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  1. Hey everyone, It's me, back with another round of Feedback Forms. As always, a big thanks to everyone who takes the short time to fill these out. Results are anonimized and shared amongst Executive Staff, Management and any other ears that it needs to reach and is crucial in driving our community experience forward. This month's form has some of the generic update questions on our staff and event teams, with some new questions I'd like you to answer sprinkled in. Thanks for playing everyone, and here's to an awesome summer period on Gateway. More to come Form Link
  2. Deja vu I've just been in this place before Higher on the street And I know it's my time to go
  3. And another promotion goes to @Centurion, who has become the Clone Wars RP Head Administrator!
  4. A few promotions tonight, Please give a big round of applause to: - Buck: Promoted to Senior Event Master - Quebix: Promoted to Junior Event Master - Raccoon: Promoted to Moderator - Ignorant: Promoted to Moderator
  5. Another (B)interesting map option: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1974029503
  6. Welcome back Big Boy eBay Man
  7. The Prison Arc was pretty special. Great work.
  8. # ... Entering alias # ... Alias accepted # ... Enter secret # ... Secret enabled # ... Access granted to republic database GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: Arthur Daniel Bellion Known Alias’/Nicknames: None Previous Occupation/s: Republic Starfighter Corps [Flight Commodore] Republic Intelligence [REDACTED] Unknown Period of Off-Grid Activity [Criminal History?] Outer Rim Civilian [Farmer] Current Occupation: Commander-in-Chief of the Republic Starfighter Corps Known Languages: Basic, Mando'a, Droidspeak, Chiss, Dathomiri, Rodian, Huttese, Jawaese, Jawa Trade Language, Tusken, Ubese and others. Hobbies: Managing the operations of his privately owned farm in the Outer Rim, Chess, Dog-fighting Alignment: Grand Army Of The Republic, Military Intelligence, The Tion Cluster Syndicate PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Questionably Stable Mental Disabilities: N/A PHYSICAL INFORMATION/DISABILITIES Physical State: Fit for his age Age: 56 Weight: 98kg Build: Broad Shouldered, Muscular, Wrinkled. Disabilities: Prosthetic Right Leg due to losing it many years ago. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION 「Bellion has made it known to the Archivists that any and all details of his life are to be approved by himself before publishing. While none of the information listed in this file is false or redacted, we cannot ensure that all details of all points raised are present here.」 [DATA FILE RETRIEVED . . . EXTRACTED FROM LEAKED RAXUS PUBLIC RECORDS SYSTEM] Arthur Daniel Bellion was born on the planet of Raxus in 79 BBY to William Bellion and Matilda Ackheart. Being a member of a simple farming family, Bellion's claims of him starting off his life in the fields is verifiable. He worked hard to impress his father in their trade faithfully until the age of 17, where his mother was kidnapped by members of a Crime Syndicate known as the Red Hand, who operated out of Raxulon, the capital city. These were before the days of the Confederacy, and local Republic Law Enforcement were disinclined to disturb the Syndicates, and disrupt their relative peace. Arthur had pleaded with his father to gather the able bodied men in their village to stage an infiltration of the Red Hand's warehouse, that Arthur had scouted out prior. Unfortunately, William Bellion was a weak hearted man, and simply broke apart, sobbing and praying for the safe return of his wife, even after being sent a video recording asking for ransom money. This is eventually what drove Arthur over the edge. He set out alone for the Red Hand's Warehouse Base, armed with nothing but his wit, athletic ability, and a short grass cutter blade. Arthur killed over 12 men that day, including his own mother, in a horrible accident... Little information can be obtained about Arthur Bellion during his late teens and early adulthood. Based of reports from the Local Police Archives, it is believed that Arthur Bellion was thrown out of his own home after a physical confrontation with his father, who died 2 years later of alcohol problems. Bellion also moved to Raxulon during this time, and came into various confrontations with local gangs and criminals. It is assumed that Bellion considered himself a bit of a vigilante, and quickly toppled many of the local street gangs. At one point, through unknown means, Bellion was able to outsmart and best all of his pursuers, and assassinated the leader of the Red Hand Syndicate in secret. Bellion quickly covered up the murder of the leader of the Red Hand, Salco Guartamila, and proceeded to operate the Syndicate from the shadows, under Salco's name and likeness using hologram projections and an expert knack for mimicry. Details of this period are sketchy due to many records being lost after the outbreak of the Clone Wars, but Bellion is assumed to have taken down various other Syndicates during this time, as he was officially listed as a close trade associate and aide to the Senator of Raxus at the time. As with all cases of Government Corruption, proof of any misconduct on Bellion's part does not exist in public records. These details have been provided by Bellion himself [DATA FILE EXPUNGED . . . GENERATING SUMMARY FILE . . . EXTRACTED FROM REPUBLIC INTELLIGENCE DATABASE] Years passed, and in 30 BBY, Bellion was arrested by Raxus Law Enforcement in a coordinated raid ordered by the Senator, and was transferred to Coruscant to await trial. Bellion would be sentenced to death, but escape his cell the night before the sentence was to be handed out. He had smuggled in data disks on his person, and was caught by a member of staff still inside the building while he was downloading sensitive data belonging to the Chancellor. The man who caught Bellion was the Director of Military Intelligence, Armand Isard. Isard chose to train Bellion rather than have him executed, and the next 5 years were assumed to have seen Bellion serve in first the militia wing of the organisation, gaining the rank of Sergeant Major. Then after an incident involving his capture and location of a dangerous Geonosian Spy, Bellion was transfered to the Operative Division, and served Military Intelligence as a Lieutenant until 25 BBY, where in an unprecedented series of events, he was promoted out of season to Deputy Director, second in command of the Division under Isard. This led to the defection of the existing Operative Department Chief, Bellions former superior. Bellion executed the Chief in cold blood inside a conference room. [DATA FILE RECIEVED . . . EXTRACTED FROM REPUBLIC HIGH COMMAND DATABASE] Bellion was immediately expelled from Military Intelligence at the request of the Advisor Council, and after weighing his options, transferred to the Republic Starfighter Corps as a Flight Commodore, leading the 10th System's Army's fighter squadrons against small pirate raids and rebellions in the years leading up to the outbreak of the Clone Wars. In 21 BBY, Bellion was promoted, at the behest of the Supreme Chancellor, and Director Isard, directly to the rank of Grand Marshal. Ranking member of Republic High Command and Commander-in-Chief of the Starfighter Corps across all the Systems Armies. To this day, Bellion considers his role in High Command as his "retirement plan" and continues to employ his.... questionable background and skills from his Black Ops days in the fight against the CIS. He one day wishes to purchase the planet of Raxus once it is liberated from Confederacy control. Rumor has it that Bellion still actively maintains his criminal syndicate connections to assist in his dispense of justice in the name of the Republic. Some even say that he still directly controls the massive Red Hand Syndicate and its subsidiaries. Arthur Bellion truly fights for the Republic, but not in ways that the Senate needs to like...
  9. Thank you Private Dogfood! The work you've put in has been epic, and having a long time staff member that didn't fall into the depravity of drugs and drink, or retardation was a beacon of hope. See you around.
  10. After a long tenure, @Budds has stepped down from the Development Team. He served his Monk'e overlords well. Wish him the best.
  11. Pretty cool. It's always neat seeing all the cool things you're all making in your spare time
  12. @Khai has stepped down from the team due to personal irl circumstances. Thanks for all your hard work over the past year! @ItsGary has been promoted to Junior Event Master for passing his Trial Period. Great work! @Centurion has been made PAC3 Manager. Please go to him with any concerns/questions regarding PAC3.
  13. As I'm sure it is the case with many people, I played for both aspects. The more time you spend with us, the more community becomes the primary highlight. Content, RP, in character stuff is a great framework, but a community is nothing without its players.
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