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  1. Name: MattySteam Profile Link D'terroriserIn-game Name: SK-8901 MattyServer: ( Imperial RP)Why do you want it: Never gotten the chance to play as a Inquisitor on a Imperial RP server. It would be a great rp experience.
  2. Thanks you all with the support but even though I was admin if there is any thing you can think of which can make me a better staff member please put in a comment or DM.
  3. Current in-game alias/rank: PFC 8901 Matty Previous Notable Names/Ranks/Positions CW Staff Admin - 4-5 Months CW Coruscant Guard 2nd Lt CW Navy Chief Petty Officer Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:42389041 Steam Profile Link: Steam Profile List your current playtime: 543 hrs What is your age? (Minimum of 14 years of age.) 18 How well known are you on a scale of 1-10? 6 Do you have Teamspeak 3 installed? Yes I do, I am on it everyday. Do you enjoy helping other people? Yes, I very much enjoy helping players with all kinds of issues and that can range from simple questions or help to resolving issues between them and others. Pretty self explained but it is the biggest reason why I want to become a staff member in this community. Are you willing to test your stress? I am able to deal with stressful situations due to my past experience of being a part of other staff teams and management positions. So I have my own methods on being able to deal with stressful situations and get a handle on before it gets out of hand. Do you believe you're able to deal with individuals and situations in a completely unbiased manner? As said before I have had previous experience in high roles, so every situation I would enter I would keep an open mind and allow both sides to tell their stories unless they have video or sufficient evidence that shows their claims to be true. Do you have any problems with any of our current staff members? No, I currently have no issues on any one on the staff team. Are you willing to learn new ways to approach situations? I am always willing to take constructive criticism and learn new ways on how I could do better when dealing with people in all kinds of situations. Do you have any active warnings? I don’t currently have any warnings and I’m making sure I don’t get any at all. How will you becoming a moderator impact our community? Well I am currently a very active member as I am currently not getting a lot of hours at my place of work which enables me to be able to get up early and on late, so I am on during dead and live hours. I am also a person who is easy to talk to and approachable. When gaining a trusted role within a community I always become more active on the other side of staffing such as watching the forums to either deal with ban/warn appeals, staff apps and making it easy to communicate with other people who are a part of our community. Do you understand that as a member of the Staff Team, your position may be subject to change and / or termination should you not be performing to the degree stipulated? Do you also understand that a staff role is one that comes with the expectation of committing time to helping the users of the server (Up to 20 hours a week. I do understand what would be required of me if I was to achieve a staff position and the time would be no issue to maintain. Legend Ulx Command Players Name My Own Speech Warn/ban Reason A user is RDMing and insulting other users. You are the only staff available to deal with the situation. What do you do? When being alerted about the RDM situation I would claim the ticket. I would then get to A secluded area by using !administrate, I would then !tpjail “Suspect” and !bring “Victim”. I will then start to ask the victim “what had happened and do you have any evidence such as video” then talk to the suspect and say “OK, so what is your side of the story as these are some serious allegations and some evidence will help you”. After all that if they have evidence I would then view as well as checking !logs to verify the key points such as RDM and insulting others. Once that is concluded I will then come to a conclusion with the evidence that has been shown which would result in a warning to which I would !warn “Suspect” RDM and insulting others as it shows in the logs that he did kill the person and the video/logs showed that he was abusing and insulting other players. I will then tell the “Suspect” “by the way if this happens again today you will receive a 24 hour ban” I will then end the sit. So then I would then !unjail “Suspect” and !return “Suspect” and “Victim”. To which I would then do !administrate to get back and role-play. If he continues I would then follow the same steps as before when dealing with the sit however it would end with him being banned if he did RDM or Insulting Other Players. A user has contested a warning you have given him and proceeds to verbally abuse you, what do you do? I would fly to a secluded or staff room by using !administrate to which I would then do !bring “name” to which I would then tell him “Hey mate, the reason you had gotten that warning was because (reason), if you believe it was done unfairly you should take it up to a Senior Admins+. However you the talking smack and verbally abusing me will not help. So this is your first and only warning to stop abusing me or any other person for that matter or you will be warned”. I would then !return “name” if it continues and I see it I would then !bring “name” to tell them “OK, mate I had given you a verbal warning before and yet you continue to bad mouth me and other troopers because you received a warning so now you are gone be receiving another warning for abusing a staff member” I would then !warn “name” Abusing a Staff Member.I would then tell them “If this continues I will bring you back for another sit and talk to which more punishment could ensue” after that I would then !return “name”. To which I would then do !administrate to get back and role-play. If while talking to them and he starts to berate me with insults after he gets a warning I follow up as thus. “OK, you just received a warning that if you do not stop you will gather a ban as well that could last 1-3 days. So are you going to stop?” If they stop I would give him a verbal and !return “name” however I would !spectate“name” him and watch over to make sure he follows rules and is not abusing me or other players. However if he continues to berate me with insults I would !gag “name” and tell them this “OK, since you have continued over the countless verbal warnings to stop and even receiving a warning on the matter you will receive a 2 day ban, to allow yourself to cool down and read up on the rules. If you feel this ban was unjust in any way please take it to the forums for appeal.” I would then !ban “name” “2880” Abusing a Staff Member and then !warn "Suspects Steam ID” Abusing a Staff member [BAN] A user has threatened to DDos and take down the server. What do you do? I would quickly do !ban “name” “0” DDos Threats Towards The Server - You can appeal on the forums (LINK) and then !warn “Suspects Steam ID” DDos Threats Towards The Server [PERM BAN]. I would then alert higher ranking staff about the situation and make sure to screenshot or save the recording for evidence then return to role-playing. A Commander and Lieutenant are arguing in front of debrief. It is getting quite heated. The context to the argument is unknown to you. What do you do? I would first give them a verbal warning to stop arguing and this can be dealt with after debrief but if they continue !gag “name” x2, to which I would then fly to a secluded or staff room by using !administrate as I would then do !bring “name” x2 and !ungag “name”x2 and then ask “OK can I get one of you to explain what is going on and why” once they have told me the reason I would attempt to help defuse the situation and they have any more issues please make a ticket, as well as issue them verbal warning “OK I am going to give you guys verbal warning for Disobeying a Staff Order and returning you now” I would then !return “name” x2. To which I would then do !administrate to get back and role-play. A Cadet has been complaining and wandering around because he hasn't been trained yet. He doesn't appear to have any intent to role play. What do you do? Either seeing or getting a ticket about a cadet wandering around and complaining about not being train I would first use !administrate to get to the server designated training area and then !bring “name” and say “OK mate you need to stay in the training area because you need to be trained by a SGT+ before you can leave and participate with everyone else. I will get someone for you”. I would then use OOC or comms to get a SGT+ to the training room to which I would watch over or do it myself if needed. If I then see that person has no intention to Role-play I would tell them “OK mate this is your first and only warning if you have no intention to RP on a RP server you will be given a warning and if you still continue you will receive a ban.” to which I will continue to watch over and if he continues I would then freeze them with my phys-gun and tell him/her “OK you you be getting a warn for No intention to RP and that if he continues it would be a ban as well” I would then !warn “name” No Intention To RP. I would still continue to watch over the training. Now if they are still continuing I would then freeze them with my phys-gun them and !gag “name” where I would explain to them thus “OK, you will be receiving a 1 day ban if you feel this ban was unjust you can make an appeal on the forums, have a lovely day and if you wish to return you may but I highly suggest to have a read of our server rules.” I would then !ban “name” “1d” No Intention To RP - You can appeal on the forums (LINK) and then !warn “name” No Intention To RP. To which I would then do !administrate to get back and role-play.
  4. I have checked who had banned you, it was Noc, another admin who has just recently left. Overall it has been some time and it seems you regret what you had done and want to move forward, so I +1 for this ban appeal. Good luck
  5. Matty

    Unban Appeal

    Well you just been given another perma ban on an alt account to try and avoid the last punishment.
  6. @Gecko It was 12th of Oct and it been a month today so lol Anyway From the last application you have improved on the writing side however it is still very underwhelming compared to the other trial mod apps, I would really suggest to have a look a previous accepted applications to get a good idea on how you could improve your current app. As well I think you should talk to current staff on what you could improve on as it the best way to improve and work on what staff think you need to work on. I am gone be neutral for now, I will keep an eye out for ya to see how you improve. MSG me on discord if you are interested in private feedback.
  7. After looking at the applications before and after the edits it still very underwhelming compared to the other applications, behaviors with game, age doesn't meet requirements as well as lying about it and the tool ban that you have received after using it change your model. It gone be a -1 even if they change the age requirements it remains the same. A lot of improvement is needed which is completely possible in a year, if you are still interested in achieving a position in our staff team I would suggest working on what I have listed in this time while you wait till you are 14.
  8. General Category Player of the Year [@Corvus] Best Artist/Content Creator [TBD] Best Meme [TBD] Best Newcomer [TBD] Most Memorable Player [@Fluxy or @Astro] Best Username [TBD] Most Skilled Player [@Cazzete] Man legits sweats when ever he plays Most Improved/Redeemed Player [TBD] Best Builder [@Cazzete] Roleplay Category Commander of the Year [TBD] Regiment of the Year [TBD] Best Roleplayer [@Corvus or @Trotsky] i know how much you love it trotsky lol Best Duelist [@Andy nah but it is @Corvus] Staff and Event Category Most Active Staff [ @Pluto] Most Helpful Staff [@Noc] Best Staff Newcomer [@Ignorant} Best Developer [@Linguine] Them weapons didn't make themselves. Best Event Master [@Buck :) & @Maxonok] Best Campaign 2020 [TBD] Most Friendly Staff Member [@Noc or @Spirit]
  9. Matty

    i didnt dc

    Now I have have black screen before so I know it is possible for this to happen but that does not excuse this, as on our end it just seem to be logging so you would need to try to get in contact with CG or a staff member that you will be back but you had crashed. This need to be done otherwise you just seem to be guilty. So I am on the fence for this. I can understand if you did not know this but you have been banned in the last week so trusting your word is very hard and unreliable. What I will say is if you don't get unbanned take your time to reflex and read up on the rules so when you come back you have a way better understanding, if you get unbanned or a lesser ban you should still read the rules so you can better your experience and time on the server. With ARDM I no information so it gone stick for me until I can hear your side on what that is meant to be about Good luck m8
  10. To what I think of this applications has already been said by Noc & Flea, so good luck and hope to see you around for Trial. +1
  11. There is no reason in my mind why you should not be a moderator as you have been apart of this community for a quite A long time as well as being the rank of Event Master, so this is a GIANT +1
  12. Hey, Tango. As Pluto said you applications is quite solid and that you are quite independent and I have always found it a bit hard to start convictions or talk to you, I would suggested to help when able such as in OOC, TS or the forums just to make your self more known and as well to help people to the best of your own ability giving the staff team a better understanding on who you are and how you could be trusted in a position like this. overall I wish the best of luck. Neutral
  13. Can't say anything that has not already been said, you would fit in the role quite nicely. +1
  14. I see what you have done with the handling of the weapon when it on safety as it what they did in the show but with the last PAC seems more of a joke and can leave a bad look on why we should give you one of our limited slots for PAC. With the PACs you have shown is very limited and I feel you need to show more on what you could do with PAC. Overall I think you should add more to what you have added as it shows us you have skill in some areas but not as much I would like to see to which I could then give my support for this application. Natural until you remove or fix your 4th example and add more examples to show us what else you could do if you have received the ability to use PAC.
  15. Now to be honest I am not very good at PAC and I am still practicing but to what I have seen even I know this is not the easiest thing to do and can be very time consuming, with these PACs in my option are well made and some are things I have yet to see before. I not sure how effective these PAC could be used in RP in a setting besides the interrogation PAC but is very situational. Over all I think these PACs have demonstrated your skills in the use of PAC and you could make some great PACs that could effect the RP around you. +1
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