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  1. Nominee: RobbSteam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/kneegerr/In-game Name: Robb/Abdukrahman Good enough for me!
  2. My mans was simply built different
  3. Please tell me this application for pac3 is a joke o-o
  4. dunno if this counts. Any thing in this universe and art style is elite.
  5. me rn after not being put in the light green section on the forums
  6. I've said it before and I'll say it again, this application is what you'd expect to see from PAC3 applicants from early last year. I like your enthusiasm to create new PACs, but what people are suggesting is to branch out from the whole bone editing idea, cause that is very common. The thing with this application is majority of the examples are beginner level PACs, things you learn when you first get PAC3, and unfortunately in this day and age, this will not earn you a spot on the PAC3 roster. What people are suggesting is to branch out from the bone manipulation, and explore a wider variety of PACs. This means custom animations, or detailed PACs, things that you have put a LOT of effort into. Another assessed part of an application is uniqueness and creativity. 3 of the PACs you've shown I could find a pastebin for. You need to find an idea and make it. Maybe you think of something REALLY cool to make in PAC, but you "don't have the skill" to make it, well it's those PACs that defy your ability that will get you access. I've said this before, I suggest going to google and looking up sci-fi props and things from futuristic times, cause those are the unique PACs you'd find in the clonewars era.
  7. Pretty sure you're the guy that was a big talk with his exotic and erratic PAC usage.
  8. Ventilation systems are really enjoyable on the current one. As well as having world proped LAATs crashed out in the forest, things like this that are built into the map could definitely be an improvement
  9. my favorite map is the one we using rn on the campaign it supports my 2060 and can run gmod at above average 1 fps
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