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  1. About time you put one in Corvus. Ever since I joined the server, I have always seen you as a model player, and exactly the right material for staff. One thing that maybe could be done differently is bring the guy threatening to DDoS to you and talk to him. Other than that this app is great and to the point, so I'll be giving you a +1.
  2. Gidday Mick, welcome to Gateway bud.
  3. @Buck7778 so whats the next series gonna be called????
  4. +1, with the introduction of Imperial and all the content that's going to come onto the forums, I believe it would be good to get one or two more forum mods.
  5. There's a couple things I'd recommend you add to your app. First of all, maybe some grammar like full-stops would be nice, it's mostly just one big sentence. I'd also recommend adding some colour to your application to distinguish the different parts. Even if you don't have much knowledge about ULX commands, you can always look them up, do some research as to what they do etc. Finally, you'll need to add more detail, to some of your answers, on number 3, you have two words to answer it. You're a solid bloke and you're always friendly and willing to help new players, however, until you make some changes to your application I will be leaving a Neutral. Good luck with your app mate.
  6. My real question is why is Shaquille O'Neal a Padawan?
  7. Oh wow I had no idea you wanted mod! The application is well written, however, in the past I have noticed you do some "wack" stuff. Coric's reply also has a good point about you not being very active in the community outside of spending time in the server. That being said, since we had a talk, i haven't noticed you really doing anything weird so that's solid. I'd recommend becoming more active in teamspeak, you can join my channel if I'm on or the CG channel, because we sometimes have some people in there. Maybe also just try and get in some conversations with people you haven't talked to before and make some new friends so you can be more well known in our community. For now I'll be leaving a Neutral, however I am leaning towards a plus one as long as you can keep up your positive behaviour that I have seen recently. I'll be keeping a close eye on you in the next few weeks.
  8. Nuetral. I've seen you around and you seem like a good bloke, however, this mod app (as other people have already said) definitely needs to be more fleshed out, more ULX commands etc. I'd also recommend adding some color on the commands or something just so it brings attention to your use of them. Other then that, good luck with your mod app, I'll be definitely keeping an eye out for you.
  9. +1, Good app, very detailed. Regardless of whats happening with the mingey shinies you always seem to manage to present yourself in a composed professional manner. I believe you deserve a shot. good luck.
  10. /me spits wowwwwww you would record when I'm not there to carry
  11. Hahahahaha @Eclipse deserving to be where he is teehee Solid bio, definitely a different spin on the regular ones I see.
  12. I personally don't know you very well however the feedback you've received on this application says a lot about you. For now, I'm going to leave a neutral, however I am leaning towards a +1. I'll be sure to keep an eye out for you so we can make that +1 happen.
  13. Every interaction I've had with you from when I first joined CG, to joining Reaction and now being CO, you've come across as a fun guy, who can be mature when the situation calls for it. You didn't seem to enjoy EM, however mod looks like it'd be a much better fit for you. good luck, its a +1 from me.
  14. +1. From the first day of me joining the server, I have seen you as a competent, mature friendly guy. The way you lead 501st is a great idea to how mature you are and how good a staff member you would be. You deserve it, good luck.
  15. +1 You're a good guy, all my interactions with you have been positive and I think you'd be a great fit for staff.
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