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  1. Gateway Gaming | Unban Appeal Template Use the template below or your appeal will be void. Your In-game Name: B-84 Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198309064363 Your Steam ID (Find it here STEAM_0:1:174399317 Who banned you? Flea Length of the ban? Perma Reason of the ban? Ban Evasion Why should we unban you? Initially I was given a 2 week ban on the 16th of June for using racial/homophobic slurs in team chat whilst talking about another user on the server, during the time I was given my ban I was apart of the current batch of arc sergeant heading into the final week for their 'traineeship'. With the ban I was given / other factors it would cause complications for the trainees final tests due to the format of the final tests which we had to sit through before getting into arc. I personally did not want my action to force the other five trainees as well as the ARC members involved with running each of the test to have to delay or complicate the final tests / results due to my actions. Now after a few days into my ban I utilised an alt account to complete the final tests, taking place on the event server only. The purpose of using the alt account was to hop on when we had to conduct my test, get the test done then hop off, that was it, the account was never used to continue to play on the server or any events / ARC Activities. Now whilst I'm not expecting a complete unban I'm hoping that my sentence can at least be shortened, as I understand I am not innocent in this situation however I want to state that I had no malicious intent nor had the intent to cause any harm to the servers playerbase. Side notes: To @Akali I apologise for my words used towards you, I've never had nor held any hate against you. My words used within team chat were idiotic and I apologise for talking behind your back. To the staff involved in my incident I apologise for being untruthful complicating issues further in doing so, I should have contacted management beforehand and explained my case before deciding to use an alt account and came forward when I was contacted me about my actions.
  2. https://gyazo.com/ad1c1f519690a1c9b1b66b2871a146de - https://pastebin.com/hfvNpmaN https://gyazo.com/d17692b48527585e2715083e25f23b16 - https://pastebin.com/hb1buAJD https://gyazo.com/7b78058fedbb7c608af7681049d5c574 - https://pastebin.com/TKmAnhVa https://steamcommunity.com/id/Wren_MB
  3. Are the first 3 pac's just your scaling yourself down?
  4. Ahh yes here is another example of my skills with Pac3
  5. Greetings All Come onto the Clone Wars Server Next Monday on the 14th of June after the 6:30 to see General Akrius be court-martial for his crimes against the Republic This narc shall fall, please come to support this cause.
  6. Hey guys heres my Civic SI build, your builds are cute and all but I'll be waving once I pass you when the VTEC kicks in.
  7. @Flea Hey man I think you forgot to accept this mans application
  8. Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:174399317 Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198309064363 Current in-game alias: R-84 | Joaquín List your current playtime: 1000 Are you a donator? Yes Have you used PAC3 before? Yes Why do you want access to PAC3? To be able to make my character more diverse and unique to myself but also to be able create pac creations to make my time around the server more 'immersive' How is PAC3 going to enhance your time on the server? Pac3 allows each user to alter the appearance and animations to make their rp character feel 'unique' and allows the user to create different PAC3 creations to make rp scenarios more immersive and unique. The ability to utilise the pac menu in game allows to me to make my in game character more unique to me and grants me to ability to make each rp situation more diverse and immersive for all the players around. PAC3 Examples (Was given the all clear to link my previous application due to the amount of PAC3 Example I have shown)
  9. Can we bring back clan skirata as its own regiment
  10. Don't even get me started on your bum ass
  11. Replace @Shadowz with this man, he iss the better Asian +1
  12. Pasha

    Dust is back

    Lets see how long this last, Welcome back @Dust
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