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  1. You can achieve most of these ideas by getting off your ass and just doing it. Hardly any of this would require a standalone regiment.
  2. Hold up Beatroot. We have a new competitor...
  3. Spirit


    Andy, you have consistently been the only person at certain points in my time that has saved the EM teams ass. When we had periods of no passion or effort put into events, I could always rely on you to keep that spark alive. It's in people's nature to talk shit, but let's be real. A good amount of people who might have talked trash about your efforts likely couldn't top them in the first place. I'll admit that's been the case on my end once or twice. Some will remember you for what you did wrong, but the people worth talking to will remember what you did well. Good luck, and take care of yourself.
  4. You've matured a lot since you last left the server. Maybe we both changed, since I don't hate your company anymore. The opposite, really. Chunky is one of the boys in a good aspect. Your past experience as well as your current maturity and attitude on the server lend themselves well in your favor. +1 and good luck.
  5. Spirit


    We were due for a Filipino eventually. Welcome
  6. Should work pretty well in the bottleshop
  7. This is kind of poggers. Imo the ship area should be sacked and just include a navy area, and use the extra grid space to turn the barracks building into a proper Military outpost with amenities like RSEC, briefing, medbay etc. The edits look good so far.
  8. Bullseye has been around for a few years at this point, and has never stopped maintaining a great attitude and enthusiasm for the server. You'd be silly not to recruit him. +1
  9. It's very easy to implement. The only opposition to this would be personal, not logical. It would literally take 10 minutes to draft up a list of roles/positions categorized as Priority 1, and others that are Priority 2, with no instances of having multiple Priority 1 roles being permitted outside of very, very special circumstances. Management approval or something.
  10. As soon as that pesky covid shit goes away. And as soon as @Sloth is willing to carpool with me and like 5 other guys on the way up.
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