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  1. My apologies, I must have changed it, its been updated now.
  2. Cappa, we've had our ups and downs in the past and in ARC. However, that is the past, recently I've gotten to speak to you more often and listen to you voice your opinion on topics that are quite interesting. You're actually really active for the time you have been playing with no break which is quite impressive, you're always on improving your climbswep, RP and I know you really like teaching people climbswep which helps going for staff. You're easy to get along with, and very approachable. Which is why I will be leaving a +1. Goodluck on your application Cappa.
  3. Thank you for those kind words Bright, I wont let you down
  4. Cheers for the support Noc, means alot, really.
  5. I've been on an LOA as of recent since i've been feeling very ill which excuses my activity however in general it could be alot better, nonetheless, thank you for your input Buck, and will improve my activity.
  6. Glad to hear this! Thank you for your feed back Centurion, I appreciate a ton.
  7. Cheers for the feedback and motivation. I wont let you down
  8. I can see that both You and Sean have gotten together and -1 my Moderator Application since you both are friends and dislike me ever since that incident, however I would like to talk about this over Discord instead of the forums since this is being taken to a personal level. nebula#1794 Have a good one.
  9. To be very honest, yes I have been slightly slipping, but im trying, I've actually been trying to improve on my behaviour, attitude, and activity on the server by talking to a new group, getting to know different players and joining a medical regiment which I've never done before and doing RP with a whole new group. If this is about the incident where you were sound boarding the video of Nexoit yelling at Ajax and Jeff which I made a comment about you not having context about it and it not being funny at the time while I was in the middle of a conversation with one of my mates, im sorry if that comment hurt any of your feelings but I feel like sound boarding a meeting with no context whatsoever trying to be funny kinda lacks maturity. Sean, if you are going to take this personally, which I believe you are, please talk to me on discord about this so can resolve this properly. nebula#1794.
  10. Thank you for the feedback, hopefully we have more experiences in game to get to know each other. See you on the server brother.
  11. During the ARC phase I got comfortable with the server and people around me which made me alot open and a little mingey. However that does not excuse the minge, just pointing it out. Cheers for the feedback brother, means a heap to me.
  12. Yes I know that I have made many mistakes in the past and I know, it gives me a bad reputation which sticks for awhile however that is why I made my forum post to change that. Erase the past, and instead improve it in the present and future. Hopefully all my actions in game and TS will change your mind and will take what you said into account, no matter the vote. Have a good one brother.
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