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  1. bruh legend dont warn me if ya get it dog +1
  2. Lmaooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo you've been scammed
  3. Better have bloody janitors or i'll flip!
  4. bruh. Don't even mention me i sad now. Either way enjoy your time be safe out there cobba!
  5. Prerequisites: Do you have Teamspeak 3 Installed? Yes. Do you enjoy helping other people? Yes. Are you willing to test your stress? Yes. Age? (Minimum of 14 years of age.): 15. List your current playtime (Minimum of 80 Hours): (Click Here) 99.92 Are you willing to learn new ways to approach situations? Indeed. Do you have any active warns? Not that I know of. Do you have a problem with any of our current staff members? No. Requirements: Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:157643799 Steam Profile Link: https:/steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198275553327/ Current in game alias / rank: Drill Sergeant 6029 Franz How known are you on a scale of 1-10 (10 being everyone knows you): 4-5. How will you becoming a moderator make an impact on the community? By me becoming a moderator/member of staff will give people another person to go to for issue. Another person to support and assist people when they require it. It would be a second option for some people to go to. I have been staff before and know what it is like to deal with certain members. Hence why I can help that extra more in assisting people. Do you believe you're able to deal with individuals and situations in a completely unbiased manner? Yes I do. Do you use our Teamspeak server often? Not to often, when needed I can be there. Do you understand that as a member of the Staff Team, your position may be subject to change and / or termination should you not be performing to the degree stipulated? Yes. Situations: 1. A user is RDMing and insulting other users. You are the only staff available to deal with the situation. What do you do? I would find a isolated place away from other players, and !bring, or !jailtp said person who is RDMing. I would then ask them if they have done said things and check /logs. I would then look towards the kill logs, look for the players name and punish them accordingly. By (!warn (Players name) RDM, Player Disrespect.) I would then kick (!kick) said player and return to my RP informing those affect that he has been kicked. If he decides to return and continue his menacing actions I would then repeat the first process, warn him again, inform a higher ranking staff member. And kick (!kick)him for the second time. If he returned after these, I'd request a higher ranking staff member to get on a ban (!ban [Player name] *time* MRDM.) said person. 2. A user has contested a warn you have given him and proceeds to verbally abuse you, what do you do? I would teleport said user to a isolated location, begin to inform the user that he has begun to disrespect me therefore he will be receiving a warn for 'Staff disrespect' (!warn). I would then ask the user not to do it again and return them to their previous position. If said user continues to be aggressive I would get another staff member for assistance and possibly take over. 3. A user has threatened to DDos and take down the server. What do you do? I would isolate the user form other players, (!bring [Player name]). And inform them that it's against server rules to threaten the server and illegal in Australia to DDos a server. I would then begin to collect the user ID and inform higher up staff to get said user to be permanently banned. (!ban [Player name] 0 Threatening to DDos the server.) 4. A Commander and Lieutenant are arguing in front of debrief. It is getting quite heated. The context to the argument is unknown to you. What do you do? I would move them both to a secluded area away form debrief, tell them both that you are both high ranking officers and pose as a role model to newer members. I would attempt to get both sides of the story from both people. From what they say I will ask them not to do it again, or verbally warn each member for their actions. After this I would ask them to deal with it in a more respectful manor, returning them. 5. A Cadet has been complaining and wandering around because he hasn't been trained yet. He doesn't appear to have any intent to role play. What do you do? I would teleport (!bring) the cadet back to the training room, try and get a SGT+ to train the user. If the user continues to not want to get trained and begins to run out on the trainer I would inform the user that he will be receiving a warn (!warn) for NITRP (No intent to role-play). I would then try once more to get him trained and if he still doesn't I would warn him for the second time and proceed to be kicking (!kick [Player name] NITRP.) said user. But if he does get trained I would inform other staff members about his mischief and continue with my RP.
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