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  1. i have to wash my eyes now brb
  2. Clone Force 11 gang where ya at
  3. good luck vilkas
  4. Name: Rippa Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/gunshotmike/
  5. We have discussed your PAC3 Application.... Denied Message myself or Khai if you have any questions
  6. I reckon that Friday spot should be Baocarro
  7. Thank you all for your feedback, i've taken it all in and will be trying my best to improve in the areas that my skills are lacking. Thanks for taking the time to reply to my application Rippa
  8. i miss the totally easy to fly LFS ETA that was removed for some odd reason?
  9. laters bossman have a good one
  10. I've noticed most of the replies regarding my Application are Activity now that i'm off LOA i'm going to be doing as hard as I can to be as active as possible thank you all for the feedback and I hope to see you on the server/teamspeak to have a chat
  11. Your application is well written, it is easy to read and you seem to have a fair understanding of ULX the scenarios are well written. We haven't spoken in game much but I believe we have done some classes in Jedi prior to you making this application, overall I would be happy to +1 your application feel free to add more scenarios to really show you know what you are talking about. Best of luck with the application. Rippa
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