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  1. Cappa

    Mess hall RP?

    arc trainees are shaking right now @Buck :)
  2. Good bio mate, keep up the Jedi performance.
  3. Alright Jacker here are my thoughts on your application. Reading through your answers they seem pretty generic, which is common in applications. Your answer "With Pac3 I can use specific animations for different scenarios which can help and improve the RP." is good, however I cannot find in any examples you've provided where you demonstrate new animations for your pac3 related scenarios. This being said, I feel like you can back this claim up by showing us some examples of this. Moving through your examples, I can only find one example where I was genuinely surprised, and only one really caught my eye, and that was how you edited your bodygroups with your knives, I though that was a neat touch. However, the rest of your examples are extremely common, and I hardly see how they will win you a spot on the PAC3 roster. Having one unique PAC, is not enough to get you on the roster, so I suggest possibly experimenting with some more advanced PAC3 options such as custom animations, effects, proxies, etc. Here is some dot pointed feedback. Provide more unique examples. In my opinion, you'd currently sit as an average or even below average PAC3 user, judging from your examples. I suggest you continue on your path of using the bodygroup tool to continue to make some unique PACs like your knives. Also experiment outside of models, bodygroups, command and weapon class events. Branch out from your current PACs, I suggest looking for more creative examples, other than just an edited clone trooper. Try to think of something fun and eye catching. Things you can look at for inspiration is sci-fi type movies or depictions of futuristic events, they tend to have some interesting ideas that you can use and create in PAC to sway the advisors to accept your application. One final concern I have is your history on the server. Previously you've displayed yourself as a very blunt and ignorant person, these are some qualities we do not want to see with someone who upholds a position such as PAC3 user. This being said, I have seen you come back to the server and branch out to newer roles such as RC, 612th. But I still fear that whenever I hear the name Jacker I'll see a RC running around yelling at people. Hope you take some of the feedback into consideration, if you have any questions about what I've said let me know, I'm happy to reiterate any of my points. Best of luck.
  4. React suggestion: Approval! Reaction Value: +1 REP Thumbnail:
  5. Unfortunately Cannibal, this application is wayyy to short. I suggest having a rethink of some questions, and see how you can bulk them out. Try to show commands, dialog, and other staffing related phrases. Doing this shows us what you know, and what you can improve on. Also have a read over some other applications and cross reference and just look at the difference in bulk and information.
  6. Should also add forum achievement book. EG, Users first post, accumulate 25 community rep, earn an achievement on the forums.
  7. Disconnecting wasn't the underlying cause, it was likely continuous bad behavior, hence reaching the warn threshold. Something I would like to know is how long ago you were banned. Because you've clearly had a bit of a history with breaking the rules, even admitting to receiving bans in the past. Reason I'd like to know when you reached the perm ban is to find out if you have learned your lesson. As we cannot just unban you after a month of being perm banned.
  8. These are some great examples Murke. You have displayed a very wide variety and plenty of knowledge on multiple PAC3 tools. Doing such definitely puts one above other applications when you do this. Although some ideas are standard, (slicing, crossarm), you have added something more complex to it, such as finger movement (which I know is very hard) as well as having other animations to back up your knowledge. Here is what I can suggest. You have done great showing knowledge in PAC, however now I believe you should keep working on a cool new character for yourself, as you stated in the worded question "freedom in terms of RP and personalisation". In saying this, I think you should continue your trend of original PACs such as your speedomiter. Demonstrate more with your ability. You definitely have enough knowledge, using a wide variety of PAC3 tools, however I think you need to demonstrate more examples of this knowledge, try to stray away from commonly found PACs on the server, maybe a mount animation for a BARC, or you signalling positions and call outs when taking cover. Try to hone in on your skills. I believe you have almost mastered custom animations, now try to finalize and put the icing on the cake with even more creative PACs. Well done.
  9. Nexoit does upwards of what is expected from just a player on the community. Although situations arise where people clash with his opinions, I've seen first hand how they actually provide proper criticism and feedback for people on the receiving end. Since returning to the server, he has displayed constant good behavior, as well as providing new opportunities on the server such as the beta-arc program. He has enough experience to have joined staff multiple times, the guy knows the server like the back of his hand. Without a doubt I can see him providing positives for the community as one of the representative staff members. +1
  10. Fishing for players seems like a thing that happens once, unless of course the community you were fishing for is still active. Either way I'm saying it's not something I can see you repeat offending. If the guy wants to rejoin formally and knows the consequences of repeating his actions, I think he should be allowed. Just remember James, you're in a position where continuous bad behavior will render you likely community banned. Do not mess up the chance that you are unbanned. +1
  11. Got a few things to say on this one. Your application shows good detail and intentions, mainly cause there aren't many unique answers you can look for when looking at worded questions as they are all the same. Something I did notice was a lot of the PACs you have shown are ones that are actually very common on our server specifically. Such as the shoulder cape, or meditating with a saber and a guy standing with a hologram. The issue I see with this is cause it doesn't show a lot of uniqueness and creativity. These are PACs I'd expect have been shared around and copied, making them not very interesting. During your worded question you say "Show the rest of the pilots a flight path, and also customising my ships with unique decorations", but you don't actually show this. This is unfortunate as from reading, they seem unique and creative. Something I've only seen recently is changing around more than just your character, things like editing ships when you sit in them, or having a cool massif (Tags). These are the PACs that the PAC advisors are looking for at the moment. PAC standards have gone up exponentially recently, meaning from my POV, I'd place this PAC application as very average, one I would have seen maybe in 2019. Now, I'll move on to feedback and suggestions. I think you need to follow up on your worded questions, show us that you will make these original flight path, and customized ship PACs. Without these, and without anymore unique PACs, I cannot see you getting PAC access. Currently the PAC standards have raised a LOT. This means you need to demonstrate more than average PAC usage as slots are always going to be limited. Something I can suggest is looking at things like sci-fi, futuristic predicted movies and art work. A lot of the stuff on there are some really interesting things and unique aspects of a world like starwars that you can translate into PAC. Bottom line is, I do not see you getting access to PAC with these examples currently. In saying that, you're still able to provide more examples before your application gets reviewed, so I suggest you work to create new examples, experiment with things other than models and proxys.
  12. It's ARC or nothing. Let's get some good trainees.
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