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  1. where is arc minge yoho?
  2. this is like budget buck videos
  3. i like the name, i look forward to playing this event under another bright
  4. Name: Abel Backstory (Maximum 100 words): Abel is an old massif who lost his son maurice in a freak accident involving sharp kitchen utensiles in Skirata bunks, Abel has a strong dislike to people who do not follow orders and people who act like monkeys and can become easily agitated towards such people usually resulting in multiple bite wounds, Abel is good at finding contraband and likes to eat too much food, Abel likes those in the unassigned regiment for some reason and respects them. Abel is a very loud dog and doesnt shut up but in a good way. Abel will sometimes go looking for his son and mistake people for his son and start howling (its PTSD), Abel has been a military massif since he was young, his father and his fathers father were military massifs and he was intending to get his son to becoe yet another military dog before the accident. Abel is a good boy.
  5. yea im a sneakerhead, fav shoes are airforces
  6. idk if we can discuss suggetions here but, i reckon try not to differ to far from vanilla like some inv and some base stuff is cool but like rust isnt rust if you dont have the threat of being offlined or you base destroyed as a naked lol, adding simple shit that doesnt differ too far from vanilla rust is imo more fun and adds the rust feel of always not knowing if yo base getting fucked by hazies with rockets and explosive ammo runnin up in a mozzie. also hopefully the admin chat doesnt enable the spawning of items in by admins to appear in admin chat and not main chat thats cringe
  7. people who kill nakeds make me sick, i will legit hatchet you
  8. hi bread, i walk on you to go play smash with my goth gf
  9. lol nice meme kid, time to crop the top left out!
  10. trynna fix something that isnt broken? nice
  11. this dude now has 6 negative rep, why is -1 a negative reaction lmao
  12. Bright

    GTA 5 Free

    would be good to have more people in australian fiveM, very small atm compared to US servers. also gta will forever have a modding issue, rockstar dont give a fuck anymore
  13. Bright

    GTA 5 Free

    i wear a joker mask from the casino in a blue floral suit, fuck the green gang
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