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  1. Everyone else has put most of what I would say up but I would also like to metion that I know how well you can do your job as a member of staff seeing as we were in the same T-Mod batch. so it's a fat +1 From me chief.
  2. Your application is very well written with very clear cut responses and from all the interactions I've had with you over your time as a jedi on the server you have shown yourself to have a very mature attitude as well. Overall its a +1 from me.
  3. really nice backstory man
  4. Holy shit that is one chunky clone.
  5. Gonna miss you on the server big rig.
  6. +1, you are alot better at pac than most of the poeple who currently have it.
  7. How many times did you crash making this I wonder?.
  8. Your application is very well written and clearly shows you understanding of many of the staffing processes. For the entire time I've known you on the very even way back when you were the 41st's Beta-ARC you have always shown a drive to better yourself and those around you either in attitude or in skills such as climbSWEP or breaching, your kind of attitude and way of working I feel would fit right in on the team.
  9. Personally I really don't know you so I'd make that a priority to remedy since many wouldn't really like to see someone they've never heard of becoming a member of staff. AS well as that your responses leave alot to be desired, try and go into more detail and use some of the ULX commands (if you know any) to really flesh out your responses.
  10. Commander Ripcord reporting for duty!
  11. If you go through with this I'll be there to help you again boss.
  12. When were banned if you can remember because O'Niner isn't stooge.
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