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  1. What are your thoughts on the current difficulty of events? Event Consequence and Difficulty is basically 0. Most events are designed to be won and there are no chances to actually lose. The budget system was somewhat of a counter but not a solution. In events I'd like to see proper consequences for our actions. Events shouldn't always be predetermined as a win or a loss. Proper objectives with proper risk would be nice. As we now have the event server, this should be easy. The hardest task is finding a suitable and balanced way of staging the event so that it could go either way. Possibly make past events dictate how hard future events are. For example, I did a string of events (Campaign) and each choice made in the briefings dictated how hard the final mission was. Instead of A; Attacking the Main planet from the first event, the Commanders decided to B; spend more time hitting droid factories and essential targets in the nearby area, weakening the final objective. However in doing so, they were burning a time limit I set for them (3 hours or something). So they had to weigh up whether to continue striking other bases making the final planet weaker, or start the mission and hoping they complete it with the remaining time. Incorporating choices and consequences I think are the best way to handle difficulty. That being said, it would be interesting to see what other creative ideas the EM team can come up with. What percentage of events do you think should result in a loss to the Republic? No set percentage. Base it off the performance of the troops and the army as a whole. How should you as a player, have to play events? Should you have to be constantly in cover, scared of droids or should you be able to stand in a line with other clones like a firing line? I would PERSONALLY like to see more events where we just get smashed by droids, bunkered down in cover (Please keep in mind this is strictly personal). However I find that the troopers/commanders should decide how they want to play the event. If they have the more offensive/tactical regiments and are smart enough, they can perform a flank. If they only have defense regiments, maybe bunking down and slow pushing is the better idea. Perhaps they have a lot of small stealth units (RC) and find it easier to distract the main force and send the strike team in to complete the objective. It should be dictated by the choices they make rather than, "go here do this, I'm Commander/Event Master ____". With the new Event server, it would be easier to set this up. We could have the scouting regiments go and gather intel pre-mission and report back what they find. They might only get one life so if they die they have to report back to ship etc. Then once on planet the Commanders can decide how they want to complete the objective. So if they want to be constantly in cover, they can make it so. If they want to be in a massive firing line push, they can make it so. A new set of bombs have been added to the server, should these ever be used to kill groups of players? If so, what should the context be? I think it'd be fine as long as if it is used creatively and can be perhaps prevented by smarter troopers. One time I hosted an Event on the Old Kashyyk map and I set up a huge mine field. Players thought it'd be fine to rush through but got instantly blown by my elusive traps. They had to then band together and decide how to proceed. Ultimately they sent Sevens/Spade through the field alone to map out a safe path for the rest of them. Sevens had to think smart and the whole mission rested on his shoulders. It was an epic moment and super tense as the troopers followed him blindly into the minefield. A context like that would be really cool to see, especially with better bombs. Even having Spotlights that players must avoid to not get bombarded would be cool, or in general if they are given enough time to bunker down just drop a huge load on them (In a context where they perhaps failed to deactivate mortars in time etc). How many times should you have to be hit by a B1 droid before they kill you? I like the current balance we have now. I think it works. If anyone has anything extra they would like to add, go ahead. If anyone would like to discuss this privately, feel free to message myself or anyone else in the EM team. I'm enjoying the optimization of the new server, It would be nice to just have longer/creative events. Perhaps think outside of the box and don't get stuck on the regular schedule and way of doing things. We don't always have to do a briefing, mission, debrief, back 2 venator. Shake it up perhaps. Get outside the boundaries of the pre-conceived notion of what an "Event" is. We don't just have to switch to a map, do the objective and then leave. We could have 2 map switches, a PvP tournament, survival island (stranded on Event Server), Prison events. Virtually anything. Thanks for reading
  2. Surely this means we do a week long campaign.. That'd be epic.
  3. yeah sure that'll be $10
  4. Some new gateway logo's, feel free to use them as your profile pic or whatever. If you want a custom one (red, purple etc whatever) just reply or HMU.
  5. Tanker


    Definitely some more trench-warfare style maps. Something where we just dig in, shut up and scrap some clankers. Less Hub maps, more battlefields. Some multi-layered maps would be good. Something like this but better https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=292363950&searchtext=hfg+universe
  6. I’d hop on as a guest any day. Below are the old Podcast episodes Freazer and I used to do
  7. I'm gonna chop off ur head cunt
  8. That hits hard... What an age that was. Didn't really play with you too much but every RP interaction we had was super solid and something that will never be replaced. See you round man, best of luck.
  9. Hopefully you enjoy what GG has to offer. See ya round.
  10. +1 This man helped me a lot back in the day with PAC3. These designs are also really great and well thought-out.
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