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  1. Tesla

    Hey Guys

    @Unwanted please confirm
  2. cya bro, i'll +1 your unban appeal in the next few months
  3. woahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, never seen this before!
  4. ill log on in a week to welcome you back
  5. man what???? I never noticed you left wth bro
  6. who's that hot arc trooper at the end?
  7. These two comments really solidify that you dont deserve a position on the EM team. I noticed your attitude on the gateway discord and the slight few interactions ive had with you in game show you dont deserve this second chance. Maybe think before you speak?
  8. you mean extremely short right?
  9. Seems like a pretty chill dude, had a nice interaction with him. Application is solid showing he knows what to do. +1
  10. yo can I join arc, my highest rank was only specialist but I really wanna join...
  11. Nah but welcome to the server bro, have fun
  12. garrosh plot v2 tbh
  13. hey bro, sorry we have to create all the content because Anduins a pansy
  14. yeah nah, horde on top bro
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