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  1. Ace

    Passive RP.

    I know you have been doing it for a while, didn't mean that you haven't been. Just trying to encourage it more, if you get me.
  2. Ace

    Passive RP.

    I know what you mean, although I was hinting at more inbetween events
  3. Ace

    Passive RP.

    So, just like the title says, Passive RP. I don't think there's enough of it and I'd like to get your guys' opinion on it. Yesterday I hosted some Passive RP for the Jedi and I got some positive feedback for it. I'm willing and I want to do this everyday for Clones too, I had fun doing it. But yeah anyway if you'd like to see this from me just say Yes or something in the replies.
  4. Quite a detailed application, I've known you since you came back as well. You're a great guy, good leader, funny, all around nice. Good luck man, +1
  5. Decent application, formatted well and easy to read. I've known you since you came back to the server, easy guy to get along with. +1
  6. Ace

    Im sorry

    Graves, the thing that caused the ban was the disrespecting of the server, attempted mass RDM, lying to staff, the list just goes on really.
  7. Sorry b (did you like my bio though)
  8. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to clone database GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: Alpha-36 'Ace' Known Alias’/Nicknames: N/A. Previous Regiments: Unassigned, 41st Elite Corps. Current Regiment: Advanced Recon Commandos. Previous Occupation: ARC Trainee, Sniper. Current Occupation: Advanced Recon Commando Medic; Airborne Medic. Known Languages: Galactic Basic, Droidspeak and currently learning Mando'a. Hobbies: Playing Pazaak, Updating His Jetpack and Regular Checkups On Himself and His Brothers. Alignment: The Republic. PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Sane. Mental Disabilities: [REDACTED] Likes (optional): His Brothers of Alpha ARC, Some other Medics, His Carved Bacta Injector. Dislikes (optional): Crashing Noises, Vulture Droids, BARC Speeders and Unassigned Troopers. PHYSICAL INFORMATION/DISABILITIES Physical State: Fit. Age: 10. Weight: 124.98 KG. Build: Tall, Well Rounded. Disabilities: [REDACTED] Backstory. For the duration of his ARC Traineeship, he felt bullied. He knew it was nothing personal, but that didn't change his feelings towards some of the ARC Troopers. On a night like most, A-36 - or R-92 as he was called in the Traineeship was pushing around a large, metal barrel. The ARC were yelling out horrible things, calling him disgusting names. It didn't really affect him anymore though, he was used to it. But there was something that a particular ARC Trooper yelled out that set him off; "How's 3761 going these days?" Trooper 3761 was R-92's best friend during their time as Cadets. They did everything together, they trained together, practised medical routines, they were inseparable. The night before they were going to become Clone Troopers of the Republic Army, the two of them managed to sneak out of the resting facilities to train in areas they could improve on. As they were packing up the session, R-92 heard a strange beeping and saw a green flashing light, 3761 ran over to it, picking it up. It was nothing more than a training droid that was shot. However, they weren't meant to be shot. Before they knew what was happening, 3761 was shot. Directly in the face with the bullet entering from the eye socket, through the back of the head. R-92 had medical training, however he knew that his best friend was gone. He looked for the shooter, with tears in his eyes. It was a storm that night, so he couldn't see anything. Except for the smirk of the Bounty Hunter named Zam Wesell. He always remembered that face, but he could never track her down. Going back now to the Traineeship of ARC, R-92 turned around, seeing it was Alpha-88 Bozak that said it. All he wanted to do in that moment was punch Bozak in the face, but he knew if he did it would've been the end of the Traineeship and probably his life. So instead, he turned back to the metal barrel, punching it, dislocating 2 fingers. He was laughed at by everyone except for his fellow teammates, designated as Red Team and A-06 Russ. He went to R-92 and bandaged his fingers up, saying he'd be alright and to not give up. The training ended, they went to the resting quarters. R-92 was in his bunk, seeing Bozak resting. He noticed Bozak's knife was left out to try and went over to it, picking it up. He gripped the knife, pacing over to Bozak as he slept. 92 raised the knife up high, going to stab Bozak, but was stopped by Russ. Russ knew exactly why 92 tried to do it, so he said nothing to Commander Blitz. Russ and 92 spoke that night, with 92 realising that he almost killed a brother. Russ and 92 gained a slight friendship that night. The next day was when they found out if they made it into ARC, with all Trainee's passing, 92 - now designated as Alpha-36, was truly happy with his life. He knew the road ahead would not be an easy one to walk, but with the help of his brothers he would make it through. With the fellow members of "Red Team" making it into ARC with him, A-36 knew he had gained a life-long bond with them, filling the void that was left when 3761 died. RELATIONSHIPS Dead| Death Wish | Hatred || Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Best Friend | Dead: 3761. Death Wish: Zam Wesell. Hatred: A-88 Bozak. Disliked: Unassigned Troopers. Untrusted: General Huxford, A-36 Has Seen Huxford Give Some Questionable Orders. Indifferent: N/A. Acquaintance: A-09 'Humbug, A-27 'Nebula', A-19 'Saitama' and A-42 'Griff'. Liked: A-05 'Blitz', A-66 'Muzzle', but mainly Blitz. Blitz is a good Commander. Friend: A-06 'Russ', Best Friend: A-45 'Talon', A-35 'Cardinal' and A-33 'Mongo'. They gained a life-long bond that will never be severed. Teacher: A-07 'Trident.
  9. Ace

    Luca Ban Appeal

    -1. During your time on the server I personally always saw you being very toxic, rude and just generally not nice to people. When I was in my T-Mod phase you said in TeamSpeak "Fuck this server" then proceeded to RDM a guy 4 times, get warned and try it again. You came back to TeamSpeak and yelled "Who the fuck snitched?" in one of the more aggressive manners I've heard. You don't have the right to come back to Gateway in my opinion.
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