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  1. Good luck Corvus Missed you in CG but you did good shit with 91st and RHC, hope to see you when you come back, that is if I'm not on one of my consistent breaks
  2. Didn't sound/seem like it to me but if i'm wrong on that then my bad
  3. Even though I left for a time, I've always seen you to have potential and in becoming Wolffe I feel like you are definitely living up to it. You've come quite far and I think this is a relatively appropriate next step in your development through this community. Not meant in a bad way but I have no idea how you would do as staff, here to hoping its good +1
  4. Maybe a little bit of an overstatement? but i would imagine he made this post to try and a revert some of that reputation in a progressive way
  5. Mumbase

    Spotify Wrapped

    Man screaming 10 hour, I see you also like Rammstien then?
  6. Through out my entire time on this server I have played as CG and as a result of this, ever since I got a second character slot I do nothing but mess with CG on it. The taser is good, and it has infinite range, and it lasts a decent stretch of time, but none of that matters if they can't hit you. Just throw your mouse across your desk like your life depends on it and they probably won't hit you. Then learn the maps, learn where to hide. Confuse them, distract them. Its really not the hardest thing to escape CG as long as you try something other than running or climbing in a semi straight line, or going exactly where everyone would expect. If you're doing something that will get you arrested then by all means go ahead, but have an escape plan and hope you didn't get the CG who knows the map.
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