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  1. (( Editing this comment as I just had a check on the info for myself. )) Seems like you had a ban previous to this one you're appealing that involved some similar issues, obviously you continued said issues shortly after your initial two week ban and then received the perm. It's been a good ~7 months since your last unban request was denied so it's not impossible that you've "grown" since then, but you used the exact same phrase in your other post from September last year so it's hard to say if it's actually the truth. We're a community of second chances and I think it's been long enough that you deserve another try, but keep in mind that if unbanned, you'll be watched closely upon your return and punished severely should you continue the behaviour that got you banned in the first place. +1
  2. CWRP Base Map Rotation for May 2021
  3. Cryo


    Just gonna step in here with my giant head EM ego and give some responses that you didn't ask for on a couple of points you made lol @Aldis I appreciate that you gave reasons as to why you actually prefer the system, but unfortunately you're in the minority here. A vote was taken amongst COs on which system we should use to give the best experience for the players while also maintaining an appealing player base (I'll get back to this) and the system we're currently using - 2 mains and an optional event server 6:30 - was the accepted method of doing things and it's currently working pretty well. The reason we actually decided to scrap the booked event server events was a result of discussions between senior staff regarding the waning population of the server during event times. Due to large amounts of players moving over to a different server three times a day, there were very few people actually playing on main which severely diminished the amount of RP happening, frequency and length of trainings as well as showing a bad main server population for long stretches of time, which dissuades new players to join and stay on the server. We decided to go back to the 'old reliable' system of main server events which, although sacrificing frames/ping during events, significantly increased the viewable playercount on the server select screen as well as having the upside of more people actually sticking around after an event to take part in RP, trainings, patrols, etc. Tl;dr the change was implemented to stabilize the player population during active hours and encourage more RP/arranged regimental exercises, drawing in newer players and encouraging regular players to stick around. This was the intended effect for the health of the server and it's definitely working. No idea what this actually is, must have been during the few months I wasn't playing the server. I'd be more than happy to discuss this in DMs or something as it's something I could definitely consider bringing back if you're convincing enough As for all the stuff you said here regarding Jedi and shit, I'd strongly recommend you speak to someone like @SOUL or maybe @Railgun, as Soul has close connections to Jedi and both of them are often looking for ways to make unique ideas, not just for Jedi but in general. I'm sure they'd appreciate getting some feedback on improvements that could potentially be made or some new concepts to include in an event. Alternatively, you could just apply for EM and implement these very epic ideas yourself :^) just sayin
  4. User Will Undergo a Trial PeriodPlease contact @SOUL to start your trial period
  5. Hey Falcon, The application is good and you exhibit a decently informed understanding of how an EM operates and the tools at their disposal, issues they could face, etc. I'm glad you decided to make an app, you definitely have potential and I think you would perform well in the role with some practice and training, but I do have some small things to note that could be improved or elaborated on: Your event idea is very short and simple, which is not necessarily a bad thing by default, but it doesn't do much to show people the range of your creativity and capabilities as an EM. I've always considered the purpose of the event idea not as something that actually needs to be performed during your trial phase, but rather have it showcase your imagination and what kind of unique and fun concepts and events you can bring to the table. (The event idea does still need to be somewhat achievable by an EM and a player, you can't just say something like 'I then spawn six thousand droids around the clones and send 15 ECs in tanks at them') I think it'd be ideal if you go back to your event idea and either create a new one that showcases all of the stuff I mentioned previously, or take the one you already have and build upon it, look for ways to stretch it out or add in new and more interesting combat, RP, etc. Have a look at @Railgun's old event idea document for inspiration, yours doesn't have to be ANYWHERE near as long, but his idea concepts are interesting and unique, are fleshed out with plenty of detail and show us the range of his creativity. Another thing I'll mention quickly is that I'd like to see you sticking your hand up to become an EC a bit more before we go over your app in the EM meeting. I know you already have a bit of experience as an EC with different EMs and that reflects in your applications answers, but it shows good initiative when you volunteer and it will allow you to get an even better understanding of how we run things behind the scenes if you pay close attention during different EMs setup and execution. You're not even in the EC discord which is a shame, I'll send you a link in DMs later today. The final thing I'll mention in this already very long response lol is I want to make sure that you will be committed to this role for at least a couple of months or so. You left the 501st CO position a while back due to school and other IRL commitments, so I want to be sure that the same thing won't happen if you get into the EM team. You can quit the trial phase at any time of course and that's no problem, but if you decide to dip while only a month in, that can be a big pain in the ass for me and the team as a whole, so if you could assure me that you intend on trying to stick around for a decent bit, then I'd feel a bit less apprehensive about potentially accepting the application in future. I look forward to seeing how you respond and act to the criticisms I've put forward (if at all :p) and I definitely look forward to hopefully having you as part of the team in the future. Good luck with the app Falcon :)))
  6. Love how you redact the word genocide and then just say it one sentence later you dumbass lmao
  7. Smell ya later Gaz, thanks for everything I promise I’ll be a bigger minge than you ever were
  8. Hey mate, I won't parrot what Aldis said, but I do agree with his criticisms and they should definitely be amended if you want your application to be taken seriously. The main issue I'm seeing is that we have a lot of very promising and well known applicants for mod already who have had their apps sitting around for quite a while and yours just really doesn't stack up in comparison. This shouldn't dissuade you from throwing your hat in the ring of course and it's admirable that you've done so, but with only 30 hours on the server you really haven't had enough time to make a name for yourself or fully familiarize yourself with the server or how it runs. As for this, I find it a bit hard to believe, but I appreciate the optimism lol. Your low hours and only having ever reached SSGT makes me estimate maybe a 2-3 on the known scale at max, also I only became aware of you literally today when I found you wandering around near a training. I think it's in your best interest to maybe wait a while, get yourself out there and your hours up, then maybe try and make another app down the line. Regardless, good luck.
  9. You've very clearly gone to a quite significant effort to make sure that this application is well thought out, written and detailed. Looking at your event idea document alone it's clear you have a lot of good ideas and a good understanding of how events are structured and run. I don't think anyone would be able to fault you on your effort and dedication. A quick note on some of your ideas though: Although these are interesting and very creative, they have nothing to do with Star Wars and are not grounded in any kind of lore or reality. Some people might enjoy these kinds of silly events, but a lot of the more RP focused players would likely despise them and make a fuss about it. I'd suggest keeping these kinds of ideas tucked away until something like April Fools or another holiday, as that's usually where we can be a bit more out there with the event concepts. Alternatively, you could maybe try and add some kind of aspect that grounds them, such as gas-induced hallucinations, some kind of sith influence/mind trick, etc. Additionally, this is WAY too many ECs. Even for a seasoned EM, you could not feasibly handle this many people on your own. Not to mention that most events only get like 20-30 players on average. Obviously I could sit here all day and pick your document apart considering it's length and your inexperience, but the event document is just examples so I'll leave it at that, rest assured you'll learn the do's and do not's when you get to your trial period. Aside from the minor criticisms, all of your proper event ideas are actually excellent, well structured, thoroughly thought out and planned with a lot of fun concepts. You're a friendly and helpful guy to be around on the server and your enthusiasm and work ethic is a very attractive trait for the EM role. I seriously look forward to seeing you get accepted and move into the trial phase soon, good luck with the app +1
  10. Jeez Long, when I said you should make an app I wasn't expecting a fully detailed one less than an hour later. I have to assume you already had one made but just never posted, or if you did actually type it out this quickly then it's pretty damn impressive. On top of that you've received upwards of 20 or more damn +1s since you posted it 2 hours ago, so I think it's safe to say everyone agrees you would make a great addition to the EM team. As for your answers, I appreciate that you decided not to 'lie' and throw in some basic tool knowledge learned last minute or take reference from other applications. Rest assured that how to use the tools effectively will be taught to you, as they are all very simple in reality. Moving on to what you've said here, although it's a unique mindset and could potentially work in the right circumstances, I think you somewhat misunderstand what the event idea on the application is for. You're not necessarily making an event that you need to create and execute, it's instead to show the EMs who will be judging your application the range of your creativity, abilities and understanding of how events should be structured and run. Don't get me wrong, your event idea isn't bad and we've certainly had worse, but it's a bit bland and doesn't do enough to help us understand your thought process. How would the scenarios you mentioned evolve and divert based on players actions? What would your fail-safe be if the HVT is killed? How would you respond to the players spreading too far out for you to consistently spawn enemies for them? Some of these things might have obvious answers, but we need to be sure that you understand what you're getting into and if you have what it takes to improvise in potentially stressful situations. Despite the wall of text, I think you have a great app and show an extreme amount of promise. I look forward to what you come up with if you decide to extend and elaborate on your event idea a bit more and I wish you the best of luck with the application and your eventual trial phase +1
  11. The Defense of Tython "The Jedi home world is under siege!" Campaign Backstory: As the Clone Wars rage on, the importance of the planet Tython has become very clear to both the Republic and the CIS. The Republic and the Jedi seek to control it for its ancient Sith and Jedi knowledge and relation to the Je'dhaii Order. The CIS look to control it to in an attempt to win the war with Sith knowledge and artifacts, while making plenty of money in the process. Taskforce Gateway will be deployed to hold and fortify an Old Republic compound, fight off the CIS and reclaim the planet in the name of the Chancellor. Details: Date: Saturday 30th of January, 2021 Duration: Will begin at 1:30pm AEDT and end at approx 9:30pm. This campaign will be an all-day deployment on the Main Server, with plenty of small ops, CIS attacks and RP, as well as some Event Server Operations. Multiple EMs and staff will be assisting to make sure something is always happening
  12. He's back ladies and gents, was only a matter of time :)))) Big +1 on this one for obvious reasons, incredibly chill and level headed, was always a hard working member of staff and super friendly. You won 'Most Awesome Staff Member 2019' for a reason and I look forward to seeing you back and working alongside you again :^)
  13. Some good work here Storm, but judging from recent previous PAC applications that have been denied I think you need something a bit more substantial. Take Rein's old application for example which includes several custom animations and some intricate bone manipulation and it was still turned down. Although I like your PACs and their originality I'm not so sure they'll get through considering how harsh the expectations are. (Buck's expectations could be different idk) Also not sure if this is even still enforced or if you were just waiting to post them, but don't forget this piece of info from the application template: Provided examples must include its construction within the PAC3 panel found on the left hand side of the PAC3 editor. Examples without said construction displayed will not be considered. Good luck with the app!
  14. Howdy Gecko, I won't parrot what everyone else has said but it's a good app and you're certainly mature and imaginative enough for the role, however one thing I will note is that in the time I have spent with you, I've noticed that you can often let your emotions get the better of you at times (especially under stress) and you do not respond well to confrontation. Obviously some of these things are not necessarily huge parts of being an EM and are more-so issues for a Moderator, but you still need to be ready for these things to happen to you at any time and deal with them accordingly. You also have a tendency to get distracted fairly easily, but only really during times that do not require full concentration, so it likely wouldn't actually be a problem during your trial. Despite all this, I still believe you have what it takes to perform very well in the role, you just have some stuff you need to work on over it's duration. Good luck with the app, I look forward to working with you if you pass +1
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