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  1. I feel like you aren't well known in the community enough you should take the time to communicate on the forums/teamspeak. +1
  2. CGI has a more customisable base for content creation (IMO)
  3. +/- You have been a great staff member in the past for the Imperial Server, however you have only just come back to the server after quiet some time off, I would recommend playing the server for a while longer so you can make a decision if you wish to pursue the role of Staff. Best of luck with your application
  4. Accepted You will be sorted in game
  5. Accepted You will be sorted in game
  6. Accepted You will be sorted in game
  7. Denied You may reapply in a month
  8. Hello All This is our current map rotation for the rest of July: Monday: Imperial Star Destroyer Tuesday: Imperial Star Destroyer Wednesday: Vardos Thursday: Vardod Friday: Imperial Star Destroyer Saturday: Vardos Sunday: Vardos Feel free to put your map suggestions in our discord in #imperial-suggestions!
  9. Accepted You will be sorted out in game
  10. Rippa

    Zia return

    Welcome back Z
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