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  1. Those were good days
  2. Yes yes I know. Stop self promoting. This is the last one I promise Thought it wouldn't be right to not put the sequel in here
  3. RenTheHen

    Fun VR

    So ive been back 20 mins. Time to self promote again Love you all https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDOCETywa7A
  4. got a few these were made after i was blacklisted from 501st for refusing to die
  5. So I know this aint a gmod video But i've been on the server again for 2 hours so i feel i'm qualified to self promote again #RenForMod
  6. Before people ask. Yes I am back. After Alot of therapy Requirements Steam ID (Use the steam ID doing "status" in console gives you in-game): STEAM_0:1:62885948 Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/DawnOfRen Current in-game alias: Private Renn (91st Recon Corps) Operative [V-3] 'Joker' Time Played (Hours): 500+ Hours Are you a donator? (YES/NO) Yes PAC3 Questions Have you used PAC3 before? Yes Why do you want access to PAC3? I used to use Pac3 to enhance my Rp experience and sometimes bring joy to others. Its also currently forcing me to use a scaling Pac as it was my default and i cant turn it off. How is using PAC3 going to enhance your time on the server? By using Pac I can make my character more unique and have more character. I can also create poses that are more accurate to lore when using lore characters in Jedi. I can also use it for a prone pac in 91st as that was very helpful last time PAC3 Examples: (Display 4 example screenshots of your Star Wars PAC3 creations) (Disclaimer : Ive litterally lost all my Pacs so I had to use the same as last time. I know people have seen me making interesting pacs in the server so im hoping that helps my case) This first one is obviously a lightsaber ignition. Its not finished yet but it is by far the most finished thing out of the 4 This second one is a standard comms link animation. Just really wanted to make something like this for rp reasons This third one is a pretty basic sitting pose. Feel like everyone with Pac should have one of these. This one is not shown off best from the angle ive taken the screenshot This 4th one is a simple emote for when your waiting around. This isnt completely done as i still have to smooth some movements As you probably have guessed im more into animation than model editing
  7. Ill just leave this here. Hope you enjoy
  8. Would be a great fit. Kind dude who ive known for over a year. Can handle situations well and learn quickly +1
  9. Its been fun lads. I know ive not had the best rep but I atleast had fun. Thanks for being good lads. - Love Ren
  10. Ming Hour is fun Its that time again boys. Time for me to expose Gateway for the minge fest it is Nah love you all. Enjoy the vid lads
  11. So some boys told me I should make one of these so I am. Hi i'm Nick also known as Ren. Some of you probably know me as Vale. Others have given me the nickname of Retard. I'm a 17 year old British dude. I stream the server most nights which is fun. I have a tendency to believe that everyone hates me even if they don't (Which is pretty common in England). Not really sure what else to say. I make a pretty good cheese on toast and i'm just here to have fun. Not the best at following rules but I try. Been here for about 3 months and I hope ill be here for a few more. If I've offended anyone with things I've said in the past then sorry about that. I'm also currently doing a degree in 3D character animation just in case any devs need a helping hand. I'm also currently playing as Anakin Skywalker and NSD.
  12. Judge character. Not an essay. Complaining was the wrong word but point still stands. Shouldn't be judging people off a few words when this is basically for a traineeship. I know blaze and I know that he will put effort into mod. That's what i'm judging it off. Not everyone is good at putting thoughts to paper
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