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  1. Loving a campaign thats focused around the CIS, sounds cool Can't wait to bring back Le Doom Restraunt
  2. A legend amongst 7th Sky. See you lad. Shop at Aldi
  3. Aldis

    Clarence Appeal

    This sorta thing happens all the time where people go through a dumbass mingy stage. I even kinda did it some time back in 2016-18 (but got bored after 1 day so never tried). Only concern is how recent the perma was but worst comes to worst the perma is just reinstated. +1
  4. BRO THE AFTER CREDITS OMG!!!!!! Alright you fucko's looking from the forum home page. If you haven't watched the episode yet be aware theres a post credit scene. Watch that shit.
  5. Back when you were on the server you were a great person to play with (especially in Aldis & Co.) After your comm ban though things drastically changed. After the ban you detailed how your friends were comm banned and how you were gonna be banned anyway so you decided to 'go out on your own terms' by doxxing staff. (Why didn't you just wait for said ban you mentioned, if you were ban for no reason that would speak louder actions as these staff would be doing a poor job for banning you for no reason if they did it simply because you were associated with others) I let you stay in the old Aldis & Co. discord as it wasn't an official Gateway discord, I retired from Gateway due to my HSC and it had kinda evolved into more of a personal discord for Gateway lads as I left it behind. This was a mistake on my part. Maybe I felt bad or I was too awkward to since it was you and half of the higher ups of the business who got comm banned (Bootsy and Phil were in the discord) but this was a poor call on my part. Allowing him to stay was a poor call and I apologise for going along with it and not doing anything sooner (he started leaving and rejoining that old discord and after a while I just kicked him). You used it to brag about the raids and other things you did to annoy the server, you even sent the memes that contain the staff's faces to it. These following examples are from the admin/ higher up channel of that discord. (censored face is Stooge) From recent messages though you did seem to miss Gateway. I understand that, but your actions are too severe to ignore. As much as I liked you back in the day and did miss your 104th shenanigans, I'm sorry but I'm giving this a -1. If this was a significant time after your apology I would have been neutral or maybe even +1. Its good to see you were sorry in your apology but you need to move on from Gateway. With what you did, as much as you regret it there is no going back from it this early. Spends more time away from the server. Prove you are really sorry before posting another. Actions speak louder than words. You were a great player back in the day and I would look forward to seeing you on Gateway again but what you did is very severe. EDIT: Reading over comments on the apology I saw S8n approved this to be posted so it makes sense why he'd post this now, but I still think more time is needed to prove he is sorry. EDIT 2: Shit I left some links to the images, I will fix the blurs now and reupload. Thank you to @Pasha for notifying me of this and apologies for accidentally linking the images. EDIT 3: Fixed the images censor and re-uploaded. EDIT 4: As a thought, as an idea, perhaps the ban is lightened to a server perma ban and see how well he operates back in the community on TS, the discord and forums before he returns to the server? I personally don't feel he is ready to return to the server but I think he deserves more of an opportunity to potentially prove this.
  6. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to Jedi Archives GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: Al’dhis Kortan Previous Occupation: Clansman Initiate of Kortan’s Claw Current Occupation: Jedi Padawan Known Languages: Galactic Basic, Dosh Hobbies: Tracking, strategy games, hunting Alignment: Neutral Good PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Sane Mental Disabilities: None Likes: Tropical climates, hunting, tracking, battle strategy Dislikes: Wookies, hot and arid environments Personality: Very attentive and analytical, is always observing his environment. Organised. PHYSICAL INFORMATION Physical State: Fit Age: 23 Weight: 86kg Build: Mesomorph Disabilities: None Appearance: Grey scales with yellow and black jagged markings across his face. JEDI INFORMATION Rank: Padawan Master (current or previous): Knight Jack Ocheron Lightsaber details: Currently uses the standard hilt for his yellow lightsaber but hopes to one day create his own lightsaber. Combat style: Currently Uses Form 1 but wishes to learn a different form of lightsaber combat. BACKSTORY Al’dhis was born into a nomadic clan of Trandoshans who lived deep within the jungles of Trandosha known as ‘Kortan’s Claw’ after the clan lead Kortan. These individuals followed the traditional teachings and worship of The Scorekeeper and the ways of the hunt. Al’dhis in his early days was trained in the ways of the hunt. Within his clan he was notable for his proficiency in his tracking abilities, as he described being able to ‘feel’ the prey he was tracking. Jealous of this skill, rival hunting clans began to take interest in the development of Al’dhis, only when one of these groups attacked, Al’dhis flung his arms out, sending the rival clansmen flying backwards. Discovering Al’dhis to be force sensitive, his clan was initially hesitant to rid themselves of their best tracker, but seeing the power the child possessed, deemed it best to send him to the Jedi Order where he would be better trained to control this power. RELATIONSHIPS Kortan’s Claw The Jedi Order Wookies - Was taught by his clan at a young age to distrust their kind The CIS Dead| Death Wish | Hatred || Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Best Friend |
  7. Hi All, As you would have read in the announcement for 'The Last Battle Campaign' @Akali and I worked together to make the trailer for @Andy's Campaign. For fun this afternoon I decided to make a second shorter trailer with a different tone than the first as to play around with a different style. Enjoy
  8. Thats right fuckeroos, its time for the beast campaign #2309823048230482094092904029349028348023984. Prepare yourselves.
  9. Im gonna diagree in it being a filler episode. Imo it wasnt since it really focused on the important plot of why the Empire wanted the child. Also the tracker on the razercrest is gonna totally play a later part. At first it feels like a filler but subverts it into being an important plot about the child. Also, unrelated but it was very epic to see the Razercrest actually working and shooting shit
  10. Im so keen it was great to see explanations for the lore in terms of The Watch and seeing Katan got me ready for more, cant wait for Ashoka
  11. Anaxes is already utter perfection. OK but maybe some improvements to briefing such as a place to line up inside would be cool but IDK if thats possible due to limited space.
  12. # ... Enter Alias # ... Alias Denied - Clearance of Level 04 or Higher Required # ... Enter Clearance # ... Clearance Received … Processing … # … Clearance Accepted # ... Access granted to clone database Mission Report 12 / 05 / 3632ATC Mission Type - Hostage Rescue - Search and Destroy Location - Sector 42-B - Dead Space of the Outer Rim Target - On board hostages - Estimated numbers between 3-7. Known Hostiles - Unknown Pirate Organisation, In Possession of Civilian Class Weaponry Mission Briefing Quotation From Executive Supply Officer Nick “ Troopers, intel* we have recovered reports of a Pirate Organisation that has been utilising specific hyperspace routes to smuggle supplies and potentially prisoners past Republic checkpoints. The intel we have received has deduced that this organisation utilises a specific location of coordinates to re-route their path through hyperspace. Your mission will be to intercept this vessel at their rerouting location and to recover any hostages. After this we will be destroying their starfighter. ” *The intel received was said to be from an unknown source, potentially within the criminal organisation themselves. Previous intel from this source has been deduced to be truthful yet the exact source of this intel is unknown. Events Mission Success Hostages Recovered, Hostiles Eliminated As per previous information from this intel source the intel was correct. Republic forces successfully intercepted the organisation’s starship and was able to be successfully boarded. The hostiles on board did not cooperate with proposals of surrender. Friendly Units Deployed 36 Friendly Units KIA 2 Hostile Units 23 Hostile Units KIA 23 A total of 5 prisoners were located. After questioning on board it was determined they were the only hostages present. After exfiltrating the prisoners and clone forces, Class 2 remote explosives were planted on the ship’s hyperdrive and detonated. Hostages Recovered: 2x Nautolan Males - After medical assessment were sent on a transport to Glee Anselm. 1x Nautolan Female - After medical assessment was sent on the same transport as the Nautolan Males. 1x Clone Trooper - Identified by registration as Lt. Cpt. CT-4385, nicknamed ‘Aldis’** 1x Pantoran Male - After medical assessment was sent on a transport to Pantora. **CT-4385 was presumed as KIA following a failed mission to obtain information on the ALDI Criminal Syndicate.*** As CT-4385 had been replaced in his role of Commanding Officer of Boulder Company (A Sub Company of 7th Sky Corps) due to his presumed KIA, CT-4385 has been reassigned to Doom’s Unit. *** See Mission Report - ς̶̿ͅΤ̴͎̑τ̴͎̍Υ̴̧̑υ̶̣̽ # ... Previewing ‘Mission Report - ς̶̿ͅΤ̴͎̑τ̴͎̍Υ̴̧̑υ̶̣̽’ #... Error NP-3289 - Data Corrupted # … Previewing Corrupted Files *CLICK HERE TO VIEW FILES* END OF REPORT OOC: Now that I'm back I wrote this as to provide a head-cannon to how Aldis is back in the Republic after his 'previous endeavours'.
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