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    I have now understood the meme. Just watched the original of the meme and totally understood it. It was from Invincible animated series where omni-man beats the fuck out his son. Welp, time to commit arson.
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    Commander Fox attempting to use telekinesis
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    I'm having issues processing this.
  5. Hey mate, it's me again. unfortunately, there is some stuff going on about you. It would seem that you have done something out of an ordinary as Coruscant Guard, as many others explained at the top of the comment section. As I already know from the start, your application is too rushed and dried out and you have not updated after I commented previously. Also, many people on the community does not know you well, so what gecko mentioned, you need to start becoming active on TS3 to spread your name out there. Any who, I'll finally vote you with a -1 sorry dude. Good luck and hope you have reconsideration and chances in the future!
  6. Nukaru_X

    Zia return

    Welcome to the gateway community my man! I'm looking forward to know you
  7. ---- You made a ban appeal, telling us to forgive you for what you've did, but then you "jokingly" threatened Stooge? How can we trust you, especially disrespecting community staff when you ignored them when they ask you too? Then you spammed un-recognized link and some disgusting shit in the chat. Again, how can we trust you with this type of shit mate, you legit lost all respect from the gateway community and you have no rights to be back on the server, I'm annoyed and frustrated, that's why I sound cranky. Sorry mate, but this appeal seems like a joke to me. If you are unsure and think I'm incorrect with this quote, please ping me. -1 (Also, sorry Stooge if pinged you just by quoting you, and this message does not relate to you. Hope you understand.)
  8. Pluto, you have dedication to rp on the server and it's been the best so far. You are a supportive fellow and well known to the community. Not to forget, you have been an amazing staff member and keeping players in check and you make good events too. (Correct me if I am wrong) I support you brother, I hope you do well in your trial. +1
  9. Well, I'll make a promise that it won't happen again. I'll try to last longer on a server and improve my activity more. Though, I'll thank you for your feedback and hopefully I'll see you guys in the future. Love you man. - No homo.
  10. Holy fuck, that is actually heart warming my man, thank you. Love you man. - no homo
  11. Heyyyyyyy!! Good to see you on the community friend
  12. Made a quick update on my introduction, enjoy reading and getting to know me people! <3333333
  13. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to clone database GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: Abdula Prawn Known Alias’/Nicknames: [N/A] Previous Occupation: [N/A] Current Occupation: Jedi Padawan Known Languages: Galactic Basic Hobbies: Meditation, Playing Games, Sports, Jedi Training/Schooling and being outside. Alignment: The Republic and The Jedi Order PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Stable Mental Disabilities: Autism Disorder Likes (optional): Camping, nature, exercise, schooling and learning about Jedi History. Dislikes (optional): Slavery, Corruption. PHYSICAL INFORMATION/DISABILITIES Physical State: Decent Age: 15 Weight: 92kg Build: Average. Disabilities: (None) JEDI INFORMATION Rank: Padawan Master (previous): General Skyda Lightsaber details: Personal made lightsaber, made with scrapped components, 1 blade and has blue crystal inside to power the lightsaber. Combat style: Form I: Shii-cho BACKSTORY He was collected as a youngling from a planet that was filled with corruption, the government of that planet has hatred towards the Jedi Order and The Republic. they committed slavery and tortured his people. His parents was killed during the execution for rebelling against the government, there was no freedom and happiness, only trapped and forgotten in that wrecked place. He was assigned as a Jedi Initiate, he was introduced to the Jedi council, known as Abdula Prawn. He went through some meditations with his master "Skyda", it helped him solve his issues and forgot the dark past that happened on his planet, after his meditation he has made lots of friends during his time as a initiate, spending time with them, playing sports out from the park, duelling and learning along the way. They have grown up, making great progress along the way, they are known as Jedi Padawan's. Abdula Prawn made himself a worthy student to the Jedi Order. He has changed a lot during his dark times as a youngling, now he forgotten the past and moved on, thanks to the meditation lesson that he participated in as a jedi initiate. He has gotten his very own lightsaber that he constructed with scrap components and gotten himself a blue crystal. RELATIONSHIPS Dead| Parents Hatred | Corrupted Government Untrusted | Navy Friend | Best Friend |
  14. Imma yeet my Steam Profile here. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198085967626/
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