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  1. Kills being displayed would better allow reg. CO's to determine someone's activity / success during an event. Levels just show that you've been on the server for a while. Bring back the kills!
  2. In-Game name: Sergeant Silverhand Alias: None (Silverhand's my only character) Jedi, 2nd Char or both: I would like both (1 Jedi and another character that I'll probs join engineers on or something)
  3. I get that, but some dude literally made one yesterday/today and it got replied to instantly. I just feel bad for vyve tho, dude's been waiting longer than I have...
  4. Ok PAC3 admin people, I know you've seen this application. Can you actually give me some sort of response please. Legit don't even care if it's accepted/denied at this point (although I would prefer it if it were accepted), I just want some sort of response
  5. bruhsoundeffect2.wav
  6. diggy dang it my dog
  7. Can I start a PAC3 application for your minecraft server?
  8. This comment'll just consist of more examples that I'm making between events. They may not be very different from each other, but I thought it might be a good idea to show some skill development so you can kind of get an idea of my competency with PAC3 1: (I realise it's a little hard to see, but the arm and the legs are robotic) 2 (I added; some little balls [that act as joints] inbetween the fingers and the hands, some little energy containment area on the arm [power source maybe?] and some little fins on my back): 3 (Birb! [very simple. Once I saw the bird model in the TF2 section, I had to add this. I also got rid of the little fins, I wasn't particularly happy with the look] ): 4 (set this to happen when I hold down the N key. This way, when I've lost my squad during an event, I have a little roleplay associated with finding them): 5 (I've changed the legs and added a clone card [it's sitting in the front pouch to the left of the camera] that disappears when I equip the item in my hand):
  9. Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:78370076 Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/yo_fucka_fucka In-game Alias: Previous: Ranger Current: Bruh Time Played (Hours): I've played for exactly 32.23333 hours Are you a donator (YES/NO): No, I am not a donator PAC Questions: Have you ever used PAC before? I've used it a little (not enough to know how to exploit it, if that's what you're really asking). I started using it once I realised that I could give myself cool robot limbs and other similar character additions (I really love giving my characters in games augmentations of some kind; I really love cyberpunk fiction and the like, so I'll take anything that allows me to make a game more like blade runner [or something similar] ) Why do you want access to PAC3? Like I stated in the paragraph above; I really love giving my videogame characters augmentations of some kind, so I'll be using it for that. That being said, I may also use it for other character additions (holographic display of my name/rank/clone number, etc.) that allow me to express myself more. To summarise; I'll use PAC for anything that allows me to add character to my character. How is PAC going to enhance your experience on the server? The paragraph above kinda explains this. I just want to give a little flair to my character (maybe do a little flexing to my friends, lmao). Examples of PAC usage (these aren't really that great [i know that], but I'm not really going to be putting anything super extravagant or flashy on my character. There are also a few more in the comment I've made): Example 1 (I only realised after making this that this is already on the server as a SWEP, oh well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ): Example 2: Example 3 (1): Example 3 (2): Example 4 (1): Example 4 (2) (had to rework this a smidge to fit the helmet - used CG pm as I couldn't find a Boulder Company pm): I know that these examples aren't that fantastic, but I don't really plan on making something insanely interesting and creative. Just a few little things (augmentations, a better version of that last example, etc.) to add spice (if you will) to my character Thanks for reading, please consider allowing me to use PAC3! Lance Corporal 8745 Bruh salutes with honour and respect
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