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  1. Bye bye my yoda and bye bye my lover goodbye my friend... you have been the one!!! Been the one FOR ME!!!!!
  2. Yes, you’re the best brother Ace
  3. Goodbye dad (bro I’ve got like 3 dads (cryo, S8n and now yoho) best dad’s ever
  4. Cya bro *_* Thanks Katarn, you’re the real mvp
  5. Thank you @Rover I’ll always be your guy that fixes signs Thank you @Andy for all you’ve done for me for a whole year I’m grateful for your level of concern, attentiveness and compassion towards people you barely know I’m grateful for everything we’ve done together and I still hope we can keep in touch once I depart from the community. Also Andy, Knotts said one day what song would you play at your funeral and I said this one so on Wednesday that’s the song I’m going to be playing May the force be with you as well master @Coric.
  6. Thank you very much serbo I always liked those times with you being my master and the other times with you in staff I hope to see you around man and I’m grateful for you
  7. Thank you all Gateway has stopped me from reacting so here’s my reaction
  8. I still have no idea what o7 means
  9. Dog boys meaning they knew this picture
  10. It's been a year since I've joined this community and I've loved every bit of it, I've decided to leave due personal issues that you can ask about when you see me, but ever since I've joined I've felt a real connection to this community and have had fun times with the 501st when Bones was still CO during the rank lock, and have lived through @Cryo's time as well. I've hoped around and met new people and made more connections with them including @Quebix and @Gforce and @Ace during imperial were we all gambled on black jack, I'd like to take this time to thank some of the people I had fun with. @Cryo - I've been with you since the very beginning and you're basically dad of 501st and the best RHC member, thank you for helping me get into EM and I wish you were still here we could've had some good events as well. @Quebix - Thank you for all the snapchat of nasty shit and the time with CF-99. Along with @Gforce @Ace and @Quaff @Andy - Thank you so much for what you've done for me and you making me and I'm grateful for that and I'll always remember this quote you said. @Beatroot - Thanks for all of your help and I hope you are still in this community when I come back eventually Now for the people that I always had great times with. @Tango @Scooby @Corvus @Katarn @Limbo @Babatunde @Serbo @Vilkas @Chunky @Knotts @Sloth @Wisdom1170 @Joe @JamWay @Rover @Sean @Winter. @Khai @Kurp @Jarr (Sorry for the staff purge) @Bullet @Bobby-1 @Ratatouille @Buck :) @Ganit @Phill @Coric @Maxonok @Centurion @Seraph (Infectious laugh) @Dempsey @Pluto @Flea @Decker (Dog boys) @[email protected] @Mumbase If I didn't mention you and you should've well then, you're probably right I'll be doing my last event on 6:30 main server, Wednesday 06/05 and then I'll be gone. I love this community and hope it is still going well when I come back I'll finish off with some quotes then my favourite picture. 4354 Joe to You: I would love for you to be inside me -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Don't make me come over there boy, don't make me come over there and squeeze those cheeks"-Blaze ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "I'm going to piss on him" -Yoho in response of how he is going to put anakin out ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Staff Sergeant 6059 Khai shoves dick in droid ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A-09 'Valiant': hyena bombers have bigger explosions than hiroshima ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1229 Limbo: this server is like a depressed teen, when an event happens it wants to kill itself ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A-10 'Bullet' to You: African slave trade event ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- <20:20:58> "Hornet" was banned for 1 second from the server by "Astro" (fuck you) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ARC Warrant Officer A-99 'Buck' turns lez gay ARC Warrant Officer A-99 'Buck' cums on lez ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- During a earthquake in NZ: Marshal Commander Lez: hope your house collapses on you Fox ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ARC Captain 2nd Grade A-07 'Colt': Capapi = Jo casta the foreskin yoinker ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fuck me dead in a bin - Senate Guard ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Those guys suck and I like to suck!" -Link ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Money, is the worlds lube" -Seeker I Hope to see you all there on Wednesday 6:30 06/05
  11. Will miss you my GG brother come back, and I’ll give you a chance to commit war crimes and cluster bombs again.
  12. A easy way to go about learning tools is to mess around with them in single player probably on flat grass as it’s the easiest but just subscribe to the mods we have on the server like stacker tool and precision tool etc and then start testing them out because making something for a event is better than that map having something already pre made as it helps put your own ideal and sort of “thing” into the event if you get what I mean. Minimising the props isn’t always the solution to the server lagging during events it can be due to the amount of players the amount of shooting that’s going on and the amount on NPC’s and types of NPC’s. But yeah that’s good The event idea is good but you’ve left out key points of set up and how long that will take, how the event will run and where will the troopers go first the doc provided is good but it feels unfinished Overall it’s greatly detailed and you explain everything well just a few mistakes here and there but I couldn’t really touch up on any big ones just the small ones but I’m gonna stay neutral on this one. Good luck with the rest of the feedback.
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