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  1. If you go through with this I'll be there to help you again boss.
  2. When were banned if you can remember because O'Niner isn't stooge.
  3. Astro

    I am sorry

    Please use the proper format in the link provided and post it in the server unban appeals found here https://www.gatewaygaming.net.au/forums/forum/37-ban-appeals/
  4. This topic has already been covered by Coric and Spirit but if you want my side then here we go. While in the temple which is off limits to troopers the ARC trainee's run in, they receive a warning to leave before they are punished as is the norm however they fail to listen and continue. With 2 CG on who wouldn't be able to respond in time due to the position of the temple myself and a council member provide them with a final warning before they are killed, which they continue to ignore, so following this we proceed to follow through with it and cut them down. They then start either finally running or using grapple hooks (which aren't in their kit btw) to latch onto the ceiling and stop themselves from being killed (which is Abuse of kit and FailRP). After they have run of they run in and out just to mess with myself and the council member, to which I respond with by standing outside the elevator extremely agitated. I then see @Serbo as Mas ammeda walking sown the hall whom I had assumed was with them and going to try and power play me using an event slot, at which point I lost my cool and popped. Which is the exact point when the video starts with me aggressively reprimanding the staff members due to my already agitated state boiling over. I will admit my fault at dragging Lez who spoke to me later admitting that he was only there to see what was going on into my line of fire as well as you @nebula. who had just arrived as my language towards you was not warranted and for that if I am to be given a strike I will gladly accept it for the way I spoke to you was not in any way shape or form warranted and I do apologise to the trainee's for the language I used however, not only allowing but encouraging its trainees to do these kind of things is beyond my understanding.
  5. User has been denied. There has been no examples shown or provided, please post them on the forums next time. User may reapply in 1 month.
  6. Considering the last time you put in an app you have drastically cut down on mingy and overall poor behaviour, you have really tried hard to earn the trust of everyone. +1
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