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  1. Aldis


    Yeah I kinda realised that already lol, kinda just left it.
  2. Hmm yes pizza yum yes eat pizza me eat pizza eat now give me eat pizza eat now pizza you me give me at pizza now pizza eat pizza eat me give me pezza now yum eat pizza.
  3. SHHH don't encourage him! /s
  4. Aldis


    Sorry for bringing it up, I feel bad now, Ima delete it.
  5. Aldis

    Best Meals

    I love the tenders box, never been into spicy food.
  6. Aldis

    Best Meals

    Osso Buco, Lamb Shank, Nachos, mostly western foods and Mexican.
  7. Now I feel inclined to play, I mean, I already am using a Boulder CO Minecraft Skin I made (I'd change it but I'm too proud of how it turned out)
  8. This and the introduction of awards is making me think that the Gateway Forums are slowly becoming reddit. EDIT: Thanks for the MaceWatching kind stranger!
  9. Aldis

    Im Back

    I'd react with pog emote but they removed it
  10. Edit: Thanks for the gold kind stranger!
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