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  1. Tesla

    Phasma Appeal

    Pre-ban Phasma was always an individual I enjoyed playing with, when he set his mind to a task he would perform to his full capabilities. He was one of the individuals who lead shinies to a campaign first place proving his willingness to RP and play seriously. I believe he has served his sentence and if he is willing to return and RP seriously he should be given a fair chance. +1
  2. Seems like this was a genuine mistake considering you were playing seriously for a fair while solidifies this. Slipups happen occassionaly and if you can ensure it won't happen again im sure you'll be unbanned in no time.
  3. @Kruger (Smooth) Prediction on point.
  4. Tesla

    Hey Guys

    @Unwanted please confirm
  5. cya bro, i'll +1 your unban appeal in the next few months
  6. woahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, never seen this before!
  7. ill log on in a week to welcome you back
  8. man what???? I never noticed you left wth bro
  9. who's that hot arc trooper at the end?
  10. These two comments really solidify that you dont deserve a position on the EM team. I noticed your attitude on the gateway discord and the slight few interactions ive had with you in game show you dont deserve this second chance. Maybe think before you speak?
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