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  1. I still don't know a great deal about you. I remember that you had a pretty solid application but the major thing that held you back was the fact that you weren't too well known in the community. However, I believe that although more often than not players get well recognised, and then become staff, it shouldn't be out of the question for someone to become staff and through the merit of their actions become well known by the community. You sending in a second application shows me that you are keen to contribute to the EM team. I don't see a reason why we shouldn't at least give you a chance as a trial EM. +1
  2. > then the em sets off a hbomb
  3. See, that's the thing. Lying on your application is very, very problematic. If you are going to lie about your age to improve your chances of getting mod, what's to say that you wouldn't lie about other aspects on your application as well? Not only that, but you only revealed your real age once I provided substantial proof. There is a reason we have these rules. It's because being staff at times can be very stressful and testing. More often than not, people who are under 14 tend to bend under the pressure and then their enjoyment of the server plummets. We don't want that to happen to anyone. Additionally, we can't make any exceptions to these rules. This is because it would be unfair to all of those who have also had their applications denied because of this same reason. Wait a year. I personally disagree with this. There is nothing honest about confessing once you got caught. If I had never brought it up, he would have continued his application as if nothing had happened. True honestly would be if he said that he was 13 on his application.
  4. A source within Horn company told me that while they were doing an event, they were on the Horn Company discord. An individual in the regiment asked bread about his age, where he replied with "13"
  5. I have good reason to believe that you have lied about your age, and that you are actually only 13. Lying on your application warrants an instant denial in my opinion. We have these rules in place for a reason. -1
  6. Flea is a great admin. I believe he distinguishes himself from other staff as a great pick for senior admin as consistently over the past few months to take that next step. I haven't talked to Flea too much one on one, but he is very friendly guy and definitely has proven himself to be up for that next step to SA. +1
  7. I talk to you a lot in TS and you seem like a really chill guy. You definitely have the demeanour of someone who can keep a cool head in an intense situation and maintain a level head. +1
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