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  1. @Beatroot U don't have to trust me and yes the server does run well but if someone has the same knowledge about cheating etc and let's say they don't like gateway, or they want to fuck around the server has 0 protection and how well will the server run then. I can't talk to you about earning trust because I don't think that's how I should earn't if I can earn it but I will keep adding to the community with fixes etc. I can improve the server and make matter and more protected against other hackers and people trying to bypass bans.
  2. I have made exploits known to S8n and I have apologies whether it was public or not the community manager understood the situation that I was in and thats the reason why I don't have a community ban.
  3. @Cuffs I need to explain it more in dms so you could understand what happened but yeah.
  4. @Rhino Add me on discord I would like to show you some stuff and scroll down for pics etc.
  5. @Ren Bruh May have done but that could be more of a reason to make me dev and less because I know how to patch it so other players can't do that. So if someone were to come on the server they would get banned. I know trust is hard to earn and easy to lose but when I did that I wasn't all there and I have apologies and made peace with the owner.
  6. @tom Time doesn't always matter my skill does and I know I can make an impact on the server.
  7. @Evoz You would need to read the code to see if it looks similar first and what is so similar because I have never been on Colossal. As well as how many developers make anti cheats and patch exploits etc .
  8. If you would like to join a discord call you can talk to both of them
  9. Thank for the constructive advice I will try to improve on my behaviour. But I think you can understand why I was hostile towards people trying to ruin my credibility.
  10. Developer Application Template If you have any experience in development, you have the ability to apply that skill and help out Gateway. You will have free reign over what you make, however, It'll be up to the Server Manager and Executive Staff who decide whether or not It's beneficial for the server and If it ends up getting implemented. ____________________________________________________________ Checklist: Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/papapapapapawade/ In-Game Name: Smoke Teamspeak Name: Papawade Playtime (Server you are wanting to develop for): Star wars RP 24 hours Age: 16 ____________________________________________________________ Questions: Depending on what field you are knowledgeable on, use either the Programming questions, Model Creation and Texture Artist or the Level Design template/s. More than one area can be filled out. Programming: Known Programming Languages: Lua, HTML, C#, css, javascript, nodejs, python, MySQL and bat What content did you want to create for Gateway? The content I would like to create for the server is things like anti cheats, exploit patches and anything else the community or the owners would like me to add. Have you created any scripts or content (If so, provide below)? Anit cheat: The scripts I have created are things like anti-cheats so it lowers the chance of someone getting away with cheating and no ban. Anti exploit: I can also patch exploits so the server is less exploitable like for example if someone had an exploit menu and wanted to lag the server I could make it so the exploit doesn't work, and they get banned for trying to exploit the server. Optimizations: I have made some optimizations for servers and if you don't know what optimizations it is essentially making something more effective or work better, so I could add a script to make the server run better and the players could have an increase of fps so you wouldn't really lag. Gamemodes: I have helped make the game mode with the museum I made the game mode with hypo, and I am currently making another game mode, so I could make the servers game mode better as well. Discord bots: I have made a discord bots whether they are to spam a discord server and crash people are the whether they are to help people I made a reporting system on the bot as well so if people need to report someone you can. Websites: I have made a lot of websites and I have also made forms for people etc. TOS: It's important to recognize that IF you become a Developer for Gateway Gaming, the content you possibly provide is for the use on Gateway Gaming ONLY. If you are caught distributing any content without the permission of the Executive Staff team, you will be community banned. Do you agree to this? I Papawade agree with this terms ____________________________________________________________ Good luck with your application, thank you for applying.
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