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  1. i recreated a drawing i found on these forums that to this day i live by @Evoz wants to curbstomp me american history x style because of this. Edit: i made a new one
  2. legit just runs away with @Neato Mosquito $40, shameful we luv you ren
  3. dude, late replies must be your thing
  4. Would be a cool thing for engineers to have as well, adds a new element of RP. +1
  5. Bright

    WoW Shadowlands

    Yeah WoW! EDIT: Please stop angry reacting.
  6. Bright

    I am back

    ok this is actually so cool! walter back
  7. Bobby, i've never had any major issues with you myself and I personally believe after talking to you for a bit that you've learnt from the dumb and stupid things you've done in the past, although I believe if you were to be unbanned you should be kept on a tight lesh just like @luca I still believe you are able to come back and play the server properly like you used to do just without the minging. +1
  8. Bright

    Luca Ban Appeal

    Like JamWay said, why is this in resolved?
  9. Bright

    Luca Ban Appeal

    I can truly say you genuienly want to play the server and stop minging, you've done this so many times it's clear you really do want to come back. Gateways very good with second chances and I believe you deserve yours. +1 -Bright
  10. Kyle the fucking OG, and that black guy was gamer
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