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  1. Ever going to come back to the server?
  2. +1 Tags is a good friend of mine and has shown great examples in his application. He has shown a great and unique knowledge of pac 3. He would be perfect to have pac on the server, He is a high rank and a trustworthy player. We have played multiple servers in the past and he has had pac on all of them. while playing on these servers he has shown to me that he is more than trust worthy to hold pac3 perms. Good luck with you application.
  3. Gateway crates that you open through the f2 menu and you get the credits from playing on the server and getting placement in events would be very cool and you could make Halloween, Easter and Christmas cases. Skins you could have Pistol skins - High chance Main weapon skins - Lower chance Grappling hook - Low Chance A knife that does 50 hp a stab - Super low Chance 10000000 IQ
  4. Holy fuck! Didnt think i would win! Thanks jesse you lad...
  5. Cake is a lie! - Frosty (The snow man)
  6. Frosty_


    Theed would be great fun to make the only question is do i copy the layout thats in BF2?
  7. Frosty_


    I began work work on a CIS frigate. thanks for the idea
  8. Frosty_


    Hello everyone, Since i have recently become a developer i have had multiple ideas for event maps i could create for the server but i wanted to get peoples opinions on what type of maps i should make. Please leave any ideas you might have in the comments
  9. This is probably really late to one but, Im back! Some of you might remember me from probably half a year ago, I was in 212th and navy. I took a break that was really needed. I am currently Ahoka Tano on the server, If you need anything just ask. Hope to see everyone around! I am mostly in my Developer Team speak Channel "Frosty's Frozen Forest" if you want to join go ahead, I love talking to new people. Anyway see you around.
  10. I added more pac examples.
  11. Clone Wars PAC3 Application Frosty Requirements Steam ID STEAM_0:0:103142230 Steam Profile Link: Steam Account Current in-game alias: 4345 Frosty Time Played (Hours): 153 Hours Are you a donator? Yes PAC3 Questions Have you used PAC3 before? Yes, I have had pac on 4 other servers Empire Gaming Republic Gaming Gateway Gaming (Imperial) Fractal Gaming I understand how to use Bones Events Typing Events Command Events Model animations Projectiles Trails Spin Events Custom animations [Still learning custom animations for the most part] Gun Modification Why do you want access to PAC3? I am applying for Pac3 because pac can add so much to someone's back story and it adds another element of RP for the user to use. This is apparent whenever looking at someone in-game with pac, You can see a little into what type of RP you will be dealing with. I Want access to pac 3 as it is a great tool to enhance RP If I was given pac 3 I would be able to add small tools to my character that could enhance my RP and make events more interesting and fun for me and my regiment. I would also be able to go more in-depth with my Jedi RP. Examples
  12. I kinda of remember a nebulaaa I played alot tho
  13. Hey all, Just thought i would tell you i stream map making :0 Should drop by some time and say hey! https://www.twitch.tv/rogue_heist Thank you and have a nice day!
  14. Will there ever be a replacement for Baocarro Outpost? Its a great base layout but i feel as if there are much better options on the steam workshop.
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