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  1. DUDE REMEMBER WHEN WE SPENT HOURS SPRINTING THROUGH THE MAP. Gooooooooooooooooooooooooood times lad Just realised he aint master zen zen
  2. ur cooked lad hahaha, gonna miss ya lad. take care mate ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  3. totally deserves it, most humble, wholesome and dedicated person. +1
  4. Theres a fuckin hole in my heart. You may know me as [D-1] Howard, 4312 Pythagoras or Knight Farrow Mel. Over the course of nearly a year with a couple LOA's my time to leave gateway has officially come........but not completely. I hope to come back in a years time from now and continue to play on the server. For those curious, im leaving because ive got a lot of shit to take care of such as my hsc, school, work, my programming classes (i write javascript and teach) and some other shit. I simply cant afford to be distracted by video games especially for someone like me who says ill play for 1hr but ends up staying till 1. This place has a cracka community, cracka managers and staff and overall is just an exciting place to be when you wanna chill. real quick shout out to these blokes: Cooper: My lad, My g. Met u on jedi and took u as padawan. You then joined 13th and it was nothing but fun. We literally have never crashed and won 1st place for events when the others werent on. Well keep in touch on discord lad. Jarvis: The boss. Came back from LOA when bolo left and you were now the new CO. Continued to strive in becoming a cracka CO and im more than confident to say you are the best CO Spirit: took me as his padawan when no one else did. Taught me the ways. fuckin beast Flux: worked with ya in navy/13th and fuckin funniest cunt ever. legit a brother. Bishop: soz for harassing u with tickets to spawn ships Bolo: idk if hell read this but recruited me as 13th in last slot and was such a kind fella. Necro: always was excitied to see me and asking how my day was. fuckin beast and best medic Crit: funny bloke and i like ur streams Major Cody: welcoming and inclusive bloke, miss ya already Now i know i missed alot of blokes but these cunts came from the top of my head. 13th and navy you guys already know that i love u cunts (no homo) and keep doing what u doing, ill be in discord. Jedi was probs my best time on the server and to all my jedis u guys were awesome. All the blokes that i talked to on the server, you know who you are and you cunts are amazing and made me have a blast while playing. Other than that lads its laters from me and hope u the best in whatever u lads do Ill come back later to compile some memories. cyaz
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