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  1. https://gyazo.com/f05a4e2259e98c97e237100932da3491
  2. Cappa

    Meditation Night

  3. Mine does the same, except she goes under the couch and crawls around upside down.
  4. Cappa

    Meditation Night

    Can I invite my friend? he needs some peace and quiet. https://gyazo.com/ae46f84cfe0f313794c0425b5db60c83
  5. Cappa


    I had a mate whose house i'd walk to everyday after school and we'd just sit for hours on end just playing minecraft.
  6. Cappa

    Ahh Hi

    Ay Gregor! One of the cooler law clones. Welcome to the forums.
  7. Cappa

    Uh hello

    Hi there mate
  8. Cappa

    Talent Show

    Alrighty! Looks like we have this well underway. Thanks to everyone who has contributed towards the talent show. I'll give y'all a quick update on what we got so far. Currently, we have 4 judges. Myself, Bright, Nexoit and Lunar. We have 2 announcers. Spirit and Coric. We have a security team. Jeff (and the rest of people who he recruits) We have a superb stage set up, which Coric has thought of every flaw, and is fixing them as we speak. We have the approval of Ajax, who is like our executive whom we run everything by first. Last, but not least. We have the fabulous Coric (who does things), pulling money out of his own pocket to provide a paypal reward for $15 1st place, $10 2nd and $1 3rd. Big stakes here folks. The application process will be held before the Talent show, if you're interested, and want to compete, come prepared as we'll brief the contestants before their act and we will confirm if they can perform or not. This is just a half way update and we will be bringing announcements to the discord, forums and ingame. Keep an eye out. Spread the word. @Coric @Nexoit @Lunar @Bright @Jeff The Māori @Spirit @Ajax
  9. Cappa

    Talent Show

    I was literally just about to make a group chat with the details xd
  10. Cappa

    OI What the

    Am I reading this right? $9 for a whole series of games?
  11. Cappa

    Talent Show

    That would be amazing. I'm sure myself and the rest of the people involved will be happy to hear that you're being this generous. I'd be down to maybe tip a few dollars in if it would help. perhaps $5 for third?
  12. Cappa

    Talent Show

    If you two want to add me on discord @Cappa#3618 or catch me online, message me and we'll set this thing up.
  13. Cappa

    Talent Show

    woooow haha
  14. Cappa

    Talent Show

    Thank you all for showing your interest! Sounds like ill set her up. Myself and my manager @Bright (Builder/Judge) will be judges, Nexoit and Yoda also. 4 judges. Pac3 will be welcomed. If you can display any skill in any area, we'd be happy to bring it to light.
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