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  1. @Yoho Didn't mention me Fr tho man it was great having you here, thanks for all the ARC times. You're a good man and I wish you the best.
  2. Since my last post Thursday, I've been focusing on seeing your comms and ooc work a lot more. That's improved a fair amount so my rating will be changing from Neutral to a +1.
  3. @Corvus Sorry for that killing clip one time in rsec bro
  4. I saw you a few days ago asking for help with your app which is good to me, seems like you're taking it serious. As for the app, I like the detail and usage of ULX. The formatting seems easy enough, my only problem is I don't really see you a LOT. Maybe just use ooc a bit more and comms during events. Try and walk up to people and engage in conversations, ask how peoples days are going etc. For now until you get out there a bit more (in my eyes) I'll be leaving a Neutral rating. Good luck mate.
  5. Decent application, like Bobby said maybe just add a possibility of the situation going bad or wrong. No where close to 100% of the time will it work out perfectly. I'll be leaving Neutral as my rating. Good luck.
  6. I quite like your application, known you since I came back to Gateway. Fairly detailed which is always good, formatting could be better for ME, but I don't really mind that. Good use of ULX, I think you've presented yourself fairly well recently, maybe just steer clear of people minging and don't join in, other than that, +1 and good luck.
  7. I just think Open Training in general should be a bigger thing, I don't know why but I really like joining in and talking to people. I always enjoyed hosting it because people actually seemed interested in learning how to do a specific course, how to do roof swep properly etc. It's also good to just interact with other people.
  8. It's okay man, we know you roll people for their TN's. Btw, need mine back
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