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  1. Name: Jarvis (Director Jack Polinski in-game} What server you play: Clone wars
  2. Scobby in the past you've really made a fool of yourself and recently you haven't really changed, unless I can see improvement It's a -1 from me
  3. +1 Epsilon always been a good lad and trusted, I think given the perms he would make some sick pac3s especially with the examples he shows
  4. shows decent knowledge and is trustworthy with pac3, +1
  5. Sean overall has a very good attitude and has always been dedicated to his work. He's always tried to help players in finding regiments or their way around and being able to assist them anytime. I would trust him anytime to use ULX because of how seriously he takes his jobs. Great guy and very welcoming from experience, easy +1.
  6. Clear answers, easy to read. I think you're mature enough for the role, easy +1
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