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  1. It's been a long time coming, but I think its finally my time. I've been in the community for nearly a year now, and it definitely had its ups and downs. I've met a lot of people, made many friends and few enemies and overall just had a fun time. From a lowly private in CG, to Marshal Commander Fox, to Brigadier Jandel. Its been a long road but I'm done. I'll say a couple goodbyes to specific people @Vyve me first C.O, I'll never forget my promotion requirements for Lance corporal @Buck :) the man that taught me how to minge, love you xx @Jeff The Māori who? @Jarr Hamilton will continue to be a dump compared to 90% of new zealand @Linguine @Rhinous @Tops can we play more squad Everyone who went through CG during my time as C.O I thank you for helping me grow, and all being accomplices to my mingery :))) all the fellers in ARC, you made the server fun for me both as the primary person you'd pick on when I was Fox, and as a "brother" when I made it through @Serbo you carried me both through my C.O ship and my run as RHC and you're probably one of the closer friends I made on gateway. @Merc ily thanks for carrying me when I was a tard @s8n eetswa @Coric a true gamer. There's a few people who I fucking hated because they were shit at their respective jobs but I won't name them because I'm being classy :))))) Well I'm out and uh yeah I'll be expecting my severance package that comes with this @Magnus
  2. Hello all, so basically CG has been rather full for quite a while now and we get quite a few inquiries via discord, in game etc. So to shorten this all we have a form that if you are interested in CG you can fill out and we will add you to a waiting list. This is to make it easier on ourself as well as anyone who is interested, in order to make it fairer on those who seem keen for CG. Obviously filling this out won't garuntee you a spot, as you may no longer be interested in the role or you may have moved on. https://forms.gle/gGRyS7QCCTPS7KTR7 So there's the link, and I hope to hear back from anyone of you who are interested! Cheers guys.
  3. well I was, living my glory days of dropshotting
  4. Dude aren't you in a siege pro team
  5. Chunky

    Sea of Thieves

    Hello @Beatroot I would love to play sea of thieves
  6. ah dude go back to boarding school already
  7. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to clone database GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: A-91 Known Alias’/Nicknames: 'Chunky' Previous Occupation: Trash Current Occupation: ARC Medic Known Languages: Galactic Basic, Basic Mando'a Hobbies: Reading medical textbooks, Testing defibrillators. Alignment: Chaotic good PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Somewhat stable Mental Disabilities: ADHD Likes (optional): Hanging upside down, his fellow red team vods, Learning from A-17 and A-99. Dislikes (optional): Being told not to hang upside down, power hungry people. PHYSICAL INFORMATION/DISABILITIES Physical State: F I N E. Age: 13 Weight: 93 KG. Build: Yoked. Disabilities: tinnitus. RELATIONSHIPS Dead| Death Wish | Hatred || Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Best Friend | Dead N/A Death Wish The C.I.S: A-91 has been programmed from birth to hate the C.I.S with a passion. To A-91, hating the C.I.S is as natural as breathing. Hatred 13th Starfighter Corp: A-91 Believes the 13th Starfighter Corp are inferior pilots to ARC, and has plenty of evidence from the mutliple times he has seen them crash without any warning. Disliked The Coruscant Guard: A-91 has always been wary around the Coruscant Guard, more often then not picking at them to test their skills. A-91 always finds it a good challenge baiting them into attempting to arrest him. Commander Fox: A-91 believes Commander Fox to be way too comfortable cooped up on Coruscant. All that pampering has made Fox soft. Untrusted The Jedi Order: The Jedi have always been in the back of A-91's mind as being unfit to lead. It is very rarely that A-91 finds a Jedi that he enjoys to spend time around. A-91 finds that some Jedi break their creed very easily and finds it somewhat amusing that they break their tenants with such ease. Indifferent 7th Sky, 501st, 104th: A-91 has no issues with these regiments, as he finds the way some of the clones fumble about amusing. Whenever he sees one of these troopers down, he will rush to their side to provide aid as quick as he can. A-77 'Fordo': A-91 finds Fordo very cringe, and wish he would stop talking about poles. Acquaintance Commanders Thorn and Stone: A-91 has always had respect for these two commanders, as they have proved time and time again that they have earnt their rank. He would follow their orders as if they were his own brothers. Null ARC: N-07 Mereel and N-10 may like to pick on A-91, however in the short time he has known them, they have taught him a lot that the scientists on Kamino could not. Liked A-62 'Axel', A-16 'Jag': A-91 likes these two well enough even though they originated from the Inferior Blue team. A-91 does believe however that A-62 holds some grudges against A-91 for something that wasn't his fault. Friend A-17 'Alpha', A-50 'Vilkas': A-91 Holds a great deal of respect for these two, as they taught him a lot of what he knows. A-91 Also enjoys the company of the only other member of Squad 7, A-17 (Although his jokes can sometimes be a bit too dry for his taste.) A-10 'Bullet', A-11 'Bobby': His fellow red team brethren will always hold a special place in A-91's heart, no matter how much they sweat for their promotions. Best Friend A-99 'Buck', A-07 'Colt': A-91 Enjoys the presence of his brothers in arms, and is always set to have a good time when these two are around. A-99 is especially good at operations concerning haemorroids. Unfortunately A-99 has not been seen as much as he used to be after he was assigned to Operation: Cotton On. A-07 has always been extremely amusing to A-91, however he is concerned that A-07 may have mild Autism.
  8. -1 this ban is completely justified. When you're not directly minging you're leading other shinies astray, so it was only a matter of time before you got banned in my opinion. It's a week, wait out the time, and come back with a better attitude to the server, or this will end up becoming a reoccurring thing.
  9. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to clone database GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: R-24 Known Alias’/Nicknames: R-24 Previous Occupation: Trash Current Occupation: Trash Known Languages: None Hobbies: Being Trash Alignment: Neutral PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: ... Mental Disabilities: Major Autism Likes (optional): ... Dislikes (optional): ... PHYSICAL INFORMATION/DISABILITIES Physical State: ... Age: ... Weight: ... Build: ... Disabilities: ... RELATIONSHIPS Dead| Death Wish | Hatred || Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Best Friend | Best Friend: ... Friend: ... Liked: ... Disliked: ... Death Wish: B-25, for messing up his breaching test.
  10. +1 Looks really good, I've seen the pacs you've made and they seem pretty epic. Good luck brutha
  11. I've been keeping an eye on you ever since you joined CG, and from what I've seen, you've always been a highly mature player who deals with minges and does the extra stuff. Bootsy and you make quite the dynamic duo, and I'm quite proud of how you have both evolved. Your previous experience in other servers would serve to help you as well. Moving onto the actual application, it's well written, I see no issue with the format, and you cover all the important ULX commands. For number four however, I'd recommend stepping in as your character before bringing it to a staff sit, you are after all a member of CG. It's a +1 from me, good luck mate.
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