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  1. Do you have Teamspeak 3 installed? Yes Are you willing to test your stress? Yes What is your age? (Minimum of 14 years of age.) 15 List your current playtime: 1449 Are you willing to learn new ways to approach situations? Yes Do you have any active warns? No. Do you have any problems with any of our current staff members? Yes Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:443418912 Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198847103552/ Current in-game alias/rank: Sergeant A-16 Ace Previous Notable Names/Ranks/Positions Jedi Council Zyrathe Farnax, Colonel Doom, Senior Moderator of 5 months on CW+Old Imperial. How known are you on a scale of 1-10? 7 How will you bring new and creative event ideas to the server?: I'd implement a story arch for my events so it feels like they actually matter and have a purpose. I would do my best to have a story told through my events that players can get behind and would genuinely enjoy getting to the end of, ultimately feeling satisfied with the story itself. I would implement more ways to do passive RP in every single event, with trusted EC's playing civilians who are secret Rebel Spies, Hutt Merchants etc. I would make it so every EC actually enjoys playing as that character and I would build RP Relationships between the characters so that if they die, it actually means something and some people could actually care about them. I would also study up on Legends and Lore to make the events feel real. Have you participated in many of our Events?: I've participated in a ton of events on both Imperial and CW. Are you familiar with Gmod's wide range of NPC tools? (Provide examples): I am, having experience as a S-Mod on both servers for months and an EM at one stage, here are some: NPC HP: Allows the EM to change the HP on the NPC to make it harder or easier for the players. NPC NoTarget: Allowed the EM, EC and other Staff to not target them which in turn makes it easier to run the event. NPC Proficiency: Allows the EM to change the difficulty of the NPC to the highest, in between and lowest in order to change the pace of the event and combine it with NPC HP to give players a real challenge. Name 3 tools that are at an Event Masters disposal within events and leave a small comment detailing each of their uses: Destruction: This tool allows an EM to give the players a feeling of satisfaction by making the ship/tank/vehicle sink upon destruction. Teleporter: Allows an EM to efficiently get the troopers from spawn --> the location of the EM's choosing. Hyperspace (Not sure of the full name): This tool allows an EM to spawn in a ship, giving the players the feeling that the ship is actually coming through Hyperspace rather than just being spawned in, which in turn allows for a more immersive experience for all involved, including the EM. Are you aware of how much a Gmod server can take or how unstable Gmod truly is?: I am. Playing this server and other for years has shown me just how unstable this game really can be. All it takes sometimes is 90 people being on and there are just 3 too many NPC's that ruin the whole thing. Do you understand that you are not allowed to use your staff rank's powers outside of events? Provide 3 examples detailing different situations that would be considered abuse: I fully understand this. 3 Examples of abusing your power as an EM would be: Administrating around the ship/base in order to get from Point A to Point B much faster than a User would be able to. Physgunning other players and freezing them for no reason other than to just be power hungry to Users. Spawning in vehicles for yourself for no RP reason, also spawning in weapons to give yourself an advantage over other players in an event. Do you have any event experience? e.g. played a key character in an event before: I've been a backup EM when I was staff last year, running multiple events with trusted EM's. I've also played as: General Grevious Savage Oppress Asajj Ventress CIS Spy Jedi Master(s) On a scale of 1-10, how much knowledge of the Imperial Era do you have? 6 On a scale of 1-10, how familiar are you with ulx commands? 8 Make a comment regarding the recent events on our server and how they have inspired you to become an event master: I think the recent events have been quite good, mainly ones where we have little side objectives to make the event feel realer. They've inspired me to become an EM just by seeing the potential they have to go further and further in terms of RP. I think with the events we have now, adding on what I said before with the additional Passive RP and story with the events I think they could be genuinely great. Do you understand that most events rely mainly on improvisation and mainly nothing goes to plan (ever)? I understand this completely as I went through this myself when I was a T-EM when I joined the server and also as a Backup EM as a Mod/S-Mod and the events regularly went backwards due to players and EC's (sometimes) not complying with what was said to do. I'm also up for the challenge of it going wrong and using improvisation which in some situations makes the events better. How confident are you in providing briefings, debriefings, and in ensuring you're able to direct players throughout your events? I'm much more comfortable and confident than I used to be with providing briefings before and after the mission. I'm more than happy to use the Voice AMP and comms to communicate with the players to ensure everything is going well. My mic is quiet in game sometimes which could be a problem but with voice amp it will be fine. An event doesn't go to plan and Kanan Jarrus is crushed by an elevator. Players are laughing at you. What do you do? I'd tell the person playing Kanan to respawn and I'd !bring Kanan nearby and set him up again while telling him to not move. I'd then spawn a couple waves of Rebels to distract them from the accident. I'd then say in comms/voice amp "Kanan is getting away to the east! There was a vent he escaped through in the elevator, go get him before he escapes!" A user is bad mouthing your events. How do you react? If the user was just being ignorant and abusing me in OOC I'd ask if the staff could deal with them if it persists. But if the user is just airing their complaints about the event I would !p the user(s) and ask what specifically the problem is and then do my best to fix it to make the event more enjoyable for everyone. You have to go AFK in the middle of an event you are running and there are no backups available. What should you have done to avoid this? Before booking my event I would tell everyone IRL that I'm not available for a 30 - 60 minute (ish) period and to not talk to me for that period. Planning your schedule for an event is one of the more important parts of being an Event Master and it should be priority. In the situation that you literally HAVE to go AFK, I would DM fellow EMs/Staff to take over for the period I'm away, I would also spawn a wave of NPC's or get some EC's to distract them while away. Players and a few staff members are complaining about the amount of lag they're dealing with during your event. How do you resolve this? I would do the following: Every 2 minutes, !clearragdolls and !cleardecals. Clearing dropships, props, dupes etc as they become needless as players clear through the map. Try to spawn less NPCs and use more ECs, make sure that you're constantly aware of how many players are on and try to set the ratio of players and NPCs. Clearing vehicles that players use if it is making it too laggy. To conclude your app. you are required to create and design your own event. This includes planets, maps and stage actions. Include lots of detail in your event design. You are required to involve PassiveRP elements. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1aCdqBjZrH7fIFqjdf8EfhueEfWWVM7_y13ILEqAg9cs/edit EDIT: Document link may be broken I apologise if it is. Thank you for reading!
  2. /--------------------------------------------\ \\ Accessing Imperial Database //  \\ Please insert Login Details // \\ User: user | Password: ****** //  \\ Access Granted // \\ Welcome user // \\ Search ID: S-16 //  \\ S-16 Alias ‘Ace’ found; granting access. // \\ Accessing files // \--------------------------------------------/ GENERAL INFORMATION S-16 ‘Ace’ Was recently recruited into SCAR Battalion along with S-15 ‘Joe’, S-18 ‘Phoenix' and S-17 ‘Rocker’. He was recruited by S-07 ‘Alluh’ and S-13 ‘Swift’. He is primarily skilled in climbswep but is knowledgeable in grappling, his weakness is in his breaching. Full Name: SCAR-16 Known Alias’/Nicknames: Ace Previous Occupation: SCAR Trainee. Current Occupation: SCAR Medical Trooper In Training. Known Languages: Galactic Basic and Jawanese. Hobbies: He enjoys spending time practicing hand-to-hand combat. Alignment: Neutral PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Mostly Stable. Mental Disabilities: IED. Likes: His guns and grapple hook, fellow Scar. Dislikes: Inquisitors. PHYSICAL INFORMATION/DISABILITIES Physical State: Healthy. Age: 24. Weight: 91 Kilograms Build: Tall, Bulky. Disabilities: Missing Pinky Finger On His Right Hand. RELATIONSHIPS Dead| Death Wish | Hatred || Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Best Friend | Indifferent COMPNOR SCAR Troopers S-16 feels accepted with his fellow SCAR members. Untrusted All regiments besides SCAR. Bounty Hunters S-16 has a hatred for BH’s, seeing as when he was 7, they killed his dear friend Bendara Shoog. Inquisitors S-16 believes all Force Users are worthless.
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  4. Yeah so basically I’m done, I have been for about a month and a half. Legit no motivation to play or anything, so imma be gone. I’ll be back for arc screenings (maybe) but after that I’m just done. It’s been a fun ride my gamers but I came to the realisation that there’s no point playing right now. I don’t think that this’ll be the last time I’m seen on gateway, but it will be the last time for a while. Not doing shoutouts but if we were friends you know who you are and what you did for me. Just a quick thanks to the staff team for being epic. Love you gamers, even the ones that I banned and warned. Also yeah there’s my face reveal 61476851014__582D2847-9762-4BE1-A44F-CCF6C6E39639.MOV
  5. He could stop others from leaving, but not himself.
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  7. "Yea sure man no problem"
  8. Signing In: Access Granted. Welcome. GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: Chebakka Choogra. Known Alias’/Nicknames: Bakka. Previous Occupation: Ewok Hunter. Current Occupation: Jedi Order. Known Languages: Ewokese, Galactic Basic. He dabbles in learning new languages, like Jawanese and Mando'a, although he isn't great at either of them. He mainly sticks with using his native tongue, or Basic. Hobbies: Hunting, growing berries, climbing trees. Alignment: The Republic. Gender: Male. Activity: Extremely active within the Jedi Order. Always taking on assignments. PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Stable. Mental Disabilities: None. Likes: Nature, hunting. Eating fruit and growing berries. He enjoys climbing trees, looking at the great wonders of nature, taking it all in from up above. Dislikes: Seeing people destroy nature, armour. Fire and heat. Personality: Chebakka is an optimist, always looking for the best outcome. He is a happy Ewok for the majority of the time. PHYSICAL INFORMATION Physical State: Strong, durable. Age: 17. Weight: 98kg. Build: Muscular, slightly tubby. Disabilities: Burns all down his right leg. Appearance: Slightly taller than the average Ewok, he dons a brown robe, his fur is White and Black. He has a cane. JEDI INFORMATION Rank: Padawan. Master/Mentor: His previous Master, Serra Keto. His current Master, Cin Drallig. His mentors were Pandakka and Chebeek. Lightsaber details: A Haysian smelted hilt, with a mullinine outlier and a shimmering green blade to go along with it. Combat style: His main forms were Shii Cho, Makashi and is learning more. He tries to fight more defensively. BACKSTORY Before The Jedi: The Ewok known as Chebakka was born in the year 37 BBY. He was born into the Choogra family, known as a family of great hunters and foragers. When Chebakka was at the age of 4, his Father, with the name of Chonnakka, taught him how to hunt. Chebbaka picked this talent up immediately, being well known by the age of 5 throughout the tribes as one of the most gifted hunters they'd ever seen. During the years of 32 BBY - 29 BBY, Chebakka decided to branch out of the clan. The reason for leaving was because he realised that he was Force Sensitive. The day of this revelation he was out hunting with his Father. The 2 Ewoks headed West. They found a pack of large Bark Lizards, Chebekka pointed it out to his father. They climbed on the large tree that was hosted by the Redwood Forest. Just as Choogra threw his spear, marked with the Choogra clan signature, his father lost his footing. Chebakka's spear and his father were near each other, both of them falling from the top of the tree. The spear was 2 inches away from piercing his father's chest. Chebakka let out a roar, which repulsed the spear, sending it flying East. His father managed to get his own spear latched into the tree that he just fell off, saving him from a violent death.Chebakka decided to not speak up about what just happened, but his Father insisted. Chonnakka wasn't angry or disappointed with his son, he instead showed Chebakka how to control it. You see, Chonnakka himself was Force sensitive, however no one, not even his own wife, knew about it. After showing Chebakka how to lift things with the Force, like small Bark Lizards, they decided to head back home, which was west. When they could see the village in sight, they started running faster back. Chebakka said to his father "Teeha deej." Which means in his native tongue, thank you father. One of the clan elders greeted the father and son as they walked back into the village, seeing the other Ewoks looking sad. Chebakka asked the elder why everyone was sad, which the elder replied to by saying "Over there." As he pointed North-East. Chebakka saw a spear standing up in the distance, as he walked over to it. As he got closer to it he noticed White fur on the floor next to the spear. The only person in the whole tribe with White fur was his mother, Chidakka. Chebakka thought to himself "Please don't let it be my mother" But that was false hope. Chebakka saw his mother laying on the ground, with the spear through her chest. Chebakka tried to speak to her, but she was already gone. He asked the elder and the other Ewoks what had happened, they responded by pointing to the handle of the spear. Chebakka looked at the handle, feeling a pain in his chest instantly. It had the markings of their clan, which only Chebakka had. He realised quickly what had happened. When he repulsed the spear to save his father, the spear got sent flying towards their village. Chidakka was picking berries up, she was planning to make dessert with these berries when she got hit by the spear. Chebakka's father tried to calm him down, but Chebakka ran off in a fury at what he had inadvertently done to his mother. Chebakka spent the next year of his life, until his 9th birthday, on his own. He kept up with hunting and planting berries in honour of his mother. The Ewok felt great grief at what happened for his mother, but he knew there wasn't anything he could've done to stop it. Instead of being hateful and sad about it, he decided to move on with his life. It's all he could do. He decided he would head back to his village and talk to the other Ewoks again after a year. Since it was his birthday, he thought that this would be the perfect time to meet with his tribe again.When Chebakka arrived at the village however, he saw nothing but death. He looked around the village, seeing smoke everywhere. Eventually he climbed up high on a tree, looking down to see what had happened. It was there that he saw clone armour, standing over the wounded. They were executing every single Ewok in sight. As Chebakka was about to attack, they took off their helmets. They weren't clone troopers, they were Trandoshans disguised as clones. Chebakka's village had good relations with a squad of clone troopers, so the droids were able to easily get into the village and slaughter the Ewoks. Chebakka decided to not attack, as that would mean certain death, seeing as there was 38 BX droids. Chebakka decided instead to look for a ship. He eventually found the glint of the ship reflecting from the sunlight. He didn't know how to fly a ship obviously, so when he got into the ship, he forced the Trando pilot to fly them to Tatooine. Upon arrival at Tatooine the Trando was killed by the gang of Bounty Hunters. As Chebakka hopped off the ship, he was immediately blindfolded and knocked unconscious by the gang. He was taken hostage by the gang, being held for weeks. They quickly realised he was Force Sensitive because of the fact that he force pushed the new recruit into a wall, putting him out of commission. They tortured the Ewok with vibroblades, slicing into his skin, leaving him feeling beat down. The last punishment that they had for him was by far the worst. The Bounty Hunter gang decided that there would be no way to break the Ewok for good, except for fire. The gang got a flamethrower and Sandfly spray. They burnt the Ewok's right leg, leaving a permanent scar. After this torture they knew that Chebakka wasn't himself anymore. They decided that their time would be better spent selling him to the highest bidder. The gang got a communications message from their leader, telling them to send a message to the Jedi. It read; "Tell the Jedi you've got a Force Sensitive child, they'll take him in for a good price. Imagine the legend of our clan when they learn that we captured a Force Sensitive and killed 2 other Jedi all while getting paid." And so they listened to their leader, selling the Ewok to the Jedi for 15000 credits. The Jedi Council sent down 2 Jedi, landing in the main town. The Bounty Hunters eventually let the Ewok go, but not without attempting one final evil action. They attempted to shoot the gas tanks above the Jedi, trying to kill them all. The Jedi Master, Cin Drallig, blocked the Blaster bolts, then ordering the Knight, Serra Keto, to rush the gang. She quickly dispersed of the Bounty Hunters. Although Chebakka was emotionally scarred from the torture he took, he appreciated the Jedi protecting him. He said to them "X'iutha teeha" Which means I thank you. Cin Drallig and Serra Keto offered out a handshake to the Ewok, although Chebakka was confused at the action, he took their hands. Cin said to the translator droid "Tell him this: I know you're scared, I can sense it. But you don't have to be, we are Jedi. We're only here to help you survive and hone your gifts. If you would like to come with us, you are more than welcome." The droid spoke to Chebakka in his native tongue saying "x'iutha know toma'to scared, x'iutha can sense it. But toma sirut have to be, treek toto jedi. Treek'to yehk thek toto to chyasee toma survive and hone goon daa gifts. If toma would nuv to tyatee with vootok, toma toto shodu than welcome." Although he was more intrigued that a droid was able to speak Ewokese, he let out a big laugh of joy. He said "Yub Nub!" Which translates to Freedom. He boarded the ship and they were off to the planet of Coruscant. Jedi Initiate Life: The year being 26 BBY the war was drawing closer and closer. Master Drallig and his longtime student Serra Keto were ordered to the Council Chambers with the Ewok. As they marched through the halls with Chebakka between them, the Ewok looked all around him, seeing the training sessions of Dueling, Meditation Training, Focus Training and Initiates learning how to use The Force for good. He thought to himself "I want to be like them. I can be the voice of the voiceless that the evil target." Within the next 5 minutes the 2 Jedi and Ewok arrived at the Chamber door, entering. In the room they saw Master Yoda, Master Windu, Master Kenobi and the other members of the Jedi Council were all off on assignment, so they were there in holo-form. After around 25 minutes, the Council decided to take in the Ewok as an Initiate. Chebakka at the time, was turning 11 in 3 months. They had to make him work extra hard to prove himself because of his age, being a lot older than most of the Initiates. His first task was to report to the Initiate Room and put on his new Robe. He spoke up to the Council here however, asking if he would be allowed to wear his own hood like he wore back on Endor. After some consideration, they thought about what he went through on Tatooine and granted his request. When he went to the Initiate Room there was a clean, new brown hood waiting for him. This was possibly the best thing that the Council could've done for him. He was then sent to the Initiate Classroom, where Knight Obi Wan Kenobi was waiting for him to arrive. Kenobi said to the Initiates "You are the future of The Jedi Order. Remember this clearly. Everything you do may have an impact on the future of not just the Jedi, but the Republic as a whole." Chebakka took these words seriously, remembering what happened on his home planet of Endor. The Initiates were then greeted by the Grand Master. He said to them in a soft voice "To Ilum, we will be going. A week to prepare your things, you have. When we arrive, your task I shall tell you." Chebakka spent the next 3 days thinking about what was going to happen on Ilum, but he wasn't scared. If anything, he was excited to see the planet. He had heard so many stories of the planet while listening in on the Jedi Padawans talking about it. He made sure to improve his Galactic Basic too, so he spent the next 7 hours practising the language. On the fourth day, Chebakka met with one of the fellow Jedi in the Library. They were both studying Kyber Crystals, thinking about the possibility of them finding the crystals one day and making their own Lightsabers like the Jedi before them. They spent the next 3 days up until the 7th day training with each other, honing their force ability. The fellow Initiate's name was Cal Kestis. This is where Cal developed the ability Force slow, although he couldn't control it yet. Chebakka didn't gain any abilities of the Force, but he gained something more valuable. Knowledge. He learned how to focus his mind so well that he was able to stay in meditation for hours at a time, not letting anything take him out of it. On the 7th day, the Initiates were called to the Classroom. They were met by Master Drallig and Knight Keto who hadn't seen Chebakka in 2 weeks. Master Eeth Koth and Master Saesee Tiin were there too, the 3 Masters told the Initiates to go and pack their bags and put some warm clothing on, for Ilum is truly unforgiving with the cold weather. The Initiates were told to make their way to the Temple Entrance when they had finished packing and that they should move out immediately. They followed their instructions clearly and without trouble, with Chebakka and Cal moving the quickest and being the first 2 Initiates at the front of the Temple. They were instructed to board the ship and off they went to the cold, snowy planet of Ilum. During the hours it took to get to Ilum, Cal and Chebakka stayed up doing Focus and Meditation training with one another. After 3 hours of practise, they decided some rest would do the both of them good. So they slept for 2 hours, getting some much needed rest. When they awoke they were met by Master Drallig and Knight Keto. They instructed Cal and Chebakka to get their bags and get out of the ship. Upon exiting the ship they saw the other Initiates, waiting impatiently and whining that Cal and Chebakka slept in. This annoyed Chebakka because he was trying his best but to the others it wasn't enough. Knight Keto noticing this, pulled Chebakka to the side and told him clearly "I understand your annoyance, but you must control it. Just be yourself and don't let them win by being angry. I believe in you." Chebakka nodded at Keto, giving her a smile as she walked away. The Initiates then saw Grand Master Yoda walk around the corner, as he told them "Follow me, you shall." And so they did. The 9 Initiates followed the Grand Master and the 3 Masters up the steep hills of Ilum, leaving a trail of their footprints in the near blinding, bright snow. They eventually got to the cliff side, where they had to climb up and reach the doorway to the chambers. Upon reaching the Chambers, Master Yoda spoke these wise words: "A Kyber Crystal, you shall not find. Call out to you, it will. Focus on The Force and find YOU, the crystal will." Chebakka and Cal looked at each other in sync, knowing that they had both prepared themselves with the knowledge of the Kyber Crystals more than any of the other Initiates. Master Drallig spoke firmly, saying; "Move out, focus on the call of the force. You will be fine, as long as you stick in groups of 3. Group 1 will have Myself, Group 2 will have Knight Keto and Group 3 will have Master Yoda." Group 1 was made up of Initiates Renfer Barka, Ash Benkar and Windcast Esinons. Group 2 was made of Cal Kestis, Chebakka and Merrina Blokan. Group 3's members were Initiates Larzey Polin, Greebo Renala and Castesh Brooker. With their assignment given and Knight Keto assigned to them, Cal, Chebakka and Merrina headed off to find their Kyber Crystals. After about an hour of searching through the quiet, white hallways of the cave, Initiate Merrina started growing restless. She ran ahead of the rest of the group, leaving the Initiates and Knight Keto worried for the Initiates life. They searched the whole cave for the Initiate but they were unable to find her. Keto decided it would be best if they just focused on the Kyber Crystals, thinking that Merrina would return soon enough. After another hour, Chebakka felt a pull within himself, he closed his eyes and focused on the Force. It was the Kyber Crystal calling out to him. He knew it down to his core, so he set out for it. While navigating through the cave, he jumped up on a little ledge to find the glimmer of the crystal. He saw it, about 50 feet away, he was excited. The day had finally come, after all of his lessons, he was finally getting his Kyber Crystal. As he hopped off the ledge, he slipped and fell into the pond below. It was freezing, but it didn't hurt when he fell. Unfortunately, this was because he landed on someone. He looked all around him to find what it was he landed on, eventually realising that it was the other Initiate Merrina. He noticed that she had obviously drowned after falling off the same ledge that Chebakka was on. Chebakka looked around her body to find why she wasn't able to move, he eventually saw the bone sticking out of her left leg, it completely snapped on impact. The rock that came off the ledge when she fell trapped her too, plummeting down hitting her back, it knocked her unconscious, drowning her. He knew there was nothing he could do, so he stood up swiftly, looking at Merrina. He said "Bont, cha force shall greh toma." Which means goodbye, the force shall guide you, in Ewokese. He walked over to the other side of the room after covering Merrina's body and picked up his green kyber crystal from the wall. He placed it carefully in his pocket as to not break it. He made his way back through the cave system until he found the entrance, where Cal and Knight Keto were eagerly waiting for him. Cal had already gotten his crystal from the entrance of the cave. Knight Keto noticed the pain on Chebakka's face, asking him what was wrong. It was there he said to her "Merrina drowned. I found her body near my crystal." Keto embraced Chebakka, hugging him. She whispered to him "Don't you dare feel guilt, there was nothing you could have done. Just know she is with the Force now. It will guide her to the better place." He responded with a smile and a thumbs up, appreciating the words from the Knight. 10 minutes after this, Master Yoda walked back into the room, instructing the Initiates to go to a workbench. Master Yoda showed the Initiates how to focus their mind to lift objects and craft things. Chebakka had already worked on this for a week and a half straight, so he had no issue when it came down to crafting his Learner Saber. It looked exactly as the other students ones. The now 8 students had all crafted their Beskar smelted Saber hilts, then putting in their each individual Kyber Crystal. Cal had blue, Larzey had yellow, as did Castesh and Greebo. Renfer, Ash and Windcast all had blue as well. Chebakka was the only one of the 8 students that had a green Kyber Crystal call out to him. The students were all shown how to ignite their blade, but told boldly by Master Drallig to never ignite it unless you have to or are training. After the other Initiates left the room to go back to the ship, Chebakka stayed back and asked if Knight Keto would sit with him for a minute. She listened to his request, staying with him. He asked in a soft and nervous voice if he could engrave his Ewok Clan's symbol into the Hilt. She replied with "Not just yet, wait until you have to make a Lightsaber when you're a Knight. Only then will you know if you're truly ready to carry on the legacy of your clan." He was surprised by the answer, but welcomed it in open arms. He and Knight Keto headed back to the ship and they were on course to go back to Coruscant. When they arrived back on the planet of Coruscant, they were told to head to the Classroom first thing tomorrow morning after getting some much needed rest. When Chebakka woke up the next day, he was greeted by Cal because they were assigned the same room. They both got a communication message at the same time from Master Tapal and Knight Keto respectively, telling them to hurry off to the Classroom. They listened to the their respective message, heading off immediately to the Classroom. They were greeted there by Master Plo Koon, Master Ki Adi Mundi, Master Shaak Ti, Master Eeth Koth, Knight Keto, Master Drallig, Master Secura and Master Jaro Tapal. There were 8 Teachers for 8 students. Master Yoda walked into the room, saying proudly; "Your gathering that was, passed you all have. In order, congratulations are. Unfortunate the situation with Merrina is, but one with The Force, she now is." Master Yoda and Master Windu then assigned the now Padawan Learners their new Masters. Larzey was assigned to Master Secura, Castesh was assigned to Master Eeth Koth, Ash was assigned to Master Mundi, Renfer to Master Plo Koon, Windcast to Master Shaak Ti, Cal to Master Tapal and Chebakka to Knight Keto. And so, the Padawan's had their Masters and were ready to begin their training as Padawan Learners. Jedi Padawan Life: The year of the beginning of the Ewok's Padawan period was 24 BBY. For his first week as a Padawan, Chebakka was focused solely on improving his Lightsaber skills. Although he preferred to not fight, he knew at some point he would have to engage in fights. He almost couldn't have had a better teacher in Serra Keto, seeing as she was one of Cin Drallig's star pupils. She helped him learn how to fight, in his own style. She knew that Chebakka wasn't an aggressive person, so she taught him Makashi, with his own twist on the Form. He would only use this form for Lightsaber to Lightsaber combat, with that being it's most effective usage. However with this Form, he managed to merge it with Shii Cho. He was able to effectively use the merge of the forms to fight on the Defensive optionally. He eventually was able to become highly proficient in this form, using it only when he had to. 2 days after finishing their last class of the week, Knight Keto and Chebakka were talking about The Force, when all of a sudden they both got a direct comms message from the Council to report to the Council Chambers. They rushed to the room as they had never been called urgently like that. Upon arrival, they saw every member of the Council, although half were in Holo form. They were given an assignment to go to the moon of Endor, as there was a report from a surviving Ewok village that there was a Bounty Hunter Gang going around the planet terrorising and killing the Ewoks at will out of spite because Chebakka got out of their clutches those 3 years ago. The Council told Chebakka "Don't let your feelings of Endor and the Ewok's get in the way, it will drag you down and lead you down a one way road of darkness." He complied by saying in his half broken Galactic Basic "No feelings. I promise. I help the Ewoks from evil." The Council then sent them to the Temple Entrance where a ship was waiting for them. They headed off to the Moon of Endor and were on board for 9 hours. When they arrived, all they saw was smoke. Chebakka was able to keep his emotions in check, however not easily. Serra had to calm his feelings down, saying "Remember what you promised the Council." And so he did. They were trekking through the great Redwood Forests of Endor for 3 hours before they saw the carnage. Dead Ewoks everywhere, although they were able to fight back with their spears and slingshots they stood no chance again the Bounty Hunters. After about 29 more minutes, the Jedi found the Bounty Hunters. They were killing the injured, with no remorse. As they got to the last Ewok, they noticed there was something different about this one. It was the Chieftain. They didn't know the difference however, so they shot the Ewok right between the eyes, killing him instantly. The 2 Jedi were half way down the tree they climbed when they saw the Chieftain get killed, landing in sync with his body hitting the floor. Seeing the 10 Bounty Hunters, they were outnumbered but they stood their ground. With Serra deflecting the blaster bolts, while Chebakka force pulled their Jetpacks off them, blowing them up in the pits. With the Bounty Hunters now unable to fly, they were at a serious disadvantage. The Bounty Hunters were able to shoot Chebakka in his leg, but he kept fighting. Serra killed 6 of them, Chebakka killing 2. Although it wasn't how they wanted to handle it, they had no choice. Now that there was only 2 left, they attempted to retreat, but they were killed. However it wasn't by Chebakka or Serra. The 2 Jedi saw 3 injured Ewoks come out from the bushes, decapitating the Bounty Hunters. The 3 Ewoks were seriously injured and succumbed to their wounds immediately after killing the Bounty Hunters that destroyed their world. There were no survivors, but the mission wasn't a total failure. They managed to get the comms link off a Bounty Hunters body. They saw the Orders came from a man named Bossk. They had no knowledge on the man nor did they know what he looked like. With nothing else left to do on the planet, they headed to their ship and went back to Coruscant. When they arrived back on Coruscant they gave the mission report to the Council, with them not being disappointed at the outcome. Master Yoda said "Your best, I know you tried. Some rest you need, back to your chambers you must." They listened heading back to their chambers, resting for 9 hours each. When the Teacher and Student awoke they immediately got to work, deciding that they would spend the next 2 years with each other only. During these years, they gained a deep connection with one another, gaining respect and trust for both of them. Chebakka during this period of 24 months was able to completely master his Lightsaber form. He was now confident he would be able to defend himself and others in combat. During this time, Chebakka may have been the student of Serra, but he helped her with her connection to The Force. He helped her be able to focus her mind to the point where the only one that could snap her out of it was himself. As the last month of the 23 BBY drew, they went back to Coruscant after spending 2 years on the desolate planet of Bogano. It took them a month to get back to Coruscant from Bogano because their ship kept breaking down and they had to stop many times along the way as a result. The year now being 22 BBY, When they arrived back, they were met by the Jedi Council. They were told to clean themselves up, prepare their bags and have a big meal. Master Windu told them clearly "You are to head to Kamino. The coordinates will be on your ship, you are to depart in 2 hours. I'd start moving if I were you." The Knight and Padawan didn't question the orders, being rather happy that they'd actually see another planet besides Bogano and Coruscant. They immediately cleaned up, had their meals and packed to head off to the planet of Kamino. During their venture to the planet, the student and teacher spoke to each other about why they were being sent to this planet that neither of them had heard of. They were both confused by the order of Windu but thought it was important if they were being assigned there by the Council directly. Upon arrival after their 5 hour venture they saw the large, skinny Kaminoans waiting for them. They greeted the 2 Jedi, welcoming them inside the facility out of the rain. The Kaminoans were welcoming and friendly to the Jedi as expected, offering them warm clothing. The Jedi asked the Kaminoans "Did Master Windu tell you why we're coming? We're still unaware." The Kaminoan scientist replied with "Yes infact, I do know. Follow me." He instructed the Jedi down the hallways until they reached an elevator. The 3 got in the elevator, going down to the lowest floor in the facility. Upon arriving at the door of the room, the Kaminoan Scientest said "Get ready, you're about to see our ultimate plan." As she opened the door, there were hundreds of children, all in the same outfit, all of them looking the exact same. They had no names, just numbers. They were referred to as Cadets and their sole purpose in life was to assist the Jedi and the Republic in the war. Not many Jedi knew about the clones, but they would within the next month. The Troopers that met with Serra and Chebakka would be the future 481st Legion. The members of the Legion at the time were known as CT-4838, CT-1184, CT-9184, CT-6512, Sergeant 4692 and CC-9030. The troopers were more than happy to meet someone other than the Kaminoans and people that didn't look exactly like them. They were extremely respectful to the 2 Jedi, recognising them as the ones they were meant to help fight the war against the Droid Army.CT-1184 hopped off of his bed, putting the weapon that he was just cleaning down. CT-1184 then said to Knight Keto and Padawan Chebakka "We're ready to fight when you are sirs. We will protect you with our lives and fight alongside you with honour and pr-." CT-6512 interrupted CT-1184, saying "Stop being a suck up, they know we'll fight." The 2 Jedi looked at each other in confusion from the 2 different messages from the clones. Chebakka walked up to CT-1184 saying "Thank you trooper, we appreciate and recognise you." Chebakka then walked over to CT-6512 and said "You should treat your fellow troopers with respect, 6512. As of now you're going to be known as Break. Seeing as you break into other peoples sentences." CT-6512 apologised to both the Jedi and CT-1184, recognising what he said we wrong. Sergeant 4692 then walked up to Knight Keto and Chebakka, giving them both a brisk salute to show respect. Keto replied swiftly saying "At Ease!" 4692 then turned around to the Privates, saying "Salute troopers! These are 2 people that will help end the war! Show some respect!" CT-4838, CT-1184, CT-6512 and CT-9184 all replied to the message with a firm salute, showing respect. CC-9030 "Hinks" Walked out of their bunks, saying to the Jedi "Apologies for my troopers Commanders. They mean well and mean no disrespect. As you can imagine, we're just happy to see something besides the Kaminoans." Chebakka nodded, walking up to Commander Hinks, looking up at the man that was double the size of the Ewok. Chebakka said to the Commander "No apologies necessary Commander. I was the same when I got off Endor, excited to see something other than Bark Lizards and Ewoks." He then smiled at the Commander and his troopers, which they replied to with a thumbs up and a smile of their own. The Kaminoans then told the troopers to get into their armour, get their weapons, food and ammo and follow the Jedi back to their ship. They listened to the order, all of them gearing up into their armour and taking their equipment back to the ship with the Jedi Padawan and Jedi Knight. Chebakka and Serra plotted a course for Coruscant and were off to the planet. During this trip they both spoke to many of the Clones, getting to know each of them. CT-1184 wouldn't come out of their bunks however, so Chebakka went in to check on the trooper. When he walked in, he saw 1184 cleaning his DC-15A blaster. He said to 1184 "We need to get you a name. Since you always seem to be cleaning things, how about Scrubber?" 1184 accepted the new nickname with pride, seeing as he made everything look spic and span. CT-1184 "Scrubber" walked out of the bunks next to Padawan Chebakka, giving him a high five along the way. The 2 had become friends quickly. The Clones and Jedi arrived at Coruscant, with the Jedi asking the Clones to politely stay inside. They said "Yes sir!" and stayed in the ship. Chebakka and Serra hopped out of the ship, being greeted by Master Windu and Master Plo. They yelled out "Come out, Troopers. We know you're in there, it's fine." They listened to the order from the Council Members, jogging infront of them letting of a synchronised salute to the Jedi Generals. Master Plo and Master Windu instructed the Clones to make sure they were ready for their first deployment, the 481st Members all said "Sir Yes Sir!" And went back into the ship. The Council Members then said to Chebakka and Serra "Nice work, you've made friends with them. That will make it easier to lead them in combat and also, you've gained someone that will have your back. Now you just make sure you have their back too. Go back to your craft now, you must plot a course to Venator Class "The Judgement" Go now, you must get there quickly." Chebakka and Serra bowed to Windu and Plo, going back into their ships. They plotted the course for the Judgement. With 5 minutes until the engines were ready, the Jedi told the Clone Troopers to strap into their chairs and prepare for Hyperspace. With the 5 minutes quickly passing, the ship took off with Serra piloting it. When they were in space, Serra yelled out to everyone "Hold on!" And went into Hyperspace. Upon exiting hyperspace and seeing the giant Venator Judgement, Serra instructed Chebakka to contact the Admiral of the ship. Chebakka accessed the communications system, contacting The Judgement. He said "Admiral, this is Padawan Chebakka with Knight Serra Keto with the Jedi Order. General Windu and General Plo instructed us to board your Venator, we are requesting permission to land with 481st Battalion." The Admiral granted them permission and they boarded through the main Hangar, landing. As the Jedi and Clones exited the ship, they were met by Admiral Green, leader of The Judgement. The Admiral said to the 481st "Troopers, to your bunks. Your new armour and weapons will be waiting there for you." "Yes sir!" Said the 481st, letting of a salute to both the Admiral and the Jedi. Admiral Green then said to the Jedi "Padawan, General. You are wanted in the Bridge by the request of General Eeth Koth." Serra and Chebakka nodded, heading to the bridge immediately. They gave their ID's to the Security Droid at the front of the room, heading through to where they met with General Koth. General Koth said to Padawan Chebakka "You've done well, young Padawan. Remember that for this mission." Admiral Green then appeared on General Koth's Holotable, saying "Padawan, General. You and 481st are both needed urgently on Mon Cala. There is a droid invasion and you shall fight them alongside General Secura, Padawan Larzey, General Skywalker, Commander Tano and the 501st!" Chebakka and Serra both nodded at the Admiral, saying that they understand and shall depart immediately. The master and student bowed to General Koth, as he bowed back. The Jedi went down to the 481st bunks where they were eating rations and talking. Padawan Chebakka said to "Scrubber" Enough scrubbing for now Trooper, we need to go to Mon Cala. It's time for our first battle as a Unit. Lets go now! The unit of the 481st, Chebakka and Serra all boarded their ship, preparing for Hyperspace. The ship exited from The Judgement's main hangar, plotting the course for Mon Cala and launching into Hyperspace. During the time in Hyperspace, Chebakka called all of the troopers to the Rec room. He had set up a temporary stage to stand on and seats for the troopers to sit on. The 481st went to the Rec room where Chebakka was waiting for them, telling them to please sit down. They listened to the order from Padawan Chebakka, who began his speech. He said to the Clone Troopers "You may just be Clones, as I heard some of your brother say down on Kamino. But know this, to myself and Master Keto, you are more than that. You are our friends, you are our family. As of now, you are our brothers. Now, let's go down to Mon Cala and knock some sense into those Clankers!" The Clones stood up, now with faith in the Jedi, especially Chebakka. He let off a thumbs up to the Clones, which they quickly returned. Their ship exited Hyperspace, seeing General Secura's Venator on the opposite side of them. The ships of Secura and Keto departed down to the planet at the same time. Keto's ship landed on the Eastern Side of the planet, with Secura's landing on the Western side. The droid assault was happening in the centre of the planet. The plan that they had come up with was to assault the droids from both sides, sandwiching them and rendezvousing in the Capital of Mon Cala. Both parties with their respective 481st and 327th began the assault of the Droids, wiping out 1 wave at a time. Padawan Larzey was in a ship, which was part of the plan. He was going to bomb the droids, neutralising them so the ground forces could safely advance. The Padawan managed to send one bomb down, stopping 2 full waves of the droids. As he was swooping around for his second strike, the CIS forces turned on their Anti-Air Cannons, shooting at Larzey. He was able to dodge 8 of the strikes, but the ninth took his ship completely out. He was dead as soon as the shot hit his ship. Secura felt this happen, grasping at her stomach feeling the death of her young Padawan. She knew she had to keep the battle going, dedicating the decision to fight on in memory of her Padawan. Chebakka's unit was going strong, wiping out the droids at a strong rate. Scrubber yelled out "4838, look out to your right, 95 degrees!" Unfortunately, 4838 had been shot in his right arm earlier by a B2 droid, so he wasn't able to turn around quick enough. Scrubber did his best to save 4838, but was being overwhelmed from his left so there was nothing he could do. 4838 was shot in the chest, going down. Chebakka knelt down by his side, saying "You will be guided by the Force to the better place soldier. You fought really well, just know that." 4838 said to the Ewok "You are the reason I battled sir, because you inspired me to do better." Chebakka wiped away a tear that fell from his eye, saying goodbye to 4838. Commander Hinks yelled to Chebakka "With all due respect sir, this is what we're bred for. No need to mourn us when we fall." Chebakka replied with "Like I told you on the ship, we're brothers now Commander, that means I will mourn you as I mourned my own Clan on Endor." Hinks replied with "Yes sir!" This testament from Chebakka lit a fire in the troopers, driving them over the edge to end the droid army in front of them. The 481st drove through the rest of the forces in front of them with Chebakka and Serra respecting their warrior nature. The 481st regrouped with the forces of General Secura and her 327th. They had finished the droids, thanks to the help of Padawan Larzey who had fallen. General Secura and Knight Keto received a message from Admiral Green to go back to The Judgement, as per orders of the Jedi Council. They made sure that the citizens of Mon Cala were safe before anything else. As soon as the Capital and her citizens were secure, they headed back to The Judgement. Upon arrival, General Secura, Padawan Chebakka, Knight Keto, the 327th and the 481st were greeted by the Admiral, telling them what great work they had done for Mon Cala and the Republic. During his speech, the Jedi received a message from the Council telling them to depart to Coruscant in 10 minutes. As they turned back to Admiral Green, they saw him with 3 Medals of Honour. The Jedi were each awarded one for their bravery, with the Admiral handing General Secura a 2nd one for her fallen Padawan. He also gave an extra one to Chebakka for the fallen trooper, 4838. Chebakka named him Shetai. It means Warrior in Ewokese, which was a great respect from Chebakka. The members of the 481st and 327th were also given awards for their bravery and brilliance on the battlefield. Chebakka and Serra knew that they had to go back to Coruscant immediately, but before they did Chebakka turned around, saying to the troopers of the 481st "Thank you for your work on Mon Cala. It wouldn't have been possible without you, my brothers." He bowed to them as they saluted. Scrubber yelled out "See you sometime soon sir. It was an honour to fight with you and we look forward to doing it again." He and the rest of 481st let off a thumbs up to Chebakka as he had done to them before the battle. They then departed to Coruscant. Knight Keto and Padawan Chebakka reported to the Council Chambers as ordered, being met by Master Yoda and General Windu. Master Yoda said "Brave, you both clearly are. Happy to have you as members of the Order, we are. Resilient you both are, hold onto that you must. Never let it go you shall." Master Windu said "Thank you Master Yoda. Now, let's cut to the chase. You both have done exceptionally well on Mon Cala, saving not just the Capital, but the planet itself from the CIS. You have both been awarded for your bravery from Admiral Green, but we have our own awards." Master Windu handed Knight Keto her old Master's blade, now with her having 2 Lightsabers to fight with. Master Yoda then walked over to Padawan Chebakka, offering him the position to lead the 481st full time, as Commander Chebakka. He politely agreed, taking the deal. Chebakka and Serra then went their separate ways for some time, with Keto taking on a new Padawan as she decided there was nothing more she could do for him except be his friend. The 2 stayed in contact, staying friends over the year. The Council contacted Master Drallig shortly after, asking if he would take on Chebakka as his Padawan as Serra had stepped down from the role. He happily agreed and began teaching Chebakka. RELATIONSHIPS Dead: The Choogra Clan, 4838 "Shetai." and his mother. Death Wish: None. Hatred: Bounty Hunters. Disliked: Trandoshans. Untrusted: None. Indifferent: Kaminoans. Acquaintance: The Jedi. Liked: Cin Drallig, Master Yoda, Admiral Green and Master Koth. Friend: Serra Keto. Best Friend: The 481st Battalion. Thanks for reading if you got this far Hope you enjoyed and sorry if there are spelling mistakes
  9. If we're talking skyrim open world but with Jedi powers and Lightsabers, and you start as some random Force Sensitive with no clue and build your powers up and upgrade stuff while going through the story, then.
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