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  1. Ok another quick one, royal guards will be a thing?
  2. Will legends and canon be on the server? E.g Star killer aka Galen Marek
  3. Hello reader, 13th Star-fighter Corps now have 2 available slots up for grabs. Tryouts will be after the 6:30 Monday 14/10. 13th Star-fighter Corps specialise in Aerial Vehicles such as ARC-170, LAAT/i, V-wing, W-wing and many others. What do we expect? A decent knowledge on LFS, taking the tryout seriously and people who are active and dedicated. (More information will be found in the tryout) Contact me asap if you're interested and cannot attend. Our slots are limited, so tryout while you still can. Thank you!
  4. I know this is actual cringe, but thanks for all the birthday wishes today was bloody crazy how many I got I was gonna keep it low as I didn't seem much people cared, but like damn I was flooded. Thanks for all the wishes, means a lot to me.
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    ok buddy, cringe
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    Phase 3, The Galactic Empire.
  7. Hey sorry, something happened to my post about it anyway doesn't matter simple re-post. Fusion cutter is actually super helpful for pilots and troopers alike, it repairs all LFS vehicles which is very helpful to repair (and not then blowing up) and includes some cool rp along with it. Hopefully this "could" get added but it would just help because we could repair our own vehicles (13th) and allow for some rp along with it. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1700003070
  8. Ok ngl I am brittish I forgot that the voice for Jarvis was a British actor so lmao
  9. Hello, not much of you know me on GG but I'm Jarvis the current acting CO of 13th. This is just a simple introduction. I've been on GG before, about 3 years ago when my friend Cazzete invited me. I'm now invested into pilots (I hope y'all have seen an improvement in activity) and I've been trying to strive for success. I aim to be friendly and kind to other community members. I'm not a toxic person but I prefer to have fun most times. I hope I get to some of you in the future to come. About 13th, well I'm very invested since I've become CO. I'm generating new ideas, plans etc etc. I'm aiming to keep going and making 13th a fun and enjoyable regiment for all who join. Anyway, I hope to meet some of you in the future. Jarvis out.
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    Hey Jarvis the pilot here and I believe this may be epic
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