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  1. Threatening to Ddos is and has always been a rule that is very clearly defined as immediately ban worthy. It was quite silly to make such a threat in the first place. Since I am not the banning Administrator, I will leave this to @Lunar's discretion but how can we tell you weren't being serious with your statement? The world takes all kinds.
  2. I don't see how offering an opposing opinion to the existing opinion could be construed as bashing but alright my man.
  3. I personally don't see much of a point to frag counts. For the majority of the time on the server (that being in between events and downtime) kills mean screw all.
  4. Just doing my duty sir. /me salutes
  5. This is undetermined at this time. We will most certainly be playing the coruscant map every day for at least a week before we then create a new rotation, just like any new map.
  6. The fact that holds me back from giving you a plus 1 Ninja, isn't simply because you're too young. It's actually because, at least in my experience, you let yourself get riled up and heated when the fact is pointed out to you. The staff team doesn't have a strict age requirement, only maturity. At this current time, I don't believe you're the right fit for the staff team, but I admire your passion and drive to help others at such a young age. Good luck, but it's a -1 from me.
  7. Aye. This is tragic.
  8. The best generation CG has ever seen. I see no issues.
  9. If you're close enough to get a handjob yeah.
  10. Since the fire puncher and republic sniper have the same stats, this is strange..
  11. Keep the frames. The scopes balance out the power of the weapon.
  12. Both sights are pretty aids though.
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