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  1. As far as I am aware no one ordered an army of unassigned apologies for the confusion.
  2. Ahahahaha, no, after scooby was poached he came back to horn then left for either an RC squad or CG I forget which one.
  3. Wonder where u got this idea from? Looks very epic.
  4. waaaaa, whilst we have clashed many times I never really had a negative opinion on you, more to do with the things you did, you ran ARC alright (I never really payed attention to ARC). The reason why your leaving saddens me and I hope the clone wars staff cleans itself up to stop any more members of the community leaving because of how they are acting. It's sad to see you go as you were always down to have a laugh about anything which i always liked. I hope we've settled our differences with our issues in the past. +1 PS The EM staff team is fine don't get mad at me @Yoho
  5. I've legit reacted twice so IDK how I'm going ham? With this whole scenario this isn't unexpected coming from Astro, he constantly loses his cool and has admitted to this in the past with this just being another example of him losing his cool. That attribute of constantly losing your cool I feel is something a staff member definitely shouldn't have and I'm personally bewildered on how your still staff with how frequent this happens. I can only Hope that the server management can hand out the appropriate punishment for such blatant abuse towards players of the community coming from a staff member. Like I said to you last time a similar situation occurred, breathe, think then respond don't instantly respond with what you believe is the right coarse of action, even calling other staff members to asses the situation would have resolved this whole issue a lot less aggressively and more professionally.
  6. As an official Foxtrot member I approve of this message.
  7. DK's definitely do not lack in the defensive department, their lack of mobility and how they lose alot of dps if they need to move or how they require a lot of build up to do their damage is what their greatest setback atm is, compared to some other dps specs.
  8. Dk's have been severely lacking this entire expansion except for instances such as Frost Dk in Uldir and Unholy for M+ (mostly in season 2) and pvp. Even with this DK's have the issue of being servery outclassed in what they do.
  9. As an avid death knight player I do not support Bolvar as he is 100% a Beta Male as seen from this cinematic, he does sweet fuck all apart from some remorseless winter spell and throwing a few rocks that could easily be dodged. His work with his hammer is borderline embarrassing. Hopefully with this expansion death knights will be receiving the buff they have needed for a while now. With the introduction of allied races being death knights is also very exciting though I hope there is a decent lore reason as to why they can become one. I'm overall pretty excited and with the recent reveal of abilities coming back such as summon gargoyle being baseline for Unholy or raise dead becoming available for all specs is very cool and has me hyped.
  10. Good to have you back! I'm glad you joined Horn Company, excited to see you around in game!
  11. Stop cringe reacting pls, thank you

    1. Solid Snake Rock hard

      Solid Snake Rock hard

      I'd cringe react but I'd get in trouble 😕

  12. +1 Whilst Bobby has hasn't always been the best behaved hes never blatantly gone out of his way to ever disturb/ruin anyone's experience, I do believe he should at least have his ban reduced as I feel permanent is a bit over the top. Whilst you were un-banned I personally experienced your improvement in behavior and your seriousness held within role play situations. With your low amount of in game warns and overall lack of toxicity held towards anyone in the community I believe you should be given a 2nd chance to return to the server.
  13. if ur reddit karma isn't 20 or above then don't talk to me 

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