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  1. Howdy Swag, Your application is well put together with detailed answers that help understand your thought process when it comes to situations that an EM might face. You also put forward some good examples of EM tools such as the NPC tools and you’re probably the first person I’ve seen who actually mentioned the dispenser tool, so I appreciate that you have deviated from the obvious few tools that everyone puts in their app. Moving on to your event, it’s pretty good, but it’s also a tad generic. It’s simultaneously a great event for a TEM to perform as it is simple and displays your understanding and capability as an EM, but it is also uninspired and does little to demonstrate the kind of ideas you’re planning on bringing that cater to the specialties of many different regiments. Something I’m finding I have to keep reminding applicants is that your event idea is an EXAMPLE, not necessarily something you actually have to perform. Make it reflect your creativity, make it unique and make it ACCURATE to this question you answered in the app: The major issue I have however, is in total you have 20 damn minutes of slices in your event. Although I cannot blame you for this decision due to how events are sometimes run, it's something I seriously advise you change your mindset on. A lot of EMs in the past have utilized slices as a very cheap and artificial way of padding out or adding passive RP to their event and although I am not against slicing in general, I try to personally keep them to 1-2 minutes MAXIMUM as they're never any fun and it really kills the flow of the event for those involved. They should primarily be used as a last resort or as a short and easy way to lead into extra RP and immersion in an event, or to point people in the right direction. Use ya big brain to come up with some interesting ways to pad out event time without using slices in your event. If you choose to redo your event idea then I look forward to reading what you come up with and the unique ideas you can bring to the table. You definitely have a lot of potential, so don't be discouraged by my giant wall of text lol. Good luck with your application mate, I genuinely hope you make it through
  2. Huge +1 for this app, Jarr is one of the first people I ask when I have a question or problem with PAC and he always had really impressive PACs back in the day. Give this man PAC3 access asap so he can get back to minging with it immediately :^)
  3. Adding on to all the stuff about your age and any other criticisms that were put forward, you were just tool banned after being caught for the second time in the span of two days using the Model Manipulator tool to change into the banned and very mingey Mike Wazowski model. If we can't even trust you to act appropriately with the tools you're granted, we certainly cannot trust you as a staff member. I'd strongly recommend you revoke your application until your tool ban subsides and you can show to the staff team that you have earned the trust required for a staff role.
  4. Your application is really good Rainn, there's a lot of detail so we can see your thought process and you've broken up the text into segments making it easy to understand. The responses you gave for the example scenarios make it clear that you have at least a decent understanding of the processes of an EM and how they should/would handle a situation. Much like I told Florida, I think you would benefit greatly from volunteering more frequently to be an Event Character because as you literally just told me in TS when I asked you (lol), you said that you have only played the one key character you listed and only participate as an EC when directly approached to do so. Being an EC is more impactful and reflective on your experience as EM as some might think, so try to get involved to not just help out EMs but also enhance your understanding of what an EM goes through setting up and running an event. You showed me and some others your event dupe via discord stream and it looks well put together and a lot of thought has gone into it. The event idea document itself is very well done and has a far more effort put in than most others. I definitely look forward to seeing what you'll bring to the table and I think you'll be an excellent fit for the EM team. Good luck <33333 +1
  5. The application is good, could use a tad bit more editing such as dot points to make it a bit clearer to see what examples you've given, but that doesn't matter too much. Something that does come to mind however is that I can remember quite clearly about a week ago (22/10) during Andy's night time event on Kashyyyk you told me that it was your first time being an Event Character. I certainly never thought that a week later you'd be putting up an EM application, but here we are. I'd imagine you've been an EC a couple of times since then, but I'd strongly advise you stick your hand up for as many EC positions as possible, especially key roles such as recurring or lore characters. Not only will this show your initiative to participate and assist the EM team, it'll give you a chance to focus on and learn the lesser seen details of how an event is set up and executed, which will hopefully add to your understanding of the role and make you a better EM overall. You seem to have a good imagination and your event is creative, I look forward to you making it a reality and showing your potential as an EM. Good luck :))) +1
  6. Now that I have had a chance to be around you for a while in 501st, I think it's safe to say you can be trusted to not disappear like you did last time. I think that a lot of people are skeptical considering how unreliable you had been near the end of your time on Gateway a while back, but given the effort you've gone to here to reassure people that you are here to stay and committed to your roles, I hope that everyone will give you a second chance to live up to your potential as an Event Master. As for your events back in the day I can't comment with too much detail as my memory is dog shit and I can't remember any of them except the infamous Glitch/Rainbow Gungan Event. However I do remember never really having much negative feedback to give you as your events had clear effort and unique ideas and were more often than not executed well. I look forward to the original concepts and events that you'll potentially bring to the EM team and I eagerly await the next big minge event from you. Good luck. +1
  7. Still dying at all the @Jazza clips
  8. Do you have Teamspeak 3 installed? Yes Are you willing to test your stress? Yes What is your age? (Minimum of 14 years of age.) 20 List your current playtime: 1080 on the server, maybe more. 2,450 in total. Are you willing to learn new ways to approach situations? Yes Do you have any active warns? Nope Do you have any problems with any of our current staff members? No Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:50874327 Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/defaultcryo/ Current in-game alias/rank: SSGT 2481 Phantom Previous Notable Names/Ranks/Positions Event Master, 501st Marshal Commander and General in RHC How known are you on a scale of 1-10? 7 How will you bring new and creative event ideas to the server?: Well I would primarily use previous EM team experience, advice I have received over time from other experienced EM team members and feedback from many players to help craft more effective and ideal events that please the player base but also aren’t overly intensive to either the main or event server. With the Event Server being much more stable to do larger scale events on than when EMs were forced to use only the main server, I feel that I would be much more free to allow ideas to flourish and develop, rather than having to scale them back to avoid massive server lag and other issues. I have many unique event ideas in store and I look forward to potentially bringing them to the server. Have you participated in many of our Events?: Sure have. Having been a very active player before my departure earlier this year, I’ve played (and made) hundreds, maybe even thousands of events of all shapes and sizes from many different EMs. As a decently active member now, I have been playing events almost every day and seeing first hand what the current EM team can do with all the tools and possibilities at their disposal. Are you familiar with Gmod's wide range of NPC tools? (Provide examples): Yes, there are multiple NPC tools at the EMs disposal, some of the more useful being NPC Notarget and NPC Proficiency. These tools allow for more dynamic or specific uses for the NPCs and have proven very effective in live breaching courses and events with particular themes. Others such as NPC Health can also be very helpful. Name 3 tools that are at an Event Masters disposal within events and leave a small comment detailing each of their uses: - Command Block: It’s a new tool I have only recently become familiar with, but a very useful one that saves a lot of time and effort for the EM and ECs during an event. It allows for a player to immediately be given any preset that the EM wishes by pressing E on the block, this can work for both ECs and normal players, as some events can sometimes call for special weapons or models for the players. Having the ability to leave this block at spawn so the players/ECs can model themselves saves a huge amount of travelling back and forth from the EM to remodel after deaths. - Resizer: This is another tool that is new to me and I have found it is an extraordinarily useful one that although has more use setting up and building an event rather than during one, it can still be utilized for certain purposes on the fly. The best part about it is that it allows EMs to create much larger scale events with far fewer props, significantly reducing lag. Having the ability to change the size of any prop to your liking means less time will be wasted trying to find the perfect prop or ditching an idea because you don’t have the right pieces to build it. This tool works perfectly and allows events to be far more creative than before. - PropHr (Prop Health): The final new tool is prop health, which is also very useful in creating removable blockages or structures for the players to destroy. This means players will be more engaged with destroying a target, rather than the EM just using a remover or ship destruction tool on it. This tool is a more credible and in-character way of eliminating a roadblock than it just vanishing instantly when the time is right. Are you aware of how much a Gmod server can take or how unstable Gmod truly is?: I’m fully aware of just how unstable Streamline and Gmod can be. All the props, NPCs, players and effects can culminate into one big, inevitable crash if not handled properly. Some pretty easy ways to identify if an event may be a tad too intensive for the server is moderate to severe framerate drops, high ping spikes, or using the net_graph command to view how the server is handling everything that has been spawned. There are other less controllable stability factors such as the map, streamline dying, or just the game itself. All of these things must be taken into account when creating events, or else you might end up like Andy. Do you understand that you are not allowed to abuse your staff rank's powers outside of events? Provide 3 examples detailing different situations that would be considered abuse: Of course, the abilities we are given are a privilege that can be taken from us at any time if we are not fit to have them. - Using noclip or administrate to listen in to private conversations or accessing restricted areas. - Using tools outside of their intended manner or in a mingey way, such as the Hyperspace and Turbolaser tools or even Textscreens. - Unnecessary phys-gunning, freezing or teleporting. These things should only be done to those that are breaking rules or if a player(s) is straying where they should not be during an event. Do you have any event experience? e.g. played a key character in an event before: Yeah you could say that I have some experience. Alongside making many events, I have been multiple key NPCs in other events and campaigns such as Tactical and BX droids, Civilians of multiple varieties, a Dark Jedi and even “The Beast” from Andy’s campaigns of the same name. On a scale of 1-10, how much lore knowledge do you have? 7 On a scale of 1-10, how familiar are you with ulx commands? 8 Make a comment regarding the recent events on our server and how they have inspired you to become an event master: I left not long before the event server was implemented and now that I have returned and seen the potential that a separate event server brings, I’m much more excited to bring events to life that previously would have been difficult or too laggy. I have also been playing some of Bucks awesome bomb ass events and it made me want to start getting back into it. Do you understand that most events rely mainly on improvisation and mainly nothing goes to plan (ever)? Yep, it’s certainly a pain when a somewhat planned out event starts to wildly deviate and you have to create excuses or solutions on the fly, but it’s all part of the fun and with assistance from other members of staff it’s not too difficult to get the event back on track or even mold it into something new and better than your previous idea. How confident are you in providing briefings, debriefings, and in ensuring you're able to direct players throughout your events? I’m not too bad at coming up with briefings or orders on the spot, as long as I know the outline of what needs to be done then I can fill in the blanks as I go and do my best to convey the objectives and parameters clearly and concisely to the players. I’ve done many briefings over time as EM and CO, so I’m fairly familiar with what to do. An event doesn't go to plan and General Grievous is crushed by an elevator. Players are laughing at you. What do you do? I would definitely find it funny, but I’d rush to make sure the event gets back on track as soon as possible. I would simply teleport whoever is playing Grievous from their spawn location to an area that is not visible to the players and because of the EC menu presets, there is no need to remodel them or re-equip their weapons. I would inform the players via voice_amp that Grievous had escaped through a vent or entry way in the elevator shaft and was still on the loose in the area, then simply teleport Grievous somewhere that would allow the event to continue as normal. A user is bad mouthing your events. How do you react? Criticism and feedback are an essential part of an EMs role, even if it’s unnecessarily hostile there are possibly some valid criticisms being put forward. If the bad mouthing is too extreme, I would inform a moderator or admin to deal with the player and sort out their intentions however I might try and get a more reasonable and calm explanation from the player after the event, to try and shape my events to be better and have less potential for frustration. You have to go AFK in the middle of an event you are running and there are no backups available. What should you have done to avoid this? Before the event began I would make sure that other staff members would be present, possibly even asking them for assistance with the event if I find it necessary. If I have to go AFK I would try to quickly explain a basic outline of what needs to be done to any staff in the event available to help and would have to rely on them to handle some enemy spawns and basic steering of the event to slow the players down until I return. Players and a few staff members are complaining about the amount of lag they're dealing with during your event. How do you resolve this? Removing as many unnecessary props as possible would be a good start, as well as deleting drop pods, NPC corpses or even entities, vehicles and side objectives if really needed. The best way to avoid lag is to have it in mind when creating the event in the first place, not as a last minute afterthought. Keeping props to a limit depending on the stability of the map or the expected player amount should reduce lag from the very beginning. Some maps however are notoriously laggy even with few props, so I’d try to make it as bearable as possible and keep the event entertaining despite the issues. To conclude your app. you are required to create and design your own event. This includes planets, maps and stage actions. Include lots of detail in your event design. You are required to involve PassiveRP elements. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ET4kuVdROHT2YnUVWdbBxpHDoa7U1ZJO-jnVKO96x_c/edit?usp=sharing
  9. Well Mr. Buck, it seems you've definitely earned your award for Minge of the Year 2019. I'll miss all the dumb shit and our hardcore 1am mingeing sessions, you contributed a damn lot to the server in terms of content, documents, knowledge and laughs and it's a shame to see it end so abruptly. I don't think ARC or the server will be the same without you man, so I look forward to your return in the future. Let's hope you come back just as mingey as when you left.
  10. I like flavour combinations and sweet and savoury is a pretty common and tasty one, don't really know why it gets so much hate.
  11. I'm more than familiar with you Wisdom, so I feel I should give my opinion on this application. The application unfortunately isn't great and definitely needs significant improvement, there are a few grammatical errors, your formatting is quite bland and difficult to read in full, such as this question: Rather than laying this question out like a list of 3 tools, you made it one large unintelligible sentence with barely any punctuation or detail which is very confusing to read, you also couldn't even name the Ship Destruction tool, showing that you didn't even take the time to go in-game and check the tools name before posting this application which is either laziness, forgetfulness or apathy, all of which are not desirable on the EM team. There are many more questions in your application that have the same issues, so I would strongly suggest taking time to completely re-edit this application and correct the issues that were put forward to you. I would comment on things I know about your in-game behaviour from our time in the 501st and up to now, but I don't think I can reliably give any solid examples of negative behaviour aside from the occasional mingey moment or bad attitude. Until your application is looking better and you show you're willing to put some more effort into it, i'll give a Neutral.
  12. Applications will close this Sunday 24/11, if you want to put in an expression of interest, do so as soon as possible.
  13. Hello, After deliberation on Blaze's part, he has chosen to step away from the position of 7th Sky CO in ~2 weeks time. As there is no-one currently in 7th Sky that can effectively take over the position, the decision instead was to put it to an expression of interest. This EOI will hopefully result in a determined and sensible individual taking over as CO for 7th Sky Corps. Summary of the role: As the commanding officer of the the 7th Sky Corps, you would have leadership over an infantry regiment with several available sub-companies, meaning your troopers would need to be well trained to survive front line combat. Additionally, 7th Sky is one of the 3 Gateway starter regiments, meaning one of your responsibilities would be to bring in newer and less skilled players and train them up, teach them fundamentals of SWRP and most importantly provide them with a fun and inviting Gateway experience. Application Prerequisites 1. You must hold the rank of Drill Sergeant or higher, OR have held the rank of 2nd Lieutenant or higher in the past. 2. A minimum of 75 hours of playtime on the server. 3. Not have any more than 5 outstanding warnings from Server Staff. If you meet these requirements, please comment on this post with the following format: In-game name: (e.g; 8957 Charger) In-game Rank: (e.g; Lieutenant (LT)). Steam Link & ID: (STEAM:0_0:00000) Why you want the role & what makes you the best candidate: (I want it for these reasons, I will be viable for these reasons, etc.) Everyone who applies will be contacted by RHC once applications close, please keep an eye out for any DMs from us. Make sure your application is detailed, good luck.
  14. Application is solid with good detail that covers the important stuff, but I can offer up some advice: I understand that you're pointing out that you have recent EC experience with characters important to a event, but obviously as I can say, the Geonosian Leader wasn't supposed to do a whole lot other than get captured and maybe do some passive RP so how you've explained it isn't really a selling point. To improve what you've written, you should add what that role entailed and how you made it into a more interesting character than I had initially designed. You came up with the idea to speak in Geonosian for extra RP and also provide extensive passive RP to the people capturing and escorting you, which was all due to your own effort. I think you making a character more interesting completely on your own (and you asked permission too) is definitely a good sign of someone who can help others do the same in your own events. I'm quite familiar with your personality and how you react to situations Sharky and what you've written above certainly sounds accurate, but I have a good feeling you'll try your hardest to persevere in any situation you find yourself in, as you always have in 501st. Being an EM can definitely be nerve-wracking, you have a lot of people to please and sometimes running an event that goes off the rails can be very overwhelming, but just like being a CO, once you find your feet and get more experience, things become a lot more simple. --------------------- As for your event, the fact you went the extra mile to grab IDs for weapons and models means you'll likely be able to have kits and models ready in your head and can easily set them up once the event begins. The option of having multiple pathways for an event is also ideal and will often come naturally during events with HVTs, so i'm sure there won't be any problems with that. A majority of the criticisms I have are just parroting Coric, so I won't bother re-typing them lol, but overall you have a good plan laid out and it'd be up to you and your ECs to have it play out as closely to the plan as you can. Small nitpicks here and there, but no downsides that are too important that you haven't already fixed/edited yourself. You've taken all the criticism given to you and immediately applied it to the application, not to mention how you do the same in game with the 501st and your leadership. A good application and a good outlook for what's to come from you Big +1 man, good luck.
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