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  1. If I do the first wall do I automatically become ARC CO?
  2. Sorry, that doesn't look like you're roleplaying, you're getting warned.
  3. If Bucket doesn't get RHC by Sunday I'm leaving the server
  4. Is Jedi ERP part of the tryouts??
  5. Just going to chuck my thoughts in here. While I was not present for the ban itself from what I have seen of you on the server I'm surprised it was only 3 days. I've lost count of the times you've been warned both verbally or officially for RDM and the like. 3 days is pretty light so I'd recommend waiting it out. -1
  6. While I haven't got to know you too well from what I have seen of you on the server you seem like a neat guy and this is one of the best EM app's I've seen in awhile. In regards to ULX this page here outlines them all. Overall +1 from me and good luck!
  7. Sean

    Giveaway Again

    Arma 3 gamer. Also thanks for running a giveaway, man.
  8. See ya Scooby. To me at least you've been a fun guy to be around and without you showing me the ropes and being an awesome first intro to gateway gaming and gmod in general I wouldn't have got to where I am today in the server. Sad to see you go man
  9. If Jaguar doesn't become RHC at the end I'm leaving life
  10. From me it's an easy +1. I do believe that you are dedicated to the server and from what I've seen you've consistently been a friendly and positive player in the community. I've never had a negative interaction with you and you seem to get along with everyone. I really do think that you would be a great staff member in terms of handling situations fairly and diplomatically. In response to the teamspeak thing I have seen you hopping around 104th and 501st channels quite a bit recently.
  11. Sean

    Jedi Giveaway #2

    Your Name / Nominated Players Name: Wolffe/Sean Your in-game Name: Wolffe Your Regiment: 104th Wolfpack
  12. This was a hard one to decide for me. You do seem to be dedicated to the server but I do see where Yoho is coming from. I think that before you become Moderator it would be great to see you attempt to be a little more diplomatic in some situations. At this point in time I am going to leave my feedback to your application as Neutral.
  13. Hiding something Bobby?
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