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  1. It's about time, come back when ur refreshed.
  2. From what I see and what I’ve heard (first hand) about Rippa is that his return to Clone Wars has been a very positive transition. Some players may have their doubts about his performance, however, when things get out of hand Rippa will happily deal with the situation. He has become a trusted and reliable staff member who gets the job done. The role of Senior Admin would suit him well as he has no trouble being stern towards others while outlining strengths and weaknesses for junior staff members to improve upon. Additionally, a lot of the work he’s done for Jedi goes unnoticed. Since his return, the man has climbed the ranks till 2IC and is someone players approach if they’re confused, need assistance or generally want to progress. I was recently speaking to one of the old Imperial commandos CO (who hasn’t returned to Gateway since) about why he left etc. He explained that he felt some of the staff was against him but when I mentioned Rippa the conversation swayed towards him speaking about Rippa with great praise. I don’t know what you did but I theorise it’s your down to earth nature, which is what people respect. +1
  3. Bit underweight my man. https://healthyfamilies.beyondblue.org.au/age-13/mental-health-conditions-in-young-people/eating-disorders
  4. Brief Overview The Jedi Update is here! 20+ Form stances 50+ Force Powers Lock-on-system (ALT+E) when looking at a target. 25+ Skill Trees Customisable Lightsabers Reverse Lightsaber preferences Prestige system No more /ticket - I need dual lightsabers! Details This post contains all the information required to understand how the new system of gameplay works. Firstly, the system is operating on a gameplay-to-skill basis, therefore, if you play on your Jedi slot more often you will be more powerful than those who don’t. Throughout the development process the main goal was to enhance the Jedi experience on Gateway while providing much needed performance and administration upgrades. Enjoy! PART 1: Skills Added Skill Trees Added Xp Added New Forms Main tree = “The Fundamental Force”, learn basic abilities. Dueling Tree = “Combat and Warfare”, acquire buffs and upgrades to your character Path Tree = “Guardian, Sentinel, Consular”, for knights+ specialised abilities Alt Tree = “Temple Guard, Vaapad”, abilities for a limited number of Jedi Class Tree = “Teleport”, attend classes and learn from the Masters Form Tree = “Shi-Cho”, attend classes and learn different fighting styles. FAQ? How do I get XP? Participating in Jedi Raid Event = 2000xp Playing Standard Event = 500xp Attending a class to learn new skills = 350xp Attending a passive rp or training session lead by a Master+ = 200xp Playing on your Jedi Slot awards passive xp PART 2: Weapons and Combat Added New HUD - (ALT+F) Added Lock-on (ALT+E) Added New Saber Effects - Silver Saber Added Preference to Hold Lightsabers in Reverse Added Stamina System All Jedi now have a personalised lightsaber that can be individually customised. PART 3: Prestige Added Prestige System Added Custom Force Abilities Theme: In the archives are mentions of Jedi Legends, lost to time and space. These individuals were the most dedicated, loyal and powerful of the Jedi Order. After 100 levels, prestige is available As a player, you will explore several Jedi prophecies on your quest to become a Jedi Legend. You will be rewarded with specialised Force Abilities designed for the strongest players. Prestige abilities are permanent, even if you decide to leave the order. If you decide to prestige there are no refunds, no complains to staff or council If you have any additional questions, I will be in attendance at today's Jedi meeting. I ask if all Jedi attend to receive their relevant skills/boost per in-game rank. If you have not already filled out the form posted on the Jedi Discord. I strongly encourage players who haven’t already purchased a Jedi. The new update provides a rich roleplay experience that so many communities fail to do correctly. If you are interested or have any questions about Jedi come speak with Myself @s8n or active Jedi on the server. For more information go to here. I will consider doing another update when a certain number of people reach Jedi Legend status. Have Fun and Enjoy!
  5. You have provided a thorough application. Personally, I have seen you on early, peak and late hours. I rarely get involved with staff applications however praise where it's deserved. +1
  6. Feel free to decompile workshop items here: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=616179223 as this is for private demonstration purposes.
  7. As an example, can you make a custom LFS Star Wars themed vehicle or Star Wars themed item? + attach images.
  8. Your Name: Merc Your In-Game Name: Merc Highest Rank Achieved In-game: (Clone Rank) Warrant Officer What interests you in A'den Skirata? A’den interests me mostly because of his personality. I like how he can snap at any moment and go from a chilled out joker to an absolute machine. Additionally, he rocks the quality green armour. Why do you want this position? I want this position because I would like to rp as someone who others need to be very careful around. With a snappy attitude anyone might get dropped... I also want this position because I would like to have a character that is capable in events plus I get to work with a sick bunch of lads.
  9. ____________________________________________________________ Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/mar8studios/ In-Game Name: Merc Teamspeak Name: Merc Playtime (Server you are wanting to develop for): 99.78+ Age: 19 ____________________________________________________________ Programming: Known Programming Languages (LUA, CPP, PYTHON, etc.): Lua & Little bit of MySQL What content did you want to create for Gateway? Ultimately, I would like to create all kinds of content for Gateway (weapons, vehicles, models, addons etc.) but overall, i’m not a fluent lua writer however able to work quicker than most to help spot and fix potential bugs. Similarly, I have a lot of experience working with Wiltos ALCS Have you created any scripts or content (If so, provide below)? Simple LFS Bug Fix Made a fix for the server that prevents the use of the vehicle properties menu accessed via the context menu. Put simply, it stops Gateway gamers from editing the HP and Ammo of an LFS vehicle. Other programming work includes qc files etc. to do with modeling etc. Model Creation & Texture Artist: What program/s do you use? Blender, VTF edit, Photoshop, Crowbar, Ninjaripper & sometimes 3Ds Max On a scale of 1-10, how well do you know how to use said programs: Ninjaripper & Crowbar - 9 Blender, VTF Edit and Photoshop - 8-9 (Always something being changed) 3Ds Max - 6 What content did you want to create for Gateway? I would like to assist with model making however I specialise in ripping models from other games and porting them over to Garry’s Mod. I am able to make models from scratch but require images for reference to guide my work. Similarly, I would like to work with map makers to provide models needed for their projects. (E.g bins, seats, tables, etc.). Additionally, Creating new lightsaber hilts and configuring them to the Wiltos system and creating working custom shields for Coruscant Guard and Doom. It just depends on what people want and what’s needed. (Currently learning animating to animate my projects to make new and custom vehicles and NPC’s). Have you created any content (If so, provide below)? CONTENT EXAMPLE ONE: (PORTED MODEL) Doom Company CONTENT EXAMPLE TWO: (MADE FROM SCRATCH) Coruscant Guard Riot Shield CONTENT EXAMPLE THREE: (RE-TEXTURE) Republic Patrol Transport CONTENT EXAMPLE FOUR - Collection of previous work Worked side by side with a model maker back in the day where I ripped content from ‘Star Wars the Old Republic’ game and he modelled/rigged etc. (Links below) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=871488065 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=871404225 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=877116047 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=877248284 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=878096502 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=886546875 There are more projects both unfinished and otherwise private or abandoned. P.S Am familiar with hammer editor and able to create structures and make edits to existing maps. TOS: It's important to recognise that IF you become a Developer for Gateway Gaming, the content you possibly provide is for the use on Gateway Gaming ONLY. If you are caught distributing any content without the permission of the Executive Staff team, you will be community banned. Do you agree to this? I (Merc) agree to the TOS provided by Gateway Gaming
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