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  1. As an official Foxtrot member I approve of this message.
  2. DK's definitely do not lack in the defensive department, their lack of mobility and how they lose alot of dps if they need to move or how they require a lot of build up to do their damage is what their greatest setback atm is, compared to some other dps specs.
  3. Dk's have been severely lacking this entire expansion except for instances such as Frost Dk in Uldir and Unholy for M+ (mostly in season 2) and pvp. Even with this DK's have the issue of being servery outclassed in what they do.
  4. As an avid death knight player I do not support Bolvar as he is 100% a Beta Male as seen from this cinematic, he does sweet fuck all apart from some remorseless winter spell and throwing a few rocks that could easily be dodged. His work with his hammer is borderline embarrassing. Hopefully with this expansion death knights will be receiving the buff they have needed for a while now. With the introduction of allied races being death knights is also very exciting though I hope there is a decent lore reason as to why they can become one. I'm overall pretty excited and with the recent reveal of abilities coming back such as summon gargoyle being baseline for Unholy or raise dead becoming available for all specs is very cool and has me hyped.
  5. Good to have you back! I'm glad you joined Horn Company, excited to see you around in game!
  6. Stop cringe reacting pls, thank you

    1. Solid Snake Rock hard

      Solid Snake Rock hard

      I'd cringe react but I'd get in trouble 😕

  7. +1 Whilst Bobby has hasn't always been the best behaved hes never blatantly gone out of his way to ever disturb/ruin anyone's experience, I do believe he should at least have his ban reduced as I feel permanent is a bit over the top. Whilst you were un-banned I personally experienced your improvement in behavior and your seriousness held within role play situations. With your low amount of in game warns and overall lack of toxicity held towards anyone in the community I believe you should be given a 2nd chance to return to the server.
  8. if ur reddit karma isn't 20 or above then don't talk to me 

  9. Thank you snake, very cool.

  10. As you can all see by the first slide in the slide show, the best regiment on the server Glorious Horn Company So from this I can confirm this is a great slideshow that all CO's should refer to on a daily basis.
  11. fat fucking minge stop saying bruh it hurts my feelings

  12. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\Clone Wars Event Master Application Before applying for event master make sure you understand that you must agree with everything in this thread, These are the rules. Remember at gateway gaming we care for the players above all, Passion takes you further than anything else. You may ask players to post their opinions on your application. Begging for +1's will give you a negative reputation. To all players +1'ing remember your +1 must have context and a reason as to why you as giving your +1. Jokes are also not tolerated. Pre-requisites: ○You must be already active. ○You must be calm and know how to handle stressful situations as an admin you will get stressed, a lot. ○You will need to participate in events and in some circumstances, Do events. As well as sits. ○You must be 14 years or older, or very mature. ○You must understand that your rank can be taken from you at any time. ○You agree that you will participate in play on the server at least every other day for longer then an hour or two. ○You must understand that as a Trial or otherwise Junior EM, you will be restricted on what you will be allowed to do on word of Senior/High staff, and disrespect to this fact will have consequences. ○You must understand that you may not get Admin when applying ○You must always be aware of event slot times and be active for them ○You must remember that when you apply for event master that whilst this role may receive the Event Master ulx rank, it is not admin. Basic Information Steam Name: OFFBRAND AIRPODS Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:59692438 In game alias: Snake/Lock Age: 16 Time Played: 226.12 Questions: How will you bring new and creative event ideas to the server?: My goal as an event master is to give/cater as much regiments their toys/specialties as much as possible whilst still giving good RP opportunities for those who wish to participate in it. Have you participated in many of our Events?: Yes, a lot whilst leading as a CO and just a standard trooper. Are you familiar with Gmod's wide range of NPC tools?: Yes. Name 3 tools that are at an Event Masters disposal within events and leave a small comment detailing each of their uses: Advance duplicator: This can be used as a quick and easy way to set up for the event which improves the player experience. NPC TOOLS: These can be used to command the npc's to push twords a certain area and to no-target my self so the NPC's don't randomly shoot in the air. ULX (Model) : This can be used to set up Event Charaters to add as an adversary or to RP within the event. Are you aware of how much a Gmod server can take or how unstable Gmod truly is?: Yes I have been in many events and seen first hand how much the server can take and what makes it break. Do you understand that you are not allowed to abuse your ULX rank outside of events? Provide 3 examples detailing different situations that would be considered abuse: Noclip: This should never be used out of an event I am making unless I am stuck, flying around the ship into places where I should not be is very abusive. Imitate: This should never be used under any circumstance as this can be easily used to make someone look stupid/bad when they never said anything. Slay: Randomly killing people agitates players and is extremely abusive, it is only ever to be used as a last resort against someone Mass RDMing, etc. Do you have any event experience? e.g. played a key character in an event before: Yes, thought not often but I have also watched people do events. On a scale of 1-10, how much lore knowledge do you have?: 4 On a scale of 1-10, how familiar are you with ulx commands?: 4 Make a comment regarding the recent events on our server and how they have inspired you to become an event master: My good friend Yoho, has shown to me how well a good event can impact on the player base and this has lead me to want to help out with events on the server. Do you understand that most events rely mainly on improvisation and mainly nothing goes to plan (ever)?: Yes, players will never 100% commit to what I have planned so I will need backup plans encase something goes haywire. How confident are you in providing briefings, debriefings, and in ensuring you're able to direct players throughout your events? As a CO I have lead and held many brief/briefings with this I have the confidence to hold briefings/debriefings well with out having a breakdown. Scenarios: 1. An event doesn't go to plan and General Grievous is crushed by an elevator. Players are laughing at you. What do you do? I would make an excuse like he escaped or roll with it and have a droid sneak in and rescue crucial body parts to rebuild him (to stay with in lore of him being alive). 2. A user is bad mouthing your events. How do you react? If it is obviously made to aggravate/annoy I won't care/ignore but I will ask for more in depth criticism to hope improve my events in the future. 3. You have to go AFK in the middle of an event you are running and there are no backups available. What should you have done to avoid this? Make a schedule, or double check to make sure I will be free for the scheduled time of my event, only way this can ever happen to me if my internet drops out which I really don't have any control over but will have back up hotspots, etc just encase. 4. Players and a few staff members are complaining about the amount of lag they're dealing with during your event. How do you resolve this? Delete unnecessary props and entities whilst trying to make a RP reason to do so if I can. To conclude your app. you are required to create and design your own event. This includes planets, maps and stage actions. Include lots of detail in your event design. You are required to involve PassiveRP elements. Before the event starts: The Navy will be contacted by Head of Staff Monolisk that the planet Kuat is under attack by the CIS and their vehicle building facilities have nearlly all been wiped out and how he is not impressed about how the Republic has not responded with haste. Navy will then plan a course to the planet and when they arrive will be greeted with multiple Muni's Briefing: Okay troopers the CIS have attacked Kuat the Republic's main vehicle building facility and has nearly wiped out all of the factories we need to board those LAAT's and head planet side ASAP move! I will then spawn LAATS and two vulture droids to emulate the ship being attacked Event: Once the map has been swapped to GM_Buttes I will place down a dupe representing a factory and place down a droid landing ship, then I will set up some EC's to be specialized droids and Head of Staff Monolisk. Once the event starts the troops will be ordered to defend the facility and engineers will be ordered to repair critical systems within the factory, (ray shielding, vehicle manufacturing, automated defence, etc). During the defense droids will 'drop' pieces that the troops will have to bring back to the factory, then every so often I will create a vote offering what these 'parts' can be spent on different things such as upgrade turrets, AT-RT's, AT-TE's, etc. IF the amount of vehicles starts to cause lag I will call them back to the factory explaining an engineer needs critical components of the vehicle to repair a system. After a while (Like 10 mins/what I feel has been long enough time or when all the systems are repaired) I will order the troops to push up and blow up the landing craft and that will end the event. After the Event: I will call briefing: Okay troopers we're successful in defending the factory and repairing its critical systems, with this the republic's vehicle manufacture is saved and will return to full production well done. Placements*
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