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  1. +1 Yeas me boy finally going for staff I think you'll fit in perfectly and i see you being a great and professional member of staff even though Im not on the server anymore from my experiences with you They have been great so i wish you the best and good luck
  2. Scooby

    Giveaway Again

    Space Engineers
  3. Jokes on you i like cheesy crust so to bad
  4. Ill consume you too Kurp -This picture was gifted to me by Eclipse
  5. Also thank you Beatroot even in our disagreements you still respected me in the end and thank you for the ban that one time No joke I kinda enjoyed it and it was a new experience......I shall search for these choccys
  6. Im gonna eat you alive jamway
  7. This is an absolute revelation,So you disliked me over the premise that you thought I was cypher lol I also apologize for being a stinky poo
  8. Aight so over the last few months I have slowly lost interest In the server and now its got to a point where i don't even want to hop on so I'm gonna be saying goodbye to the server. So today i would like to thank some of the boys that were with me throughout my GG Journey.... Thank You Corvus me boy for being an epic CO and an even epicer friend Thank you Astro for your Heresy and dedication to the Techno Union Thank You Sloth For introducing me to DOGMAN and also I lied take of your socks sloth Thank You Kala Ry for putting up with my Mingyness Thank You Jamway for believing in me in navy and trusting me Thank you Apoco Raven for changing me and teaching everything I know today Thank you Fours for your Cursed Yoda PAC Thank you Kurp for being with me since Phase one CG Thank you Limbo for asking some special questions and being an epic mate Thank you Spirit for giving me a User description Thank Max for letting me hear that "Train" constantly going past your house and being a good friend to me Thank you Merc for being a Mad lad and being nice to me Thank you Sharky for always laughing at my shit jokes Thank you Sean/Wolffe For being my most successful cadet and best one at that And Thank you Khai for being Nice to me in CG and being an awesome guy Thank you Chunky for constantly Ignoring me and my legitimate appeal after I apologized and proved myself to have change from why you blacklisted me Thank you Ling for Blacklisting me for "Not trusted/Power Abuse" in phase one tops when I never even did anything like that Thank you Tesla for constantly Disliking my post's and saying you've had negative interactions with me when i've met you once Thank you andy for calling me an ape man and being a dick to me
  9. +1 my dude you are an outstanding guy and a great CO keep up the good work bro and good luck
  10. +1 In my eyes I have never seen you act up or do the things some of the others have stated you have done but That's just my opinion from my interactions with you whereas the others might have had negative interactions with you don't take the feedback to heart but do take it in and try to improve on some of the things people have said nonetheless best of luck. ~Sorry for the monka ass reply before guys I was braindead at 3 am
  11. Yeah Understood. It will be hard to get people to trust me and believe me but I also will have to get more involved in the community as i used to just sit back and minge a lot but I made this app to (even if i get it or not) give me that strive to improve more and if i so happen to get in It would give me that step up in responsibility to become more mature so I can be more professional
  12. I have and never will be discriminative to someone's sexual orientation. also from my recollection we only ever bantered we never got serious or annoyed at each other in the few interactions we had with each other
  13. Yeah I can relate with serbo in his reply to me as the timeline jumps where sometimes wacky but that might have been a bit worse for me since i was watching it at like 12 AM to like 3am and it felt for me that some of the scenes seemed cheap but some seemed great like in some of the fight scenes for me at least I could see the blood from Geralt going ape shit on his opponents and it honestly looked like really low budget CGI blood sometimes but that's just a little Nitpick that pulled me out from the immersion. I also agree with you too coric as it might be too much to expect a GOT replacement from an 8 episode season of the Witcher but considering the budget of netflix and the people making said it would be a big budget it just felt a bit cheap sometimes and Henry Cavill played his role beautifully Imo but the show was still very good even if i went in blind as a bat as for me atleast i wanted to know more and the shown gave me that extra bump to get the games to learn more about the witcher not the lore as it wasnt mainly based on the games. and the Jennifer story really bored me as I didnt know what purpose she had in the show till like ep 5 and as you said I also lost interest by the time of the Bloons Tower Defense episode
  14. I reckon the Witcher TV series is about an 8/10 for me now hear me out I give it that I feel personally The time jumps were terrible because half the time I didn't know what timeline the episode was in and I feel it was more for a person who had read the books as it did focus on the books and if you haven't read the books it takes a bit to catch on to the story but thats just my opinion I would love to hear what others thought the show was like
  15. name: scooby:ingame name is master chief hornet of navy Server: Clone wars
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