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  1. Name: Maxonok Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198094339362/ In-game Name: T-1 Maxonok Server: Imperial RP Why do you want it: Wanting to see how the rp can go with inquisitor rather than jedi
  2. General Category Player of the Year - @Me nam e Jeff Best Artist/Content Creator - @Buck :), @Budds Best Meme - Nearly abs, @Strac's Burnt Pizza (don't care if it was last year still good), Imperial Server (boy how we forget) Best Newcomer - (will decide later) Most Memorable Player - Darkhai Best Username - Cadet supreme general commander overlord wormywings Most Skilled Player - @Rainn Most Improved/Redeemed Player - (will decide later) Best Builder - @Raccoon Roleplay Category Commander of the Year - @Fluxy Regiment of the Year - @Fluxy's Galactic Marines Best Roleplayer - @Corvus Best Duelist - @Pasha, @Knotts (the coward), Staff and Event Category Most Active Staff - @Stingel Most Helpful Staff - @Aussi Best Staff Newcomer - @Pluto, @Stingel Best Developer - @Aussi, @Rhinous, @Merc Best Event Master - @ItsGary, @Buck :) Best Campaign 2020 - Hopefully the upcoming spooky one Coming out on the 31st Of October; Be prepared to go through a clones worst nightmare; Coming this Halloween; The Battle of _____; Will you come out the other side saying you haven't changed? Most Friendly Staff Member - @Pluto, @Stingel, @ItsGary
  3. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to Jedi Archives GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: Garý Felman Known Alias’/Nicknames: Garý Previous Occupation: Jedi Youngling Current Occupation: Jedi Padawan Known Languages: Basic, Droidspeak Hobbies: Pondering on the force, Tinkering with machines seeing how they operate. Alignment: Jedi Order PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Calm Mental Disabilities: N/A Likes: Rest, studying components of electronics, Dislikes: Distractions Personality: Calm no matter the environment and situation. Forward thinking and a good sense of direction. PHYSICAL INFORMATION Physical State: Average Age: 17 Weight: 71kg Build: Average Disabilities: N/A Appearance: Unknown JEDI INFORMATION Rank: Padawan Master (current or previous): Kirth Griss, Truce Lightsaber details: basic hilt with a black cover made up of ebony wood and metal covering the main grip giving an ergonomically yet powerful feel. Green Kyber crystal infused allowing for a standard issued length and width of the blade itself. Combat style: Trained in both form 1 and form 3 BACKSTORY I don't know much about my life before the order. I have a few images come through my mind sometimes while meditating but the only other times I sometimes remember is when I am at rest. I get a warm feeling. Whether it is from someone touching me or a raging fire I do not know. All I do know is that I need to move on...however, I still bear the scars of what happened. It's why I have to wear the mask to allow for myself to heal. I do not know where the mask came from. Even the report of when I was found is conflicting. Some saying I was found next to it while others claim it was an artifact based to allow the user to close off distractions to concentrate on the force. Some say my mask can be found across the stars, while others say it is a one of a kind. Either way I do not know where it comes from all I know is that it helps with the burns and that is enough. Either way all the time I have been in the jedi order I have worn the mask. Certainly made me standout from the rest of the younglings. However was a painful experience, not being a youngling I meant more as a learning experience for me. Although it allowed for me to better concentrate on healing myself and others well, let's just say if I broke concentration I would be going into medical for a bacta bath for the rest of the day. However through much practice and patience I was finally able to keep myself under control. The healing process is slow but it is making progress. I do hope that in a few years time I will be able to remove this mask. However I need to stay calm and have patience. Thankfully the masters that I have had has helped me out especially during these times of war. My first master was Master Krith Griss. He was my first master and although he tried to make as much time as possible for me he had other priorities that I could not attend with him. From what I know of he is on a long term assignment in the deep core. Although Kirth Griss was able to give me most of the fundamentals I was able to learn most of my fundamentals from my Current Master; Master Truce. He has taught me most of my knowledge in terms of how to interpret and operate under the jedi code both within the temple and on the field. Unfortunately with the time of the clone wars we are having to be called into battle to try and maintain the peace among multiple systems. Myself and Truce where assigned to HOPE Squad. So far they have operated well and they seem to like us having being around. I know 'Stimpack' has gotten me interested in the droids themselves. Primarily on how they operate and function. Guess it is where I get my little interest in just tinkering and tuning any spare parts I get. For the time being I am still operating with them. I believe that by operating with HOPE squad and other clones we can get this war over with quickly rather than let it go on for to long and suffer the consequences. RELATIONSHIPS Krith Griss - First Master that began to teach me the fundamentals Truce - Second Master that taught me the rest of the fundamentals HOPE Squad - The Squad my master was assigned to. Have grown to trust each other on the field.
  4. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to clone database GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: [REDACTED] Known Alias’/Nicknames: Track Previous Occupation: [REDACTED] Current Occupation: Acting Director of the RMIOD Main Intelligence Division Known Languages: Basic, Mando'a, Droidspeak, [REDACTED] Hobbies: [REDACTED] Alignment: Grand Army Of The Republic, Republic Military Intelligence and Operations Division PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Stable Mental Disabilities: N/A PHYSICAL INFORMATION/DISABILITIES Physical State: [REDACTED] Age: [REDACTED] Weight: 82 kg Build: Fit and Combat Ready Disabilities: N/A ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Files have been heavily redacted due to his High ranking within the military and in the RMOID. However from the records that have not been completely blanked out the following has been pieced together. Some time ago Track was accepted into the republic military and was hand picked to become a potential Advisor for RMOID branch. He was assigned as a liaison for Advisor Ditali. After an unknown time was eventually able to pass the trial period and move into the role of Advisor. It is believed that there were a few operations that Track had to attend to while under Ditali, However only three files are available. First is about an operation where Republic Forces assaulted two CIS compounds. Unfortunately that seems to be all the information that was gathered as most of it is heavily redacted and censored. Second was an assault on a remote CIS research outpost. It is believed that mission objective was the Capture of a CIS scientist. From the reports it seems that it was successful however it was not as smooth as it could've been. It is unknown whether or not the scientist survived however it is assumed he died from his wounds either on the field or from interrogation. Final file designates the capture of an intel post located on Geonosis. A two pronged assault was made on both an underground compound and a droid facility. Finally a third assault was made on a setup outpost. Intel was apparently collected however has been classed as level 5 intel. As Track made through Advisor he quickly became a Student of one Director Carbon previous Director of the RMOID Main Intelligence division. All known files of collaboration or Assistance or generally any meetings between them have had their contents heavily censored or has been heavily redacted. There has also been another individual spotted throughout the earlier reports of one individual with the name Greg and title of Director Of Engineering. It is unknown what connection these two hold however all files about this Greg are either unknown or do not exist. Although there have been numerous reports of Track's work all throughout the galaxy there has yet to have any files about him operating either major campaigns or assisting any major campaigns. It has been sited as very odd to say the least that anyone with this high of rank has yet to operate a major scale invasion or planetary campaign. However what can't be understated is the amount of Advisors he has assisted within the RMOID. It is unknown how many in total but it is believed he is closing the gap in with General Legacy. Finally the most known report was when Director Carbon was announced as MIA/E-KIA. It is believed that an emergency meeting was called. The final decision was made to allow for Track to become Acting Director of the RMOID Main Intelligence Division. He now answers to only three people: Advisor Jieves, Grand Master Yoda, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine. Although It has been sometime since he has made active duty due to the new role. However it seems that he has inducted one of RHC code named Kane. It seems that he has become a student under Track and seems to have taken the reigns of what he was previously doing. Track does seem to want to come onto the field more and hopefully in the future he will be appearing more often.
  5. So our next lore campaign will be General Grievous getting owned by Gungans.
  6. Your Name / Nominated Players Name: Maxonok Your in-game Name: Knockout/Mij Gilamar Your Regiment: 91st/Cuy’val dar
  7. Name: Maxonok (In-game Knockout/Mij Gilamar) Server: Clone wars
  8. Although you don't have a lot of knowledge on ULX however ULX knowledge does not make a good EM. you still have plenty of experience playing in events and being key characters throughout the events. I am liking the answers to the scenario's and also like how you intend to play out the event. Overall +1
  9. plz can we have this. will help to stress test +1
  10. I can honestly say +1. I have known you since you have first joined 7th and I believe that your event is very interesting and holds potential.
  11. In-game name - Maxonok/Knockout Alias - Maxonok Jedi slot I would also like to nominate highrise of 91st for Jedi (also goes by the alias of Corvus)
  12. Thanks Spirit. And about the ULX powers, I do fully understand that moderators and admins normally take the job when dealing with minges and tickets. However, there have been occasions where EMs have had to deal with tickets before and due to this, I must be prepared to not abuse any ULX commands and allow Moderators and Admins to take tickets unless they have been left open for too long
  13. Clone Wars Event Master Application Current Steam Name; [GG] Maxonok Steam ID; STEAM_0:0:76561198094339362 In-game Alias; Maxonok, Greg Age; 19 Time played; 407 hours on the server, 865 hours on Gmod Questions Q.How will you bring new and creative event ideas to the server? A. I would bring more creative storylines that could bring more potential for passive RP to troopers on the field. I will also attempt to create interesting and new challenges to the troopers on the field always keeping them on their feet. Q. Have you participated in many of our events? A. I have participated in many events on the GG server. I have been the main focal point of some events (e.g. Engineer moving crates, 7th sky escorting a convoy, etc.). I have also participated in some Campaigns that EMs have done e.g. the beast, the one that was 12 hours long. Q. Are you familiar with Gmod’s wide range of NPC tools? A. I am not at the current time however with practice and dedication I can develop my skill using them and hope to use them to its full potential. Q. Name 3 tools that are at an Event Master disposal within events and leave a small comment detailing each of their uses A. 3 tools that an EM has at their disposal are: the NPC tool (set), Teleporter and, advanced duplicator. The NPC tools allow the user to not only move and Control their actions but also dictate what targets are friendly or hostile and also decide what weaponry they can have. The Teleporter tool allows for troopers not to cover any long distance and wasting time but allows for rapid deployment and keeps their focus on the mission and not complaining about walking time The advanced duplicator allows for certain dupes to be spawned in and allows for more creative opportunities to be had within the events and allows for certain scenario to be set up. Q. Are you aware of how much a Gmod server can take and how unstable Gmod truly is? A. I have crashed my game from spawning in a 1x1 cube before. I am fully aware that Gmod is an unstable game and, while I do not know how much a Gmod server can take I have been in scenarios where the server has crashed due to many props being spawned at once and the server lagging due to many props/ragdolls being on at once. Q. Do you understand that you are not allowed to abuse your ULX rank outside of events? Provide 3 examples detailing different situations that would be considered abuse: A. I Understand that although tempting, ULX abuse is not permitted while not in an event. 3 cases of ULX abuse are: 1. Teleporting yourself or other players. You are only meant to do this to players' that are either needed in a certain location and cannot make it to yourself for certain reasons or you must get to a player immediately to resolve a potential issue e.g. requesting tools. 2. No-clipping. No clipping yourself should only be used in events and potentially if you are stuck. It should not be used to travel through the ship 3. Slaying. There is potential to kill anyone using ULX. This is strictly off limits unless you are dealing with a minge and even then it should be a last resort. Q. Do you have any event experience? A. I have been an event character once or twice and, have been part of a group that the event is based on e.g. heavy vehicle driving, Using engineer skills to move crates. Q. On a scale of 1-10, how much lore knowledge do you have A. 7-6 While I can brush up on my lore I do know a fair bit. Q. On a scale of 1-10, how familiar are you with ULX commands A. 1 or 2. I am not very experienced myself however I am willing and eager to learn Q. Make a comment about the recent events on our server and how they inspired you to become an event master A. There have recently been a lot of events where we have been saving other regiments. We haven’t had a lot of campaigns or big events with huge explosive endings. I miss those events and am willing to try and bring them back. Q.Do you understand that most events rely on improvisation and mainly nothing goes to plan (ever)? A. I completely understand this as I have been part of many events that have gone “wrong”. Q. How confident are you in providing briefings, debriefings, and in ensuring you’re able to direct player throughout your events? A. As a CO of a sub-company, I am confident in producing both debriefs and briefings. I have also lead my regiment during many events and I am confident in leading troopers and trying to get them to complete their goals. Scenarios Q. An event doesn’t go to plan and General Grievous is crushed by an elevator. Players are laughing at you. What do you do? A. Improvise. Say that General Grievous was able to escape by faking his death in an elevator an heading to a nearby shuttle and continue on with either spawning in more droids to keep the men occupied or if near the end of the event end it and get people on the LAATs Q. A user is bad mouthing your events. What do you do? A. Tell everyone to message you if they have feedback about recent events Q.You have to go AFK in the middle of an event you are running and there are no backups available. What should you have done to avoid this? A. If potential try and set up a schedule in advance and see if you are able to a fully capable to complete an event in the time frame given. Also if there are no backup EM’s available try and see if moderators can finish off the event or if none are available see if you can improvise and end the event e.g. droids suddenly got hit with an EMP destroying the droids circuitry. Q. Player and a few staff members are complaining about the amount of la they’re dealing with during your event. How do you resolve this? A. I would check and see if there are any unneeded props or any ragdolls that could be gotten rid of. I would also spawn in fewer NPCs that could lag out the server. Event Briefing - " Troopers as of recently we have stopped receiving a signal from one of our research facilities in the local quadrant. Since we are the nearest forces in the area we have been tasked with investigating why the base has gone dark. We'll see if we can get more information once we are planetside. For now, troopers board up on the LAATs." Change map from Venator to event_outpost-b1 Event Setup - have 3-4 EC characters. One would be the enemy commander for using hcomms to communicate with the ground forces. Another would be one of the scientists' assistants that survived and would direct them to the most important consoles. The other 1 or 2 possible ECs could be commando droids using hcomms to communicate to one another or the commander. Their main job is to say that they have intel on the research station and are waiting for extraction back to the CIS fleet in orbit and while waiting are able to take out a few clones by sniping them. There will be two LAATs for transporting troops to the station and will also provide fire support outside. Horn company will have it's standard issue turrets. No jetpacks. Setup consoles and ragdolls as well as certain dupes that make it look like they had experiments happening and make the lights in the base turn off. Navy will have their own platform acting as the Venator doing naval RP. Briefing on the ground - Explain that we have tried to still make contact with the research station however all we have heard is static. Tell them to find anyone that could explain why there has been no contact and expect the worst. In-game event - Get LAATs loaded up and moving. As soon as they land hcomms from the commandos saying that there is republic activity in the area and that evac should be here soon. Navy will be doing system checks. As the team is exploring the base they will eventually stumble on the assistant EC. the EC will explain what has happened and will attempt to get the lights of the base back online. In the meanwhile, a CIS providence class cruiser will exit out of hyperspace and will provide a distraction for the evac to come planet side to pick up the snipers. There will be multiple waves of droppods with varying droids. During this, the assistant will direct forces to terminals that they must extract data from terminals in order to gain as much research and data as possible. Near the end of the event where there are only a few terminals left the droid snipers will get evaced off planet however will disclose that there device setup has been armed and ready to blow. Troopers will then be asked to get to the LAATs as radiation levels are spiking indicating a bomb and mission will be over with an explosive finish. Change Back to Venator/any other Homebase On-ship debrief The good ending - "Excellent work out there troopers. Not only were you able to get all the data and save the scientist but also you were able to take out the droid commandoes that had taken the information from the base. Although we lost the base as a whole the data and research is still intact and will be physically moved to Coruscant to avoid any data corruption. I do believe that the Assisstant has some words to say. Anyways overall good work. Now onto placements..." Data extracted but Assistant dead and droids dead - "Good work out there troopers. You were able to recover some of the experiments and data from the terminal in the research station. Unfortunately, we lost one of the only survivors during the CIS raid. However, I have heard reports of CIS snipers being taken out whilst on the field so overall good job. Let us move onto placements..." Data extracted but Assistant dead and droids alive - "Good work out there troopers. You were able to recover some of the experiments and data from the terminal in the research station. Unfortunately, we lost one of the only survivors during the CIS raid. I have also gotten reports of a droid commando squad evacing from the area. I don't know what this means but let us just hope that no data is missing. Onto placements..." The bad ending - "Troopers... what the hell happened down there. The data that was extracted was nearly useless. Very much shows signs of a rushed job. Also what happened to that survivor. From the reports I got, he was gunned down by CIS. From the head cam footage, it barely looked like you were escorting him at all. And the worst part is that you allowed a CIS droid Commando squad to escape. At this current time, we are unaware if these droids had any data on them however currently we believe that they do. If you are expecting placements I should go from the mediocre to the worst. Your all dismissed." After debrief - get navy to set a course to Coruscant to drop off any data for the Republic scientist to analyze and/or drop off the Assistant. Also if the Assistant is alive allows CG to interrogate the Assistant for any information about the attack before we arrived.
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