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  1. Not leaving a -1 or anything considering I don't think I could make a good call as of now, but one piece of advice is to fix up all the grammar and spelling errors in the application. As an EM, these things are pretty important because you are constantly putting in !orders and stuff and when you misspell a word such as 'trial', then a bunch of people on the server aren't going to take your events as seriously as they would if you had fairly good grammar. I'm not having a go or anything, i'm sure you're a good guy, at least that's the impression I got of you in the short time I was in navy. It's just these types of things kind of matter when you are in the spotlight of the server for an hour as an event master.
  2. Big +1 for sharky, he constantly strives to improve and this mindset is instrumental for event masters to be good at their job. Great candidate for EM.
  3. Frostiey

    Budget laptop

    I'm looking for a laptop because im going to be an uni student who can use a laptop for both study and gaming occasionally. It's kinda hard to bring a pc tower into a seminar.
  4. Frostiey

    Budget laptop

    Hey boys, lets talk about the bestest, cheapest laptops. ATM i'm trying to find a new slapping machine I can call Yoho a nerd on and i'm trying to do it on the cheap. The cheapest one I have found is this bad boy at around $1300 with a gtx 1650, a typical 9th gen i7 and all the basic bells and whistles. https://www.lenovo.com/au/en/laptops/ideapad/ideapad-l-series/IdeaPad-L340-15IRH-Gaming/p/88IPL301161#tab-currentmodels If someone finds a better one, then I will reward them with a prize! (note the prize may or may not be real it's up to you to take that chance)
  6. imagine not picking up 16 year olds from school in your 2006 Subaru Impreza WRX
  7. Although sometimes he can be frustrated and lash out of people, this is in no way indicative of me implying he would abuse his power or pamper his abilities to be a great EM. +1
  8. apart from the fact that i'm pretty sure* that the force pac is nicked from someone else, these are extremely basic PACs. Try to explore more aspects of PAC, maybe look at past applications for inspiration. However, inspiration doesn't mean straight up copy them so just try to make something orginal. For now -1 *I DON'T KNOW FOR SURE
  9. The only one I can kinda justify adding in is the nu-class, as the one we have atm is kinda shit. But we already have LFS versions of all the other aircraft on the server already.
  10. Great and approachable guy who would be more than capable as a mod. +1
  11. doubt it, allegedly they have a no shit cunt policy
  12. (non-lore) The planet of Skurr is a Republic outer rim planet that is a vital artery and stopping off point in the republic's supply routes in the outer rim, fueling instrumental battles such as the battle of Umbara so it is of utmost importance that this lane stays open. However, local resistance and discontent towards the Republic has amplified in recent times due to a intense planet wide famine. Calls to join the Confederacy of Independent Systems have been more common due to the Republic's inability to help with the famine. Spearheading this group is the violent terrorist cell known as the Skurr Pro-Independence Movement (better known as the SPI), which is led by a violent terrorist by the name of Zex Nowak. A Skurr senator by the name of Asa Kyrou is heading to Naboo to negotiate with Republic officials for food aid to ensure that the planet doesn't join the CIS, and to ensure that the trade route stays open. However due to the threat posed by the SPI, Republic High Command are sending us to make sure the meeting goes exactly according to plan. SPI are expected to attempt to disrupt the meeting so we need to make sure that doesn't happen. Doing a campaign this Saturday (14/09) hot off the EM feedback the EM's recently received, and I want to attempt to make a fun and compelling campaign. If anyone wants to help, pm me on discord and I hope to see as many of you as possible!
  13. I know i'm kinda just repeating what other people are saying, but it should be up to stooge on if he wants to add you back. You did some pretty horrible shit to him so you need to understand that it is more than justified if despite your connection to the server you stay banned. Yet again, it has been like 3 years so it's up to stooge on if he has forgiven you.
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