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  1. Come to the damn Medbay sometime you crazy sonnofa bitch
  2. Warrant Officer CT-2345. Logging in... Pass-code denied. Logging In... Pass-Code accepted. Accepted. Medical Report Start. Mission was on Coruscant's lower levels, we were sent to stop a crime ring led by the mafia. Mission was going well and then we encountered some civilians, all troopers were made aware of civilians and remained vigilant to watch their fire. As the mission drew to an end a trooper in the 501st named Romeo killed a civilian, it was originally thought he accidentally shot the civilian and he was yelled at by his commander and ordered to continue his mission. The rest of the mission went without problem but the trooper was ordered to report to the medbay on the venator for psychiatric evaluation. As it so happened I was the medical officer that preformed this checkup. I started with simple questions about why he did it and does he feel bad, all these questions resulted in the trooper saying he enjoyed killing civilians. I was worried but moved onto another test which was me showing the trooper pictures and for him to tell me how they make him feel, first picture i showed the trooper was a dead man and his reaction was a feeling of happiness, the next picture i showed him was a picture of dead 501st trooper and picture of dead jedi and his reaction was sadness. After the two tests i had the results which were that the trooper was defective in the way he disliked anyone except clones and jedi. This led to me calling his commanding officer to the Medbay which was Captain Rex and his second in command Knotts. I spoke to them about the situation and they were clearly concerned, i gave them a form saying Romeo is never to be near civilians at any time. Captain Rex asked me about any ways to change this trait of his trooper and i informed him that there is one way but it experimental and may even kill him. He declined the offer and told me to dismiss the trooper, which i did. Not sure how the trooper is doing but hopefully i don't have to see him again. Report End. Saving Report. Uploading to 41st Database. Sending to Republic Command database. Warrant Officer CT-2435 logging Off. There was an error logging off. Are you sure you want to shut down? Shutting Down.
  3. Bright


    Thank you very not corrupt CG but very good Gm.
  4. Bright


    Bright was a great movie. But back to the future is better
  5. Bright


    Yes hello I am Bright the man, the myth and the legend. I am a 41st ELITE corps trooper and i heal all of you noobs who keep getting hurt because you cant use cover. I'll run into your bullets to heal nerds. I'm the best med RPer and i'm obviously amazing. all jokes aside i love this community and i love you xoxoxoxoxoxooxoxox ps. ill be 41st BETA arc one day or navy who knows
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