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  1. im joining CG, free model?
  2. i think flanks an budds have some work to do to get the models up to date
  3. i think the time has almost come. /advert raid anakin episode 3 movie hair omg fan boy, also why does rex look so old in this
  4. Bright

    Giveaway Again

    Rainbow Six Siege - Deluxe Edition please sir
  5. honestly dude, you see alot of "improves rp" because thats the main reason people want to use it, in my opinion its about the examples, and asking questions about say the bone stuff is pointless if the examples are good they know it already, I just feel if it aint broke, dont fix it.
  6. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to clone database GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: Field Commander 'Grilld' Known Alias’/Nicknames: Grilld Previous Occupation: Republic High Command Current Occupation: Commando in the Ø2 Milita/Jaguar Battalion Known Languages: Galactic Basic, Gungan Basic, twi'leki and Ryl Hobbies: Killing Jedi and bullying lower ranks, also going to twilek clubs. Alignment: Jaguar, will follow him like a god. Backstory: Grilld and Jaguar were friends from training on kamino, they worked together and progressed through the ranks together, Jaguar went on to lead the republic during missions while Grilld went on to take command of the Republics regiments, Grilld and Jaguar before they left would hunt youngling jedi while they were left unprotected and torture them to death, some they let go but killed them later. Grilld and Jaguar are very close friends and frequentley went to a twilek gentlemens club called "Grilld" hence why he took this name as his own, Grilld still enjoys the company of twileks. Grilld hates many clones of the republic, most of all being Cypher, Selena and GrogNog. PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Inasane. Mental Disabilities: Psychopath. Likes: Jaguar and only Jaguar, Grilld does not care for the other troopers. Dislikes: Jedi and normal clones. PHYSICAL INFORMATION/DISABILITIES Physical State: Fit Age: 16 Weight: 100kg Build: Buff Disabilities: Prone to psycotic breaks
  7. Nominated Players Name: Tesla In-game Name: Alberto Tesla Regiment: Republic Administation Bureau
  8. sheeet vikings is what im watching atm but my top 3 would be : 1. Lost 2. The 100 3. The Big Bang Theory
  9. Bright

    I'm training MMA.

    what your fob boys and girls
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