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  1. The rebellion begins. yoho and vilkas do have things to improve on but i cant understand why you didnt just go directly to Yoho jones and vilkas the great. shalom
  2. quite the minge my friend smh.
  3. Somebodys been listening to the triple J hottest 100 of the decade... also bro how dare you insult nirvana, smells like teen spirit is my fav song!!! also mr zia, you chose the most overrated artic monkeys song. tounges goes hard and of course, mine and @Yoho 's favoutrite
  4. i know a +1 from bright isnt as repuatable as it once was but ace is beyond fit to moderate the server, done it before to the highest degree and I see no reason to show why he wouldnt be the perfect candidate again. +1 do +1's even do anything?
  5. nebulas a new man, he aint a mine no more in all seriousness, nebulas a good fit for staff now that he has a new attitide towards the game and the people who play it. dont dissapoint kid +1
  6. best cure for a hangover is just dont be a fucking pussy dont be cringe
  7. i will be coming back to action, by order of deck commander loki!!!
  8. OMG ABEL!!!!!! ive missed you so much, how’s the kid? ps, if you join navy i’ll join navy
  9. hey my names elise, i'm 17 and im kind of an alchoholic because i drink a case of cruisers every weekend x dont hit me up tho im taken
  10. oi but how hard do they go? more than 13 and your heart stops.
  11. you ran engineers better than i ever did, mingeineers was a good run
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