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  1. Good solid application. I like your event idea, seems cool. I really like that you implemented the factor of you can win and lose. Easy +1.
  2. I apologise since I left ARC my redacted ego has left me sir!
  3. You know the OG red team, this is gonna make me say the line...
  4. +1, I joined pilots a couple of days ago and it's really annoying not being able to heal our ships, with properties being gone from ships, because of abuse, it'd be good for 13th
  5. Nice bio man, didn't include Lynx or Doom, but that's alright because I'll kill you ingame.
  6. I still remember the first time we met, I harrased the shit out of you because you were the only other Zabrak, good time
  7. Should've added in me stealing ur saber lol
  8. Doing fantastic with shinies, very friendly and easily approachable in every regard. You'll do well if you get into the spot, +1.
  9. No, I'm sorry but just straight up no from me. Like bright said it's literally just old appeals worded differently. You're never NOT toxic. -1.
  10. Ace


    This guy making his entrance
  11. Me wanting to do the campaign and being excited, then realising it's on the same day as ARC Screenings and I'll be exhausted
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