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  1. As soon as that pesky covid shit goes away. And as soon as @Sloth is willing to carpool with me and like 5 other guys on the way up.
  2. It's been a good long while I think. It's been a lengthy run, and I've taken on roles and responsibilities I certainly didn't plan on. I hope I did well enough in my roles for you girls and boys. With pressures of that elusive thing called real life, work, personal mental health, etc. means that I've worked myself up to a decision. As of today, I'm no longer an active member of the Executive, or any Server Staff teams. As of now I'm maintaining the role of Advisor to assist staff and @s8n in his efforts, as it takes a long time for people to gain the responsibility of operating the community's back end processes. I've got a little bit of a shortlist of some eetswa fellas that I've hit it off with along the way. Here we go. @Maxonok, @Thunder/Dallas, @Strac @Jesse - The obligatory ode to the OG Regiment. All of you guys really formed my enjoyment for this community and are the ones who got me hooked. Always was a load of fun taking 7th and turning into a powerhouse. Always will remember the boys, even if I don't talk with some of you often. @Ren - You seemed to think I wasn't a total retard, and accepted me into the team alongside the likes of some pretty cool fellas such as @Springs0 and @Kyroe. Thanks for being patient through the baby steps. @Vyve, @Lunar, @Jeff The Māori - Retards, Chumps and good mates all around. You guys really sort of helped shape what the staff team was during my own early days. I'll never forget the late nights of pure artform levels of minging, RHC bullshittery, and endless sources of stupid screenshots and quotes for the teamspeak channels. Maybe I'll come check out FiveM finally @RedPanda - My personal favorite retard running Navy. Nelson Mandela is still terrorizing the streets of South Africa to this day @Corvus, @Sloth - You two really helped make 91st the best time I've had playing the server. I'm glad I poached you off of Vyve @Corvus. @Coric - Senior in the staff team and Jedi until you dumped everything on me . You've been a voice of reason, excellent role model and awesome person to be around throughout these past few years. Keep joining the teamspeak so we can play other gamezzzz. @Ajax, @Beatroot, @Zia, @Rhinous, @Linguine, @Rippa - The Skumbagz. Never expected to interact with any of you very much early on, but I came to appreciate the solid advice, stupid gmod horror map runs, and laughs from all of you. @Budds, @Aussi - For similar yet different reasons I always enjoy playing with and talking to you guys. Hope to continue doing so @Alluh, @Choog - I never took the chance to get to know you two very well before Imperial 2.0, but certainly glad I did so. Very good friends and won't be dropping from the DMs in a hurry @s8n - Mans broke his vow of solo Management for me. In those days, he ran a one man show, and gave me the opportunities I've been so lucky to have. We all do our part, but Gateway really would be nothing without this man's steadfast commitments. Thanks Bhomas. I've met and gamed with far too many of you all to include everyone I'd like to, but any longer and this would go from cringe to giga cringe. You'll see me around. Peace.
  3. It's not off the cards. I've been talking about it with Budds but we got distracted by Valheim.
  4. Hey everyone, It's me, back with another round of Feedback Forms. As always, a big thanks to everyone who takes the short time to fill these out. Results are anonymized and shared amongst Executive Staff, Management and any other ears that it needs to reach and is crucial in driving our community experience forward. This month's form has some of the generic update questions on our staff and event teams, with some new questions I'd like you to answer sprinkled in. Thanks for playing everyone, and we hope you have enjoyed the launch period of our server as much as we have. Much more to come. Form Link
  5. /--------------------------------------------\ \\ Accessing Imperial Database // \\ Please insert Login Details // \\ User: user | Password: ****** // \\ Access Granted // \\ Welcome user // \\ Search ID: A-78 // \\ A-78 code name: "Varr" found // \\ Accessing files // \--------------------------------------------/ Full Name: Test Subject #325-ARC-78 Known Alias’/Nicknames: Varr Previous Occupation: Civilian, SCAR Experiment, Criminal Current Occupation: ARC 3IC, Grenadier Unit Leader & Recruitment Officer. Known Languages: Galactic Basic, Mandoa, Aurebesh, Droid Speak Hobbies: N/A Alignment: Neutral PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Unstable if pushed too far Mental Disabilities: Cognitive Functions may go into overload under extreme duress due to the genetic modifications to his nervous system. Likes: Large Explosions, Grapple Hooks, Chess Dislikes: Disloyalty, Sloppiness PHYSICAL INFORMATION/DISABILITIES Physical State: Healthy. Age: 35 Weight: 92 Kilograms Build: Broad Shouldered, Lean, Toned, Scarred Disabilities: None. RELATIONSHIPS Dead| Death Wish | Hatred || Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Best Friend | _________________________________________________________________________________________ TBD \--------------------------------------------/ PROFILE DATA ENTRY A-78 ‘Varr’ Is a modified human once part of the old SCAR Trooper Program who was chosen at a young age to undergo genetic modifications, and extreme body morph experiments in the Empire’s efforts to create effective human super soldiers, without needing to rely on the Kaminoans cloning methods. Formerly 'S-78', Varr was part of the first SCAR batch, and was deployed as an elite covert operative during the Reconquest of the Rim. Eventually discharged and “mind wiped” due to the elimination of a superior officer on the battlefield, Varr lived for a short time as a syndicate thug on Coruscant. He was arrested a year later, and retrained in the latest ARC Trooper Program: Generation 1, the new iteration of SCAR based on and around the legendary Advanced Recon Commandos of the Clone Wars. Without the genetic modifications of the original SCAR Experiments, this battalion simply took in and nurtured the finest soldiers of the Empire, as well as veteran clones from the Republic Era. In Generation 1 training, Varr met his two new superior officers, A-13 and A-07: some of the first members of the Generation 1 program. Varr now leads the Grenadier Unit, and uses his experience as an original SCAR experiment to recruit promising new blood into the Advanced Recon Commandos.
  6. Hey everyone, It's that time of the year again. Gateway Gaming has raced through its 4th year of existence in a flash. Despite some pretty crappy real life global issues hitting us throughout, we as a community have managed to only get closer together as a result. It's been an honor on the part of myself and the rest of the Executive Team having all of you players and staff with us every step of the way in 2020. We've once again branched out into Imperial Roleplay, and with it we have welcomed a host of new players and staff into the fold. We hope you have as much fun here as everyone else has. There's a lot on the way for GG in 2021. Many more updates, new content, events and good times to be had by all. We hope to see you there for the ride. Thanks for being a part of what we do here, and here's to an even better 2021.
  7. Yeah, event quality will improve drastically now that server pop is something approaching normal.
  8. Thanks for posting this, by the way. It will be taken on board as we move forward with server development.
  9. Campaigns here on Gateway feature the main server being stationed on one map, serving as the main base of operations for the event, with various miscellaneous objectives popping up there throughout the day while the main events happen periodically on the event server. Server performance issues aside, these Campaigns are exactly what you're looking for. The last few days have been spent off for Christmas, but we do have some content on the way that we hope will continue to improve players ability to access roleplay opportunities with ease.
  10. Good to have you with us.
  11. The Model wasn't cleared with Yoda, or Executive Staff. It's not going to be used
  12. Congratulations to @Coric for gaining the position of Scout Commander. Good luck!
  13. At ease Commander. Thank you Andy. It's been a good run.
  14. Disclaimer This thread will contain spoilers for the latest episode of the Disney + original series "The Mandalorian" Chapter 15: The Believer Share your thoughts on the episode below! Please use the following tags when posting in this thread. [Spoiler] TEXT [/Spoiler]
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