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  1. See ya sharky, you were a great EM and an awesome guy to chill with. Thanks for the good times and good luck with whatever you do next.
  2. Sean

    May the 4th Sale

    Did you really stay up till 1 in the morning to be the first person to do a May the 4th post?
  3. not going to lie Trotsky, I'd date you if you had jedi on gateway gaming
  4. Another legend gone, goodbye my sweet prince

    1. Bright


      goodbye sean

  5. Name: Sean Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198378564751/ In-Game Name: 1998 Banjo Reason: I haven't played in a while but I when I did play I never did get to play Jedi so if I did win I'd like to come back and have that experience.
  6. Sorry, but this is the true bio of Captain Rambo right here:
  7. Sean

    Borderlands 3

    very cool thanks mr beatroot
  8. Application Accepted Please leave
  9. how do i get a gronk driod regement?
  10. As epic as the music is it's not enough to make up for these PAC examples which need a lot of work. The droid should not be attached to your head bone. Overall these PACs need to be completely reworked. -1
  11. Sorry bro, need to see the next GGNN first
  12. Gateway has been a massive part of my life for probably the last 7-8 months but it's time for me to take my leave. Pretty much the whole time I was on gateway I loved it and I put so much effort into it, getting into the habit of playing on the server until late into the night. I started in 104th with an awesome group of guys that got me hooked on gateway, went into a bunch of regiments (the main ones being GM and pilots) and ended with my own 104th. I had a great time in staff and managed to get to admin for a whole 5 minutes. Now I just want to say thanks to a everyone that's been an absolute gamer along the way. Thanks to every member of the 104th. I would have left months ago if it wasn't for you boys. @Jay.Tee.Els Been with me since the day I joined the server, legit on of the best lads on gateway. @Darts Ran 104th while the CO went inactive. @Carn/Boost Awesome bloke and a mingy 2ic Lolly/Dash who I don't think has a forum account, you were an epic 2IC and just an awesome dude @ScuffedG legit madlad and don't stop getting high in the teamspeak, it's funny as fuck @Jarvis See you at the mosque brother @Uni Just a chad, stop watching anime @Ganit Thanks for being my 2IC when I was so out of my depth with 104th. @Beatroot You're legit the best staff on gateway, a massive help to me when I was in staff and above all a fun guy to speak to. Cheers man. @Yoho Mr Yoho Jones, you're a simp @Sloth VB is overrated Bullseye/Comet: You have the best beard in the world @Bright Yeah @Fluxy Epic dude, best current CO (104th>GM) gotta play more sven co-op @Scooby trained me as a cadet @Bullet Thanks for giving me a second hand nword pass - sincerely sean Bones, I legit can't find your fucking forums account but I live in fear of your snapchats @Bootsy You are the definition of a chad @Galax @Joe See you spoinky boys on Sea of Thieves @Rambo Hurry up and make GGNN 2 I know I've missed some people but as normal I'm writing this late at night and I'll probably add them later. See you gamers and thanks for the epic times. I'll still be in discords and the teamspeak so you'll never fully escape me.
  13. Awhile ago you were putting in the effort to change however lately I've seen you slipping back into old habits. Being honest I don't think you have the maturity to be staff. It's a -1 from me until I see you put in more effort to be nice to people.
  14. Fluxy is a prime example of how a commander and how a moderator should be. Even when holding a high rank he makes sure he is approachable by player which I think is something even the current staff team struggles with. Over his time as a CO he's shown maturity and has been a great guy to have a chat with. Massive +1 from me.
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