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  1. Yeah I got cornavirus atm It's fun, but yes thanks I shall stay safe
  2. sup howard welcome back brother hope to see you in-game
  3. No offence but they seem quite simple (I've also seen them on the server before) do you have anymore examples?
  4. Jarvis


    Hey nice to see new folk on the server, welcome
  5. Lifeshot as Noc said, don't be discouraged by these comments. Try and prove us wrong and turn your reputation and attitude around.
  6. That's all good about the TS thing I understand, but give it a shot if you wish
  7. Hey Noc, you were an good previous staff member and easy to talk to in all areas. Some questionable things happened but I believe the community has moved on and forgotten the situation. Gateway is a place of second chances anyhow so I don't know why you wouldn't be allowed another shot at staff. You're application is well written and easy to read and on the server you seem like a friendly person and easy to talk to. What I recommend for you personally is hopping into things like TS now and then. Personally I believe you deserve another shot, good luck +1
  8. It will if you just work on fixing your attitude, u can do it
  9. You're a very friendly person as shown in game, and regarding your app questions seem well done and easy to read. Good luck, +1
  10. As nut said no offence but attitude can reflect who you are as a person and due to recent events. I do believe you need to work on your attitude and try and cracking down on your mingey behaviour. Regarding your application, some of the answers don't seem detailed enough and the colouring of the text is a bit wack, but that's just me. I hope you can take this feedback and work on your attitude because gateway is all about second chances. Sorry mate, but right now It's a -1 till shown improvement.
  11. Maso I've known you for a while, not as friends but I've just known what you're like for a while. I've seen improvement in your overall attitude since you were in navy. I do believe you've come far but recent events I believe you will need to better your attitude. Regarding your application, your answers seem written well but colouring is a bit weird but that's just me. -1 due to recent events, disappointed in you Maso.
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