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  1. Phill

    Giveaway Again

    $50 steam voucher, so I can buy new Skyrim expansion for ESO which is $60. That would be so epic gamer
  2. Sad to see anyone go but that is really wack. Disappointing to see, cya.
  3. Yeah idk man. What you did was pretty sucumy but I dont feel like you had any malicious intent, up to Stooge tho
  4. Phill

    Jedi Giveaway #2

    Your Name / Nominated Players Name: Zia Your in-game Name: CT-1022 'Purchased' Your Regiment: ★ StatTrak™ Gut Knife | Black Laminate
  5. Your app is really great. You are responsible and really easy to get along with. Huge +1
  6. +1 Your a great fit for the emt team in my opinion. However I suggest that you add a more detailed event. I feel like with some guidance you would be a great EM
  7. +1 Your application is great. Fleshed out answers and ULX commands with easy to read formatting. I haven’t had anything but great experiences with you on the server. I would hop into the TeamSpeak more however. But overall you deserve a trial mod period, good luck
  8. Please Bright your family loves you! Come home
  9. Name: 7879 Phill Regiment: 501st Sub Company: Torrent company Rank: Lance Corporal Attitude: Twitchy
  10. The above back and fourth shows me that nothing much has changed. You would rather compare yourself to others than taking some responsibility for your actions. -1
  11. Your app needs work. some colour coding, formatting and fleshing out of the answers would be great. Also ULX commands in your answers are a must. If you don't know ULX well I recommend reading through the link I provided. I remember @Coric gave it to me back in the day and it helped heaps. However your maturity and friendliness in game shows that you would be a great fit for the staff team. I'll remain NEUTRAL until you fix some things up. https://pingperfect.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?t=659&__cf_chl_jschl_tk__=56189fcc36748dc0bc2d57bdd9aa93808b7f3b53-1577071525-0-AYuxPs3CECqtiKC0Mi3dLJlN7SYrK9g3daFciH1ACZxU77SlJ-a9A6sO3nQfQhkIhVjmI3_gi_WLeVxkaW0Umhs1LqbKNb_J444_GuTp17RlSn3x5v3vHvXlARUNUflmukLlVyUTO4r7fQyyAE1wchQwTNlqzImASNOTOghd5j1MjFZckVsklvB2FyTwq9USTuxaG92nuYXQgwtz95Ft2U92kp2uNfTNzHH_p_WNUUn46o6BiLVc0Qm_s03fuoTIyK8C23nawPkP_IkkWbrJ8iGGqaWkJnmn425rNHp9CbFR
  12. That is Gmod for you
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