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  1. Horn Company Pilots when? But on a more serious note this seems like a great change, though I would like to see maybe some regimental pilots? Adding some lore would be fantastic as it would allow for more RP within pilots, though still being tied to navy might have some perks that aren't realized yet, honestly I like this idea and it should be brought forward to RHC/CO meeting as well to see if this changed could be brought into affect.
  2. -1 From me I've seen you been a constant minge for awhile now and breaking other more regimental based rules I doubt you would be a successful moderator.
  3. CS:S Surf would be a truly entertaining experience
  4. Will kills via entities count (turrets hehe xd)????
  5. The amount of detail IMO is fine as I don't have to spend 10 min reading this, all your responses make perfect sense to me gunna be a fat +1 from me.
  6. Get a better quality image please
  7. DC-15A Scoped is legit amazing me angry!!
  8. fat fucking minge stop saying bruh it hurts my feelings

  9. +1 From me detailed App and seems very serious with you the best of luck.
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