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  1. User will undergo a 3 trial event period. Contact @Buck :) to begin your trial.
  2. So recently have had a few people ask about the potential of changing the time slot for the Main Server event. Which since the event server has come into play has been the 6:30 time slot. So naturally before I do anything, I want to get a good overview/opinion from the community about whether everyone likes how it is or maybe wanting a bit of a change. As always any extra thoughts, ideas or opinions outside of the options on the poll are more than welcome so yeah. Hope you can take the quick minute to answer the poll
  3. @RenTheHen still the highlight of my career. Good old Iden
  4. No mention about me ok buddy not cool >:~( But ye catchya around champ P.S. Never forget the fart samples
  5. User will undergo a 3 trial event period. Contact @Maxonok to begin your trial.
  6. Accepted, welcome to the EM team
  7. User will undergo a 3 trial event period. Contact @Andy to begin your trial.
  8. No mention? Aight cool, no worries :Cryingcool:
  9. When's the Draughts/Checkers tournament so I can lose in record speed there as well?
  10. Howdy Gamers, So after taking the reigns of Head Left Clicker, want to spend the first part of it getting a good understanding to where the EM team currently is sitting at and what the general consensus is from the community. I'm currently working on a few minor things already to ideally improve the experience not only for you guys (The Community) but as well as the EM's to help making them doing events easier and what not. So that brings me to this, I would really appreciate it for you all to take a quick 5-10 minutes of your time to fill out the below form. Give your honest thoughts and opinions on the current state of EM's and events being produced, provide any feedback you can. The more in-depth you guys are, the easier it will be to pinpoint what issues there are, which will make my life a tad easier to get them fixed as best as I can. Cheers in advance Form Link
  11. Denied. You may reapply in one month.
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