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  1. However offtopic my previous response was, your moderator app is detailed and somewhat easy to read. Your usage of your microphone is understandable but a mic is an essential tool for staffing as people will take someone more serious if they are talking compared to waiting for them to type. As stated by Darkai, your previous actions have lead to a negative portrayal of your character but I have seen an overall improvement as you progressed and manage your RC squad. One bit of advice I would recommend is getting yourself and your squad in TS abit more and just interact with the community on the TS, get yourself out there abit more. It will be a neutral from me for now but I have high hopes you can improve and I can change this to a +1. Good luck big man.
  2. Seeya later Mr. Jones. Have a good one bro!
  3. Tesla

    Can you don't?

    okay mr forums addict, we get it
  4. Tesla


    Welcome back Mr. Hett! Hope you stick around and have fun on GG again.
  5. Nebula when he points his mind towards something always achieves greatness. This being highlighted in his time in ARC and currently in 501st. Playing with Nebula for a short stint recently in Omega and general chatter throughout the whole time i've known him major improvements to his attitude have occured. Cough 'changing...' Cough. The application is easy to read and well formatted. The usage of ULX commands is seen throughout his application proving he understands what he's doing. Its going to be a +1 from me big man. Good luck brother.
  6. ABEL SIR! Welcome back big nuts, cant wait to see the best climbswepper ever on Jateway Jaming return. the takeover has begun...
  7. BROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO YOU CANT GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO But in all seriousness thank you for being my favourite minge for over a year and making those times on gateway most memorable. From the time I saw you dancing in my 41st tryouts to our last mission together in Delta. I thank you. Peace out simp. Get on GTA once in awhile yeah?
  8. Welcome back big man!
  9. Tesla


    Nebs reforming. Huh?
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