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  2. Few old faces as low ranks.
  3. Greetings All The Colombo Customs business is up and running with a large variety of pristine vehicles up for auction and sale UPCOMING AUCTION: On the 8th of the 8th, 6:45, 2021, Colombo Customs invites all players to bid on high class vehicles. Seen below, our fabulous team has maintained upmost superiority in the locomotive economics @Robb @Bullet @Macka @Cappa
  4. I was there, this is exactly what they said
  5. Making a good case for best meme of 2021
  6. WHat ever happened to that guy?
  7. Please make a dark rp server allow all random mod packs, vr chat style lol
  8. excellent job russia
  9. I like it. It gives him and his regiment something to do if the EM decides not to give any ATRTs. And who cares if it isn't in PAC range, most players have PAC disabled anyways. In terms of the application itself, I'd suggest continuing the theme of your unique animated PACs, go on with your ATRT PACs. First two are default examples you could find on paste bin.
  10. sea if thieves nuts will fit in yo dumbass mouth
  11. I don't know what the standard imperial PACs are required to be but if you check clone wars you can get some inspiration you can edit to be imperial themed PACs. I see you don't want to go crazy and have insane edits to your model, but a large portion of PAC applications is more or less ability with PAC. Scaling doesn't require much skill. This is coming from a clone-wars player so like I said I don't know the standards imperial is looking for.
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