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  1. Accepted You will be sorted in game, any questions regarding PAC3 come to myself.
  2. Accepted You will be sorted in game, any questions regarding PAC3 come to myself
  3. Denied You have not been told that you can reapply your ban, stop posting an appeal and wait the week out.
  4. Denied After evaluation, user will remained banned for the week. Upon return user will be watched for any further rule breaking.
  5. Rippa

    Merry Easter

    Merry Easter to you aswell @Beatroot
  6. Denied Feel free to reapply in a month
  7. Rippa


    User has been unbanned Follow server rules upon return this is your one chance.
  8. Congratulations to Corny on receiving the role of Storm Trooper CO Noc has also been moved to 2IC of Storm Troopers, congrats to both of them.
  9. Thank you for your solid work as Community Mananger and all previous roles, you helped out the server heaps and i'm sure everyone will and has appreciated everything you've done, best of luck with whats ahead of you.
  10. For all the clonewars players that haven't had a chance to play the Imperial Server, Zero has become a very active and commited player, he rp's and follows the server rules. Obviously previous actions shouldnt be forgotten but this is for a different server, all feedback is good feedback but keep in mind if you haven't spoken to him or played on the Imperial Server you might not noticed that he has had a change of character. Overall your performance on the server is good Zero, you are on the server almost every day it would be good to see you as a tmod +1
  11. Hello Guys Recently the previous CO of Vader's Fist parted ways with the server, with this Imperial High Command is searching for a new CO for Vader's Fist. If you are interested in filling the role of Vader's Fist CO, please comment below in this thread using the following template. Name/Alias: Previous Notable Roles on Gateway Gaming: Highest Rank Achieved: GG Server Playtime: What can you bring to the role?: Why should we pick you over other applicants?:
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