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  1. Don't really play jedi anymore but I agree with Coric on making sure the UI doesn't get obstructed. The new one is also very oversimplified, I liked the bits of detail of the old one. One thing I dislike about the HUD though thats continuous, moving away from the healthbar, is the compass. Sometimes when the skybox is bright you can't read the compass, so adding some kind of backing to it would go a long way to keep it readable (eg. a semi-transparent shadow behind it). Also bring back defcon. My opinions: - The old one is fine, just make sure jedi UIs don't obstruct it, maybe move it to the side and alter the shapes slightly to be a left/right side healthbar / give options to move it - Fix the compass by giving it some kind of background so it doesn't get obstructed. - bring back defcon
  2. If this means the Boulder CO Model goes bye bye Ima riot, thats literally the sickest armour on the server
  3. Can't wait to raid the spice mines of Jaguar Batallion again.
  4. Personally I prefer the CGI style, I prefer the 'stylised' aesthetic of the clones, and with most of the things we do relating to the clone wars TV show, it fits far better. With GMOD I find that comparing the CW characters and base style characters, the base style characters are far uglier and more lower down the uncanny valley. Even though s&box is different, I still think its nicer to have a more stylised aesthetic than a realistic one.
  5. /rp Gets high on spice out the back of Mos Eisley
  6. Playermodels - $500 Ah, I see you are already thinking about donation store pricing. Very nice.
  7. Proud to know my two jedi fall into that 1/10 category First one was literally just the son of a regular ass merchant
  8. Disappointed to see no references to custom Gateway Lore Wheres: Jaguar Batallion The Directorate The Beast Those 4 clans Andy had in his events and campaigns Taskforce Gateway Aldis & CO. Edgy evil 'sith' from jedi raid Edgy evil 'sith' from jedi raid 2 Edgy evil 'sith' from jedi raid 3 Edgy evil 'sith' from jedi raid 4 Edgy evil 'sith' from jedi raid 5 Edgy evil 'sith' from jedi raid 6 Edgy evil 'sith' from jedi raid 7 Edgy evil 'sith' from jedi raid 8 Edgy evil 'sith' from jedi raid 9 Edgy evil 'sith' from jedi raid 10 Edgy evil 'sith' from jedi raid 11 Edgy evil 'sith' from jedi raid 12 Edgy evil 'sith' from jedi raid 13 Edgy evil 'sith' from jedi raid 14 Edgy evil 'sith' from jedi raid 15 Edgy evil 'sith' from jedi raid 16 Edgy evil 'sith' from jedi raid 17 ...
  9. Aldis

    Ban Appeal

    +1 Unless this isn't the entire truth I don't see why not. We get mingy people coming back years later wanting to give it a fair go so why not.
  10. Aldis


    This was actually fucking brilliant. Very great job. Makes me wanna bring back Aldis and Co lmao
  11. Why yes, thank you Aldis, it's great to see my flawless editing skills noticed by fellow video editing connoisseur.
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