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  1. Tacit

    Jedi Giveway.

    Name: @Tesla SteamID(64): 76561198090846829 Why: He recently lost his position in 13th and has nothing to commit his time to, surely let the man get it
  2. rip @Evoz shidding for 30 mins
  3. now u can facetime with Kanye West more
  4. Tacit

    Jedi Giveaway #2

    Your Name / Nominated Players Name: Zia Your in-game Name: CT-1022 'Purchased' Your Regiment: ★ StatTrak™ Gut Knife | Black Laminate
  5. yeah you gotta actually play the server to lose
  6. Tringee has done well in the past as a staff member and would be a great addition to the staff team +1
  7. +1 I have known Evoz for around 5 years and I can confidently say that Evoz would be a great addition to the staff team. Evoz shows great dedication to things he commits to and I believe that this dedication will be beneficial to the staff team.
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