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  1. omg not as good as my goal of being the best roleplayer the server has seen
  2. good luck to everyone i will probs win because u guys are all nobbbz
  3. omg guys look how eshay i am i listen to kerser omg no way
  4. im the best stormtrooper ever omg
  5. i thought it was really shit and boring and there was nothing to do
  6. luca

    Luca Ban Appeal

    Ok I will probably been on tonight just send me a message on discord or poke me on ts if I’m on the server
  7. luca

    Luca Ban Appeal

    I have now put my steam ID on the ban appeal I think the reason why it did not say who band me was because lunar is no longer in the staff team
  8. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Your In-game Name: private 6661 Luca Your Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198363155976/ Your Steam ID (Find it here) STEAM_0:0:201445124 _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Who banned you? it did not say on the ticket Length of the ban? Permanently banned Reason of the ban? attempted mass RDM Why should we unban you? Im sorry for my actions, Toxicity, the trouble I have caused for the general player base and the staff team on the server. The reason why I believe that I should be unbanned is because I have reflected on the actions that I have done wrong on the server and on the TeamSpeak and I believe that I have matured and that im ready to come back. I have been trying to amend my reputation within the community by firstly getting unbanned from the team speak server and trying to fix my relationship with people. The main reason why I want to come back to playing on the server is because I remember all the fun times I had while playing it and when I hear people talk about the server on the teamspeak I wish that I could be playing it with them and having fun. At times of playing the server mostly when I was new to the community I took the server very seriously and I did not go around ruining my reputation with the staff team and other players on the server. I accept the fact that I have made stupid mistakes and that people are going to hate me still but im wishing that you give me a second chance to prove myself to the community. Its been roughly 3 months since my ban and I feel that Im ready to come back to the server Thank you for your time Luca
  9. +1 ive known Evoz for not that long but form the conversations I have had with him he is a very good person +1
  10. luca

    luca ts ban appeal

    Hi Im just wondering what will be happening with this ts ban appeal because it has been up for 9 days now Luca
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