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  1. Accepted Welcome to the team
  2. Nah the best place for that is the balcony outside the Naval Command Centre.
  3. Before I or anyone else weighs in on your application, I suggest that you go back through it and correct all the grammatical mistakes. There are quite a few, and an application should do its best to look professional. I also suggest you make the colour of the questions different from the answers. Makes it much easier to read.
  4. Yes @Corvus @Chunky if I don't see some of that juicy regimental training and roleplay I'm replacing Jania with de_dust2
  5. Hello everyone. Thanks to some hard work from our Development Team, the issues plaguing several of our base maps has finally been resolved. This means that both Anaxes and community favourite Jania are being put back into the rotation. We'll be giving you a break from any Venators for awhile. The new rotation for November is as follows: Monday - Jania Tuesday - Jania Wednesday - Jania Thursday - Jania Friday - Anaxes Saturday - Anaxes Sunday - Anaxes
  6. I'm happy to see that you've put a lot of thought into this application. While a little on the short side, your answers to the scenarios provide a detailed and simple look at the many ways you can go about dealing with a staff situation. You're an upstanding and well known member of the community who I think the staff team could greatly benefit from having on the roster. There is one small adjustment I would reccomend however. When warning the user who is repeatedly abusing you, further infractions after a formal warning should generally result in a ban from the server (Whether that be 3 days or 15 days. Whatever is deemed most appropriate). +1
  7. User will undergo a 2 week trial period
  8. The Hyperspace Tool is a stain.
  9. Denied User may re-apply in 1 month
  10. Denied User may re-apply in 1 month
  11. * Fist pumps * Yoda doesn't need those Centrelink payments just yet. My employment continues!
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