fair. (I wasn't online at the time so I'm going of what I'am presented with) +1
  3. Freeze has a lot of knowledge of pac3 and has made some pretty good pacs before which he demonstrates pretty well here Easy +1
  4. I've known you for quite a while now so I might weigh in a bit. Your application is alright, not overly detailed but still gets your point across about how you would deal with these scenarios, on the other hand I've seen/heard experiences with you where you have been pissed off by someone really easily and that's something that you have to avoid if you are to staff a server, I'm not sure how you would be able to handle minges without them getting under your skin or you punishing people because they called you a mean name once. Unfortunately man its a -1 from me.
  5. You seem to know how to do most of the basic stuff in pac, although some of these aren't acceptable it still shows that you know your stuff. +1
  6. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to clone database GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: Alpha-10 Known Alias’/Nicknames: 'Bullet' Previous Occupation: ARC Trainee Current Occupation: Alpha Class ARC Heavy Known Languages: Galactic Basic, Binary, Shyriiwook, Basic Mando'a Hobbies: Customising and examining his armour, Killing droids, Learning the in's and out's of blasters Alignment: Neutral Good PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Stable Mental Disabilities: [REDACTED] Likes: His Z6, his brothers, Joking around. Dislikes: Trandoshan's, Droids, Pirates, Defective troopers. PHYSICAL INFORMATION/DISABILITIES Physical State: Bulky Age: 13 Weight: 105 kg Build: Tall, Bulky Disabilities: None RELATIONSHIPS Death Wish Death Watch: A-10 is disgusted at the thought of what Death Watch has done to the people of Mandalore and other star systems, when given the order A-10 doesn't hesitate to pull the trigger on a member of Death Watch. Hatred CIS: A-10 trained his whole life to eliminate CIS Battle Droids, his hatred seems to be pointed more towards the CIS generals that use "emotionless killing machines" to slaughter innocents and his brothers. (Note: It seems unclear as to why A-10 despises Death Watch more then the CIS, A-10 has made no comment on why this is) Trandoshan's: After hearing stories and encountering Trandoshan slavers first hand, A-10 is proven to be hostile towards Trandoshan's after the horrendous things they've done to people captured by them. Disliked [REDACTED] Untrusted Jedi: A-10 seems to rarely show trust towards Jedi after hearing and seeing some of the choices they've made in battles that have caused the lives of troopers, despite that he thinks of them as expert swordsmen and admits that they can sometimes do tasks better than clones. His distrust seems to stem from the [REDACTED] incident that happened at [REDACTED]. (Revision: Scrubbing the info that led to A-10's distrust in Jedi - General ████████) Indifferent Coruscant Guard: Though A-10 hasn't always had the best run in's with Coruscant Guard, he has some respect towards them since they keep the peace on Coruscant and bases that A-10 is stationed at. Acquaintance 327th Star Corps. 7th Sky Corps: A-10 seems impressed with some of the feats that the troopers in these regiments carry and trusts that he can rely on them in a firefight. Friend 104th Wolfpack: A-10 shows a lot of trust towards 104th, he is seen to be good friends with Commander Wolffe and trusts everyone else in 104th. A-10 believes that they can handle themselves in the heat of battle and trusts them with his life. Best Friend ARC: A-10 shows unprecedented trust and respect to his Alpha ARC brothers, A-10 trusts his brothers in their decision making and believes they are the best troopers in the GAR. A-10 is observed to be friends with A-11 'Bobby' as they have been posted together ever since they finished their ARC training.
  7. Name: Bullet (In game: ARC Trainee R-22) Server: Clone Wars
  8. I thought it was pretty trash and wasn't really great at warranting why the sequel trilogy had to exist rather then milking the franchise, still thought it was better then the last jedi though.
  9. Good luck man, thanks for being someone for me and the other trainees to look up to, Hopefully you come back one day.
  10. Agreeing with what Buck said, your application looks like you put a lot of time and effort into it to making it look good and easy to read, you seem to have great activity on the server and from my experience you seem like a great person. Easy +1
  11. Aside from a few grammatical errors on your application, It shows that you have taken a good amount of time to make your application good and understandable with coloured text, knowledge on ulx commands, and how you would treat the situations. From my experiences with you on the server you have a good attitude and seem like you are committed to helping the server, I think most people will agree that you should get more people aware of you and to make a good impression on staff. +1
  12. Good responses that shows how you would deal with the situations in a professional manner, good use of ULX commands and a well behaved player that would make a good addition to staff +1
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