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  1. Nice photo! Probably the wrong channel for this since off topic is about non-ingame stuff, maybe art/creations.
  2. Time to rush the brig and jump to hyperspace Oh nice venator extensives back!
  3. Ah shit my bad, oh well it could be applicable to any server so Ima leave it lmao
  4. I think I wanna potentially see more RP in off-time to participate in, but fun RP. Like I don't wanna do RP where it's boring asf (eg old lightsaber building class for padawans in the jedi order, that RP was literally just constant typing & copying the names of lightsaber components, felt like a gigantic chore instead of something fun and engaging) I've done some in the past with Aldis & Co. and thats been fun for getting CG something to do and clones some RP of how they hide things, etc. EDIT: Wrong server but I guess it can potentially be applicable to imperial too so Ill keep this here.
  5. I mean in the Mandalorian, Boba is around 40ish years old so she could be maybe a bit older than Boba considering in TCW hes a teen
  6. Didnt talk to you much but thank you for the time you've put into Gateway in improving it, I've seen it firsthand through jedi and I'm greatful for it. Because of you, I'll always have a positive association with the word Kno- oh wait nevermind Knox Grammar School still exists. Scratch that. You were still a great Gateway Gamer.
  8. Alright time to copy @Aussi's post. Name your least favourite Clone Wars episode(s) here. I'll start: The Martez Sisters Arc "YoU dUmPeD tHe SpIcE?" Least favourite of the whole arc was the 3rd episode in the arc where literally nothing was accomplished.
  9. Brothers The sheer subversion of seeing Maul as a fucking crazy spider man is fucking brilliant. Not to mention Sam's incredible acting in the scene. I watched it with my uncle who'd never seen the clone wars before (he's an OG Star Wars fan but never saw the show) and seeing his reaction was priceless. Needless to say I got him hooked. But fuck that snake thingo it was so close to perfection but that little shit ruined it.
  10. God I already forgot this game existed lmao
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