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  1. Your Name: Elias (Clarence) Your In-Game Name: First Class Private 5476 Clarence Highest Clone Rank Achieved: Captain What position are you interested in? Either Why do you want that position?: I've always been interested in Mandalorians and the roleplay that comes along with it; the opportunity of being a Mandalorian on a Clone Wars server is quite unique and I wouldn't wanna miss out on it. My personal knowledge of the Mandalorian lore and roleplay is pretty expansive, I have played multiple Mandalorian characters in the past with the most known being my Mando character on Galaxies at the time I was really interested and put a lot of effort into my character and the background for it. I've spoken to a few of the Clan Skirata boys in TS and in-game, I definitely feel like due to this reason that it will be a fun and great time inside of the regiment. You personally know that I can make serious characters with effort and extensive backgrounds; and my knowledge on Mandalorian lore as a whole. With that being said, this sort of roleplay is something I definitely wanna get back into once more, and I think I can definitely prove that to you.
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