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  1. @Joy Please submit four pac3 examples which can be implemented on the server. (Ensure all examples are focused around 'Imperial RP')
  2. So where are the Death Troopers @
  3. Accepted Contact me on Discord if you need any help
  4. What roles are you on the Imperial server, haven't seen you on before
  5. Do you even play the Imperial server anymore?
  6. Goodbye my fellow rice farmer
  7. What is this pac? Is this just a picture of you sitting down?
  8. Please no more Jibberish Jedi names x
  9. SCAR Battalion Screenings On the 6th of March SCAR will be hosting screenings after the 8:30 event, during these screenings you'll be tested on the core skills such as Climb SWEP, Breaching, Jetpack, Roleplay and Grapple Hook, the best candidates in the screenings will be taken into a traineeship and will have their skills refined. From now to the weekend coming up to the screenings SCAR will be hosting public trainings to practices the skills which you will marked on. If you have any questions or inquires contact Choog (Jende) on discord or ingame. Discord: Choog#0228 In Game Alias: A-13 Jende
  10. Accepted Contact me on Discord if you have any issues
  11. Darn, I remember when I first became a event master and you just a moderator, I remember all the help you gave me during my events from being a EC to voicing most of my events whilst I was a mute EM, Thanks for everything you've done for Gateway, hope you're not going to end up permanently leaving gateway. I wish you the best of luck with our life endeavors.
  12. Accepted Contact me on discord if you have any issues
  13. Whilst a element of the application is to showcase your skills with pac3, which you have done very well. The submissions you are required to hand in are to be 'Star Wars Related', the application you submit should showcase on how you are going utilise the pac menu in game and also your creativity when it comes to pac3 creations. So far there is only one acceptable submission, please fix this up.
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