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  1. this could be some ideas for vechiles LFs Nu class vessel https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1716586634&searchtext=lfs Lfs hyena bomber https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1739279660&searchtext=lfs Lfs v-wing and v-19 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1755725700&searchtext=lfs lfs y-wing bomber https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1713950767&searchtext=lfs
  2. Moderator application. Name: Wisdom 1170 Do I have TS3 installed? Yes, I do. Am I willing to help others in need? Yes, I believe that forming friendships and helping one another is an important thing. My current play time is around the 358-hour mark and my steam id is [GG]Wisdom117. Am I willing to test my stress? Yes, yes, I am. Am I willing to learn new ways to adapt to new situations? Yes, I believe that different people have different ways of communicating but also different ways of acting and I believe that to help solve their problems is one of the greatest ways to learn. Are there any problems with the current staff? I don't think so I reckon they're doing their best Requirements link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Wisdom117 steam id: STEAM_0:1:457045200 current game alias: Warrant officer Wisdom how well known am I? 6-7 How will I become a moderator change the community? I believe that if I were to become a moderator that I will be able to help Sergeants in giving them tools and in being able to help regs with promotion and being there for people in need such as if they're getting abused by other players or if they have found any issues or bugs. Do I use team speak often? Yes, I’ve just downloaded it and have been using it a fair amount I am on the discord server and use it frequently. 1. if a user is RDMing or abusing other users and if I’m the only staff available what will you do? I will immediately act by Phys gunning them in place then teleporting them to another isolated location to sort out the matter. To teleport to players I will use! goto [players name] or to teleport players to me I will use the! bring [players name] to me now these will only be used to solve or give tools to the player. after the problem of there being a trooper either RDMing or harassing other players without a proper reason I will warn them by using the! warn (players name) RDM or insulting other players. After doing this I will then return the play by using the! return (players name). I will then be keeping an eye on them, If I do see them breaking the server rules I will then either warn them again or more severely kick them or Ban them with the !kick or !bans. 2. If a Group confronts you and explains that another user is either RDMing or climb swept abusing I will? After the discussion with the players fly to a remote location and teleport the abuser by using the !bring to check and speak with them about why they are doing this. If it isn't a good enough reason I will then warn them using the !warn. After them doing this I will then keep a close eye on them and if seen again breaking rules I will then either warn, kick or ban. 3. If a user has threatened to DDOS and takes down the server what do I do? As these are serious threats to the server. If these are typed into the chat I will screenshot or if said through voice I will shadow record this. Then I would fly to a location away from others then use the !bring command to 'bring' the player to me so we can talk this out. if he does run or shoot, I will freeze him and talk this out. Then if needed I will warn them and return the player. Then keep a close eye on them and if they either abuse the server rules or try to DDOS again I will ban them. 4. A commander and Lieutenant in front of a debrief. It is getting heated, and the context is unknown. What do I do? With knowing that all briefings debriefings and regimental briefings are all PTS, I would stay in character and tell them that PTS is active. If the argument is RP I would still remind them that this is a briefing by PMing them to give to stop and if they don't I will fly off to another location ie their bunks or to another less crowded location and teleport them to me with the !bring command and discuss the problem there. If they try to run off, I will freeze them in place and bring them back. if they both start to talk over each other I will use the !gag command on one of them to then hear over each of their beliefs. Once they have calmed down and I believe they can go back to rp, then I will !ungag if they are gagged and !return them to where they were. 5. There is a cadet roaming around that hasn't been trained yet. He acts like a minge to me but I'm not sure if he wants to play or minge. What do I do? If this was an event I would !bring them to me and apologise even if they are seen minging by either climb swept abusing just yelling through their mikes I will immediately Teleport them to another location using the !bring and discuss that this isn't an acceptable way to behave on this server then I would TP them back using the !return if they had stopped and understand and won’t do it again (though I would still keep an eye on them once they have finished their training) or I would either kick or warn them. But if they aren't seen to have the contention to minge then I would ask around to see if anyone will train them if not I will either train them myself. But if this wasn't an event I would bring them back to the room and train them myself or get a specialist from my reg that needs to do their cadet training done. Once I have finished training them, I will check up on every once and a while them to see if they are minging or not and to see if he is giving players an uncomfortable time on Gateway.
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