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  1. See ya Zia, I only meet you a little while ago but you helped me out a lot with heaps of tricky situations. Thanks man and good luck with whatever you do next.
  2. It's an well formatted application for sure however I suggest that you become a lot more well known on the server and get your hours up by a lot before you apply. The only way I know you is because you joined 104th and left within 3 days. Reading through your event it does seem a little bare and I believe you would not be able to kill a lore character such as Admiral Trench as he is alive in lore during the final season. At the moment until you get yourself out there more and improve your event script my opinion stands as a -1.
  3. Best pilots to ever be on the server
  4. Sean

    Doom's Memories

    Rest in peace Doom, never forget Jeff the best medic.
  5. Great work man, good to see some mission reports, I'd just suggest making the color easier to read
  6. CO's it's up to you as well to remember to enforce these rules.
  7. Every experience I've had with Hacketty he's shown himself to be mature and have great potential for staff. It's an easy +1 from me
  8. Sean


    Haven't met you yet man, but always cool to meet new and returning players. Welcome back.
  9. This application is really well formatted and well written. You've put a lot of effort into it and whenever I speak to you in the teamspeak you've been respectful and a great guy to speak to. I think you'd fit staff well and would take the role seriously. As for the events that happened on another server, I don't believe that it should effect you on gateway as we are another server entirely and I've never seen you as anything but respectful. As for the fact that players from there made a forum account to hypocritically -1 you I think it's unfair to judge your application based on that. Overall it's a massive +1 from me
  10. See ya bright, thanks for teaching me how to minge. Also you're lying you are a BIG SIMP
  11. Best PACs I've seen in a while, looking forward to seeing them in action. +1
  12. Personally I really dislike almost all the venators, partly because they're annoying to get around but mainly because of how you can't really go outside and do operations. I just love the maps like Jania and Anaxes because you can send out patrols and create some really fun RP outside of the base which is harder to do on a venator. Thanks for coming to my TED talk.
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