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  1. Denied User has no PAC3 examples and therefore has not shown any effort. User may reapply in 1 month.
  2. User's application has been denied. All of these examples are the same thing and don't show any effort or understanding of PAC3, User may reapply in 1 month.
  3. Your application is very well written with many different scenarios and responses covered in a lot of detail. Your attitude is also befitting of a member of staff, you always have a very professional and polite attitude and I feel you would make an excellent addition to the staff team. +1
  4. Users Application has been denied Though you have done some interesting pac's most of them do not relate to Star Wars RP and therefore are not in line with the requirements. User may reapply in 1 month.
  5. Your application is both thorough and well written, all of my interactions with you on the server have been very pleasant. you really have what it takes to be a member of the staff so it's a +1 from me.
  6. Please show the pac directory with the pac's you have used in your examples.
  7. Denied User may reapply in 1 month
  8. The apllicants who have been chosen are: @Pickle/Limbo and @Knighthunter They will go under testing and trails where their skill and activity will be determined.
  9. With the untimely departure of Pasha in his role as 'Echo', I am now in need of a new person to take up the mantle of ECHO. Echo provides a very unique opportunity for RP within the squad acting as the culmination of all the other squad members abilities and talents while also possessing a very powerful load out. I will be choosing more than one applicant however only one will go through. For those applying please use the following format and good luck to all applicants. Alias: Current in-game name: Current in-game rank: Why would you like to go for the position:
  10. Those who have been chosen for the traineeship into CF-99 are: @Maxonok @Karm and @John Thank you to all those who applied and better luck next time (AKA when I need a new Echo) Those who have been chosen I will get in contact with you and preform your tests over the weekend if possible.
  11. With the departure of the members of CF-99 and me taking up the position of Hunter I am opening up CF-99 up for some new members. The positions available are as follows: Crosshair (Sniper), Wrecker (Heavy weapons and demolitions) and Tech (Medic and technician) Each of these positions have their own unique kit compared to the many existing RC squads with a opportunity for new RP within the squad. Those who wish to apply please follow the proceeding format: Alias: In game name(s): Current rank: Which character are you interested in: Why you are interested in the role: Good luck to all those who apply.
  12. Your responses show a clear understanding of ULX and how to handle yourself on these situations. I've also seen you work really hard on the server to keep minge's out of trouble so it's a definite +1 from me.
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