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  1. You really out here going to make a brother cry. /me salutes ;-;7
  2. Updated bio for Trandoshan has been approved
  3. I very much like the idea, but we'd want to put a cool down on it so we don't just have someone copy and pasting "For the Republic" constantly.
  4. Bro, selling my stock won't be the same anymore. Bet I'm going to poor one out for the homies tonight.
  5. Pretty good, clearly outlines the character so can hopefully be RP'd well. Epic
  6. Sorry, but denied. You can re-apply for leave again next month.
  7. Can't beat the low low price of zero dollars.
  8. When most of the server is complaining in chat about your "RP" and especially the rest of Jedi are making it extremely clear they don't enjoy whatever RP you are doing. There needs to be rhyme and reason to the RP, not pissing off everyone else. Defeats the purpose of being on an RP server with people. If you want to go Sith cause of a trespass, go to Discord Lego RP. Make sure everyone is involved and actually enjoying the RP. If everyone is making it clear they don't like it, that shows a serious issue.
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