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  1. Your Name: Pasha Your In-Game Name: Hunter / Pasha Highest Clone Rank Achieved: Captain What position are you interested in? I am currently interested in "Jaro" Why do you want that position? Clan Skirata has always intrested me a lot, as I've said many times before. I want to go for one of these position in Clan Skirata due to the open lore nature of the character, these characters "Ini and Jaro" don't have a actual lore background so it allows a big door to create a unique and custom character and Role play opportunity that just being in a regular regiment wouldn't. I've gotten one chance before to go for a position in Clan Skirata before but fell short, so I'm going at it again in hopes that I could have another chance.
  2. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- @Spirit @Astro Akali ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Congrats You've been chosen to under go for the CF-99 Beta Arc Trials
  3. Yes, the Jedi did accept people that exceeded the general age for a Padawan but this was only ever done for people whom were very strong in the force (Like Rahm Kota), most of the time these padawans were specifically trained by skilled Jedi or even members of the council,
  4. +1 Helped me in my event and I've seen that you've got a lot of potential to show, your app is amazing very detailed event is awesome and looks fun to play/run. +1
  5. If you have questions, PM me on discord. Please keep this for Apps :]
  6. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Clone Force 99 are having an 5th slot added to our squad, this slot will be 'Echo', Echo will act as a specialised Beta Arc trooper , We are currently looking for anyone whom are interested in to fill this slot, to be eligible for Echo you must fill the requirements You should currently be actively playing on the server Hold the rank of SGT or above Able to RP and work with all current CF-99 Members Have a good understanding of CF-99 and Echo's Lore ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you wish to be one of the Candidates selected pleas response to this post with the following: Current IG-Alias: In Game Rank/Regiment: Reason for applying: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Like all Beta Arc troopers, those whom are selected will go through a series of trials and test to find one whom excels above the rest to fit the slot of echo, for any further questions please send me a question either In game (Huner), on Discord (Pasha)/Teamspeak. :]
  7. Pasha

    Giveaway :D

    can I get Arma 3 please father
  8. You don't understand Galactic Basic?
  9. +1 Though activity is a bit of an issue, I like your event and your app is good,I'm interested to see how this event could turn. I see you've place the effort to rethink and edit you event. There will always be issues and tweaks to events so don't worry too much about that. All in all I'd love to see you on the EM team and see some cools events from you so it's a +1
  10. Your Name: Pasha Your In-Game Name: Lt 'Hunter' Highest Rank Achieved In-game: Clone: Captain | Jedi: Knight What position are you interested in? Walon Vau | Tor Skirata Why do you want that position? With the addition of Tor into Skirata, Clan Skirata opens up a door for a unique RP opportunity which other regiments do not ,Skirata/Null Arc has also always interested me.
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