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  1. Spirit as much he was admin for a long time now, I'm pretty sure he is capable enough to pretty much everything, nice and charming guy though. +1
  2. Saw your smexy RP and dedication to the server pal, perfect fit for an EM Team as you are well known and most liked person on the server who never stop doing these interesting and fun roleplays. Keep it up brotha. +1
  3. Greetings Domino, I can tell that you have good knowledge and you showed best examples in your application. You are a fun dude to talk too and shown your best RP, I'm interested how you operate in events. Your event idea is very interesting and I cannot wait to see your potential as a event master. +1 Good luck pal!
  4. Nukaru_X

    Vexy who?

    Chad post. +1
  5. Hello, saw your application today and you have made unique addon(s) which is very nice but I don't think I have met or talked to you before which is an issue. Not much else to say but I'll remain natural for now. ------------------------------------------------------- Use TS3 more frequently, it'll help you introduce to the community a bit more. Try to social other people in gateway and start being active. Yep, my brain is smooth afterall. Your developing skills is without the doubt is the best so far. Sorry for being a retard, so I'll give you an accurate +1. Good luck dude.
  6. Nukaru_X


    What a gamer video you have, keep making more of these you sexy baka.
  7. Alright, proper writing this time but here we go. Yes, Thank you for pointing that out, but it has been edited and should be fixed. Yea, I did leave the staff team way early because admittingly I've been fucking up lots of times during my experiences as an Event Master, I almost got myself in trouble with the other user because I almost "RDM'ed" someone and almost got me in trouble, randomly crashing the server mistakenly and so on, there's too many for me to remember and that made me upset and I disappointed my team. The reason why I'm coming back because I want to restart my experiences and make it better and not make the same mistake from previously, because I know I can make it right and show responsibility and show proper unique creativity and idea's to the community what they like best and seeing, it's not about me having fun, it's what the community wants and that's what matters and I understand that I have to work hard to achieve my goal and show capability of my positions and I know I can try again and make it better.
  8. Hello brother, never suspected you to make a application but here is my feedback and criticism about your application, hope you take this well. Firstly, some people in the comments has been saying that you have been minging quite a lot through the weeks of gateway, I must agree with their topic, your behaviour is bit of a concern to the team and they don't want that. You really need to step away from that mingy self of yours and act up better to the community if you wanna be worthy to the EM Team itself. Activity and social attraction of other people needs to be worked on as you were only mainly talking to only 41st and 501st members. Other people (like myself) don't seem to know you well and that needs to be improved on. Alright, so huge problem with your event idea: 1:) Underwater Event may seem good overall but people may experience issues as being underwater could blur out their vision which makes it hard to see which people will complain about. 2:) I don't understand how tri-fighter droids can fly underwater as LFS Ships cannot fly in water as it automatically deactivates them. It's not realistic and that should be worked on. As @Slash explained already, underwater combat is way too much for players to handle and doubt they will ever have fun at all. You need to rewrite the idea and start over, think what the community wants and how you will make the event more interesting for them. Don't make it fun for yourself, make it fun for everyone and show the community what you are capable of. You should also follow @Gecko @Spompe @Ratinson and @Slash opinions about your application and try fixing it up. -1 Good luck with your application and hope I see improvement!
  9. Spompe has already seen it.
  10. Got some epic gateway gaming moment? post it here.
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