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  1. every new Engine is the previous but improved, I just feel that the CGI aspect may age it a bit much.
  2. Ehh, don't know if i want that, as i said, whole new Engine i don't want it to look watered down by a CGI style...
  3. I want BF2, the CGI is cool and all but take advantage of the new System and engine. Cause you would have nice sleek weapons with weird CGI looks...
  4. Morpheus Covered it pretty nicely. Seeing as your an EM coming over to the Moderators i feel i should let you know that being a Moderator is not just about Tool tickets and Whitelists, there is a lot more to the job. You state that you are not having fun as a EM which is fine, however don't think that coming to Moderator is gonna give you fun, your there to help the server and not to just have a good time. As a Mod you would have to focus on Staffing over RP which is the opposite for an EM. However i will give a +1 for this as i think you have the ability but my only concern is that you may be joining Mods for the wrong reason.
  5. What i was going to say has already been said. There are those who vouch for you however i feel as you have only just come back to the server i feel it may be a bit too soon before a staff application, i would recommend waiting maybe a few weeks so people can see you are gonna stick around. For now its a Neutral
  6. This 1st section of the question here is a little incorrect, if a player is seen doing these things it goes straight to a warn or Ban. Reason being is that they are explained the Server rules from the get go, offences like these aren't minor. While you would be fair about it you would still alert the player to the fact that what he is doing is considered Staff disrespect, you would alert a higher staff as you said but make sure you Warn the player for the verbal abuse. We don't really Kick players from the server, 9 times out of 10 when a cadet is being like that its good for a Staff member to handle it directly rather then Passing him off. So in summary your Application is well done and your answers are sound. However my only main thing is your Hours on the server which you have said 25. thats a very small amount. So for this application I am gonna stay Neutral.
  7. Hey Apollo, Your application seems to be done well and is formatted correctly. From working with you previously i know that you can be dedicated to your role and you put effort in. However, I feel you have only Recently come back to the server after being gone for a long while. I can't help but feel that you may leave again or not stick around and this may be a spur of the moment thing. But i have seen you on the past 3-4 Days. This may be a personal opinion but i feel if you come across this issue with a Cadet that the Staff member should train them, the reason being is that SGTs aren't trained to deal with Minges, we are, so you should take over in this instance instead of calling out for a SGT. Overall the Application is fine, However my Concern i expressed before still leaves some Doubt in my Mind, For this reason i will remain Neutral until i can tell you are going to stick around. Best of Luck.
  8. Overall the App is good, but like how Zia said some more detail in the scenarios could be given by adding the type of Commands you would use during it. You as a person though, well i have been working with you for a little bit and I'm glad to say you have been great, your activity is usually pretty good especially for someone in a Different Time-Zone. You have said that you don't have as much knowledge on Staffing but with some training i believe you will make a great addition to the staffing team. Its a +1 from me.
  9. Everybody has said what's needed to be said, You are a good player and you are dedicated. +1 from me and good luck.
  10. Application looks good, Your answers seem well and thought out, especially where you highlight that "Context Is Key" Which is a Major factor when it comes to warning or banning people. I also like how you answered the last question, its exactly how we want that situation handled, try to encourage players to become a part of the community even if, as a cadet, they don't seem to want to join in. I also appreciate that this answer is down to Earth, you haven't made promises to change the server and sound like your the second coming of the messiah. You state your intent to stay in the team for a while and to be a part of the community. For this one Make sure when you Ban its not Just NIRP but also MRDM or RDM. Not a major mistake but just remember it. On top of this when banning make sure that you indicate to the user that they can appeal on the forums (But you will learn this if you get Mod). All things considered this form is well done and from working with you a little bit i can trust that you are not super Mingy, so best of luck with your application. +1
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