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  1. Nice, I can see some SCP esque inspirstions here One bit of advice I'd say is to make sure the tone remains very documentative in tone unless its quoting, like here: Captain [REDACTED] of Weather Squad: His squad was a great help in Operation Bug Trap and was the one suggested Department of Internal Relations Division “Overseer” to NHC If I were you I'd try to write more about it 'documentatively' to make it seem more like a formal report/ documentation, like instead: Captain [REDACTED] of Weather Squad: Weather Squadron notable for assistance in Operation Bug Trap Suggested by Department of Internal Relations Division “Overseer” to NHC - *DATE* If you incorporate an informal tone maybe a quote too like an interview logs/ quotation from a witness
  2. Tried to rally the Aldis & Co. Gang to vote for me as most missed player for an ego boost. Then the category wasn't in this year's votes.
  3. @Faarom I'm pretty sure Bootsy was Community Banned so...
  4. Im bored so Ill vote on some even though its been 6 months since I was last on Star Wars Roleplay General Category Best Artist/Content Creator @Buck :) Best Meme - Strac Burning his Pizza, Straightway/Ga(y)teway Gaming, @Andy doing the Beast Campaign multiple times Most Memorable Player @Buck :) @Me nam e Jeff Best Username @Me nam e Jeff Also RIP to me going for most missed player category guess thats not happening this year lol
  5. Thank you for this, it really made my day after being stressed the fuck out from HSC exams. Shit like this is why I'll come back to Gateway when I get the chance. Also thank you for setting the records straight with Spoonj's sinful knock off, at least when I made mine I didn't dare tarnish the name of Ga(y)teway by calling it Ga(y)teway Gaming 6.
  6. OK but actually this is pretty good, questionable music choice though. (Obligatory mention of that one time I also made a knock off Ga(y)teway Gaming 6 months back)
  7. I'd better see some screenshots of people's epic creations.
  8. This Monkey from Toy Story 3 gave me nightmare fuel
  9. Aldis

    show me your set ups

    I really like that Mandalorian wallpaper where'd you get it from?
  10. Anakin in his prime was definitely the most skilled due to high midichlorian count and extensive training compared to Luke. In Anakin's prime even Sidious feared him (why he restricted him with the Vader suit) so I'd say Anakin would certainly beat Luke. *insert high ground and sand joke here*.
  11. @Me nam e JeffI think I remember that time at the TV
  12. Unless Vader has some form of kryptonite or a way to prevent Superman from being near a yellow or blue star (blue ones make him even stronger I'm pretty sure) he's fucked.
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