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  1. sensational application, gives the impression of an enthusiastic player who will no doubt be a good EM. +1
  2. I mean this appeal isn't a shitpost so that's a start. However it appears you have been unbanned before, only to get banned again. However, that was around a year ago. Honestly, I believe that you deserve the chance to prove that you'll take it a bit more seriously. so it's a +1 with a no nonsense ban if you fuck around again
  3. I don't think we have two versions of the map to do this
  4. Humbug

    funny meme

    this made me angry
  5. I'm a bit of an old player, and as mentioned I have been inactive for around 2 months. However, i'm planning to come back and put a lot more time into the game mode so you'll definitely see more of me. You'll probably spot me as my ARC or more likely play one of my events. All in all, i'm planning on becoming a lot more active on the server and plan to keep up my activity for the long run,
  6. Ahaha, nah I don't want 7th sky officers thinking that big bad dumbug is going to kick them from their postions, i'd be unfair just to boot people from their positions without giving them ample time and the opportunities to change. All I am saying is that if I were made CO, then i'd expect highly of the officers.
  7. Officers have the responsibility to both A.) Be role models for the rest of the server B.) Do their jobs. Being an officer is something someone has to earn. It's a role that puts you in a position that a commander relies on you upon to do your job and make the regiment as good as it can be. Due to this reason, Officers have the responsibility to be good role models. Don't get me wrong, I like a laugh as much as any other guy. I'm lowkey a bit of a minge, i'm the guy who made an event with a 10ft tall rainbow gungan after all, but there is a time and a place for these types of things. But the most important part is that people need to be aware that there is a line. If the officer is actively damaging 7th Sky's reputation and ability to operate, then actions will have to be taken to prevent that. If I were made CO, then the first thing on the 'to do list' would be to figure out whether or not the officers are doing their job correctly. If I believe they are, then that's great. However, the most important part of a regiment in my opinion is the officers doing their jobs correctly. If I find that officers aren't doing their jobs correctly (such as constantly minging when it's not appropriate or not doing their jobs correctly), then actions will be undertaken to fix these issues.
  8. Hey guys, i've been inactive for 2 months so I think it's warranted that I chuck a post in here. I'm Humbug, I was inactive for 2 months for reasons out of my control but i'm aiming to come back and do all the fun stuff people do on swrp. I'm coming back for good now so expect to play my shitty events and hear me shitpost again on the server. fr though happy to be back x
  9. In-game name: A-09 Humbug In-game Rank: 2nd Lieutenant Steam Link & ID: STEAM_0:1:79736052 https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198119737833 Why you want the role & what makes you the best candidate: I believe i'd be a great fit for 7th sky for the following reasons. Firstly, I have a very large amount of experience leading troops in various regiments. I have been playing SWRP since 2016 so I know the mode like the back of my hand. Although I have led troops on Gateway in regiments such as the 501st and ARC as an officer, I also have experience leading a large amount of regiments on other servers as well with distinction. Secondly, I actively enjoy helping the newer players get their heads around SWRP and I believe being the CO of a starter regiment would put me in a great position to do so. Aforementioned in my first point, I held an officer position in the 501st. As another one of the starter regiments, it put me on the forefront of helping new players be the best troops they can be. For me, this is one of the best parts of SWRP, helping players improve and to see their excitement at finally being able to do something they have been aiming to do for days. I believe that this shows my passion and dedication to the responsibilities of a starter regiment CO, and to show that my passion will drive me to constantly improve and make the regiment as good as it can be. Lastly, I take pride in the fact that I am always open to feedback and strive to constantly improve. Everyone makes mistakes. However, in my opinion the most fundamental aspect of a good commander over a bad one is their strive to constantly improve. I believe this dedication distinguishes me from other candidates as I acknowledge that I make mistakes and use these opportunities as a way to improve. I want to address some of the concerns people may have about me being the 7th Sky CO Firstly, my activity. For the last 2 months I have been inactive. This is due to various reasons that are out of my control, none of which being that I have lost interest in the game mode. However, these problems that prohibited me from being active are no longer an issue, and with all this spare time on my hands, i'd love to spend it leading 7th Sky to reach its full potential. Secondly, the fact that I have never been in 7th Sky. I understand this criticism the most. However, I don't want people to think that this wouldn't make me a good fit for CO. As mentioned 2 times before, I have a massive amount of experience in starter regiments and I can use these skills I have picked up over the years to guide 7th Sky in the right direction. If anyone has any questions about my app, feel free to ask below. Thanks for taking the time to read my application.
  10. Not leaving a -1 or anything considering I don't think I could make a good call as of now, but one piece of advice is to fix up all the grammar and spelling errors in the application. As an EM, these things are pretty important because you are constantly putting in !orders and stuff and when you misspell a word such as 'trial', then a bunch of people on the server aren't going to take your events as seriously as they would if you had fairly good grammar. I'm not having a go or anything, i'm sure you're a good guy, at least that's the impression I got of you in the short time I was in navy. It's just these types of things kind of matter when you are in the spotlight of the server for an hour as an event master.
  11. Big +1 for sharky, he constantly strives to improve and this mindset is instrumental for event masters to be good at their job. Great candidate for EM.
  12. Humbug

    Budget laptop

    I'm looking for a laptop because im going to be an uni student who can use a laptop for both study and gaming occasionally. It's kinda hard to bring a pc tower into a seminar.
  13. Humbug

    Budget laptop

    Hey boys, lets talk about the bestest, cheapest laptops. ATM i'm trying to find a new slapping machine I can call Yoho a nerd on and i'm trying to do it on the cheap. The cheapest one I have found is this bad boy at around $1300 with a gtx 1650, a typical 9th gen i7 and all the basic bells and whistles. https://www.lenovo.com/au/en/laptops/ideapad/ideapad-l-series/IdeaPad-L340-15IRH-Gaming/p/88IPL301161#tab-currentmodels If someone finds a better one, then I will reward them with a prize! (note the prize may or may not be real it's up to you to take that chance)
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