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  1. farted (farted)


    1. Yoho


      You smell like you farted

  2. I ran the best horn company on the server I'd love to be ur 2ic
  3. Please make sure the gambling stations on the new map are working so I can fuel my addiction.
  4. It's been probably around a year (give or take 1 or 2 months) since I last was a Gateway gamer, but I'm back and I plan on gaming hard not hardly gaming. As some of you might know I was the Self Proclaimed greatest Lock on the server :~) Hope to see some fellow Star Wars The Clone Wars role players new and old and participate in some (not mingy) epic fun role play. Yeah!
  5. This is funny and relateable I also agree that being in dooms unit is the funnest time I;ve hgad on the server!
  6. As far as I am aware no one ordered an army of unassigned apologies for the confusion.
  7. Ahahahaha, no, after scooby was poached he came back to horn then left for either an RC squad or CG I forget which one.
  8. Wonder where u got this idea from? Looks very epic.
  9. waaaaa, whilst we have clashed many times I never really had a negative opinion on you, more to do with the things you did, you ran ARC alright (I never really payed attention to ARC). The reason why your leaving saddens me and I hope the clone wars staff cleans itself up to stop any more members of the community leaving because of how they are acting. It's sad to see you go as you were always down to have a laugh about anything which i always liked. I hope we've settled our differences with our issues in the past. +1 PS The EM staff team is fine don't get mad at me @Yoho
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