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  1. Seeing this post initially shocked me. My all-time favourite EM, Andy-pandy, resigning from his spot. Thank you for all the fantastic events that you hosted and the all-around dedication & commitment you had for the community. Thank you for consistently putting your hand-up at the last minute to host events when no one else would - then throwing together an event for the community, no matter the consequence. I'll always remember the event where you let me play as High General Obi-Wan Kenobi - it blew my mind at the time, and since I was so new to the server, it was a special occasion I'll always appreciate. Best of luck with your career endeavours brother!
  2. I've played around a tad with this in singleplayer and edited the weapon's values. If you cap the RPM at 800, with a linear increase starting from 80 RPM over 6 seconds to achieve the 700 RPM - that should have a massive effect on not only the situation usage of the weapon but also the lag it emits. Its one of those iconic weapons that makes some kits really unique, so changes will have to occur to make it user-friendly. Though will such a change also effect the Galactic Marine's RT-97c which has a fire-rate of 525 RPM? With 5 of my Marines using them, you'd expect the same circumstances to occur. Food for thought.
  3. Can you do a psych eval report for 2nd Lieutenant Keller?
  4. Your activity, care for the community, but also your maturity and unbias regard in dealing with matters would make you a perfect fit for such a role. +1
  5. Vyve


    Greetings you quality Support Trooper!
  6. Vyve's Trial Moderator Application ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Checklist: _____________________________________________________________________________ Do you have TS3 Installed? Sure do, I'm on the Gateway Gaming TS every day. Do you enjoy helping other people? Yes, I've committed 1/3 of my life to volunteering in my local community as well as in other online communities with the intention of assisting others for the betterment of society and the community at hand. Are you willing to test your stress? Yes, in fact, I enjoy doing so. List your current playtime: (Click Here) GMod Total: 4090hrs Gateway Gaming: 330hrs (since 3/3/19) Are you willing to learn new ways to approach situations? Absolutely. There are always new things we can learn and furthermore improve on overtime, not only for the enrichment of the community but also ourselves. Do you have a problem with any of our current staff members? Not that I am aware of, though if there are members of the Gateway staff team who have an issue with me in any way, shape or form I welcome them in open arms to let me know so we can have a chat and resolve our differences. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Requirements: _____________________________________________________________________________ Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:56640461 Steam Profile Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/VyveAU Current in-game alias: Lieutenant Captain Vyve, 2nd Lieutenant 'Keller' & Padawan Elyse Y'fey How known are you on a scale of 1-10?: Due to my activity, outspokenness and my role in the Coruscant Guard, I would say I would fit in the 8-9 range. How will you becoming a moderator make an impact on the community? As a Moderator and member of the Gateway Gaming staff team, my prior experience from both the real world and previous online communities over the past 8 years would allow me to present a fresh, unbias and forthright point-of-view and voice in the community. My ability to handle stressful situations and remain calm, collected and confident will allow me to justly punish wrongdoers in a mature manner. Do you use our Teamspeak server often? Everyday. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Situations: _____________________________________________________________________________ 1. A user is RDMing and Insulting other users. You are the only staff available to deal with the situation. What do you do? My first point of call would be to spectate the accused with '!spectate <player>', and at the same time bring up the logs (/logs). While checking the logs I would overwatch the player to see whether the accusations are valid. If such were valid, I would exit the spectate and confront the player. Rather than just using !bring to bring the player to me, I would use '!jailtp <player>' so they don't just go ahead and type 'kill' in console or use "!fbring <player>" to ensure they don't try and escape my grasp. I would check the accused's current amount of warns via '!warn' and looking up their SteamID in order to get a sense of their previous convictions. I would then let the accused know of why I have brought them, provide logs evidence to them, and allow them to provide their side of the story regarding the situation in an attempt to justify their actions but also possibly provide me with an insight into their personality and plausible future intentions. If this is the accused's first offense, or at least their first major offense, I would proceed to explain to the accused that they'll be receiving a warning for their actions with '!warn <player> RDM x #, Player Harassment', and that if they continue down their opprobrious path, their punishments will greatly increase in severity. After such, I would reiterate the server rules to the accused and supply them with a forum link to them so they can review the rules in the future. (If we had '!rules' I would let them do that instead or force them to do such via '!sudo <player> "say !rules"') Once concluded I would return the player to their previous location with '!return <player>' and continue monitoring them to ensure they don't continue to be a nuisance. If the accused has multiple offenses on record, I would explain to them that due to their consistent inadequate behaviour that they'll be receiving both a warn with '!warn <player> RDM x #, Player Harassment', and a temporarily banned from the server with "!banid <steamid> <1/2hrs> <Consistent undesirable behaviour, please read the server rules on the forums and return when you are ready to behave>". (I prefer to use "!banid <steamid>" over "!ban <player>" in case there is another player with the same name or numbers as the accused, so that an innocent isn't banned by accident) 2. A group of users have confronted you and explain how another user was breaking some server rules earlier (RDMing and Climb Swep abusing). The users threaten that they want immediate action otherwise they will leave the server. What do you do? I would calm the group of users and have them explain the situation to me. While they explain the situation I would access the logs (/logs) and look for the kill and damage logs of the incident. If their story is correct and there is evidence to back-up the statement, I would ask if one of the affected group members would like to attend the sit with me to ensure that justice is dealt. If agreed I would go to a secluded area of the map and bring the group member with "!bring <player>" and then bring the accused player with "!fbring <player>". I would then explain to the accused of why they have been brought, providing evidence of their actions and get them to explain their side of the story. I would then continue through the same process explained in the first scenario of punishing the offender. After the offender has been punished I would check with the group member that I brought on whether he is content with the outcome of the situation. If he is, I would return him with "!return <player>". If he isn't, I would explain that there is a procedure to things and that to be fair and just, we can't bring anger and emotion into the conclusion of the offender's punishments. 3. A user has threatened to Ddos and take down the server. What do you do? Under the Criminal Code Act, 1995 and the Cybercrime Act, 2001 under the section on deliberate impairment of service or communication; it is federally illegal to take out a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack on other people, players or servers; therefore, I would proceed with the following. I would get the IP address of the player with "!ip <player>" and then proceed to IP Ban the player with "!banip <ip> 0". Immediately after the player has been dealt with, I would contact the executive staff and provide them with the person's SteamID, IP address, and a shadowplay of the relevant evidence regarding the situation. I would also use their IP to get the players hostname in-case of the situation where the player tries to change their IP address. 4. A Commander and Lieutenant are arguing infront of debrief. It is getting quite heated. The context to the argument is unknown to you. What do you do? (Assuming the argument is out of character) If they were using voice communications, I would use "!gag <player>" on them both and send them both a PM saying "PTS is Active, this is not the time nor place, let's sort this out after debriefing". If they didn't continue to abuse one another through text-chat after being gagged, I would wait until debrief was concluded then go to a secluded part of the map and bring them using "!bring <player>". Once brought I would let them know before I ungagged them that their behaviour was unacceptable and was a bad representation of both themselves and their regiment towards everyone who attended the briefing. I would then ungag one of the parties using "!ungag <player>" and get them to explain the situation to me and what the argument is regarding. Once they have concluded their side, I would regag them and ungag the other party to get their side of the story. Once they have said their peace, if needed, I would give my opinion and recommendation on the matter, and then finally ungagging them both and allow them to work it out and discuss their differences while I'm present, to ensure that instead of arguing, they're discussing and at least either acknowledging their differences and moving on from it, or resolving the situation. I would then inform their COs or RHC that there was an out of character dispute and that they might need to keep an eye on them for any further toxicity towards one another. 5. A Cadet has been complaining and wondering around because he hasn't been trained yet. He seems like a minge to you and you're not sure if he is really here to play. What do you do? My response to this will be as if the keycard system doesn't exist & the doors aren't locked in the cadet room. Firstly I would teleport myself to the cadet using "!goto <player>", I would then allow the cadet to acknowledge my presence before going on to explain that I am going to be teleporting him back to the cadet room and that I will make sure I find a trainer for him. Once explained, I would go to the cadet room and bring the cadet using "!bring <player>", and then type in OOC chat that I am in need of a Sergeant+ to come and train the cadet. If no-one responds, I will use check what the current Sergeant+ troopers are doing by using "!spectate <player>" and find someone who is not busy to train the cadet. Once someone has been found, I'd wait for the trainer to get to the cadet room before then informing the trainer via PM that this cadet might either be new or mingy and that they might want to keep an eye on him, and that if he does cause him any trouble, he should PM me and I'll come and speak with the cadet. Sergeant+ trainers should know how to handle mingy cadets, therefore I don't feel my presence is required unless the Sergeant+ informs me that he is being a nuisance. If he continues to be a nuisance I would teleport to the cadet using "!goto <player>" and explain to the cadet that he needs to stop being a hassle and that if he continues to do so I will have to punish him. For an extremely mingy toxic cadet, I would kick the cadet a for his behaviour and lack of desire to roleplay. If he comes back after being kicked and is still acting the same, then I would go ahead and ban the cadet using the following "!ban <player> 1d "No intention to roleplay and complete basic training". _____________________________________________________________________________ Thank you for reading my Moderator Application. Please leave feedback in the comments of how I could improve my application and whether or not you agree with the way I would handle such situations. _____________________________________________________________________________
  7. I've got to know you over the past two months and in that time you've made a positive change from being quite obnoxious into a more mature and respectable person who doesn't as easily 'fold like a wet tissue'. I believe you deserve a shot as a Trial Moderator so you can see if its the thing for you, though I'd urge you to be more confident in your decisions and stand on solid ground as you'll be consistently be exposed to situations where people will talk out of their ass in order to get out of punishment. I like the answers you gave to the situations. You already have basic ULX knowledge which will be of benefit to you. If you continue to develop positively as a person and a leader, I believe you'd be a worthwhile asset to the current staff team. +1
  8. Tis' a surprise. /me waves. *insert that ending scene deadpaul song from the fast and the furious movie*
  9. Wheres the mention regarding your undying love for the Coruscant Guard?
  10. Shadow Company has a mass amount of potential if its members apply themselves. Yes, there may be restrictions on the active camo usage, etc. but that doesn't change the fact that they have, in my opinion, one of the best loadouts of any regiment. There is no need for a sub-company, it would be a waste of time. I'm sure Crossfire (Chroma) and Centurion both have some brilliant ideas for the regiment, and are no doubt in the process of opening up more opportunities for roleplay potential within the regiment - maybe discuss with them some of your ideas or issues that you currently experience at the moment and see what you can collectively come up with to resolve such. This statement is wack. Why should they fly LAATs and ARC170s? What purpose does that serve? Why should a stealth regiment drive AT-RTs and BARC speeders? Those aren't very stealthy and make a lot of noise. Why should they do Navy and CG work? Does Shadow Company know how to operate the hyperdrive? Should a stealth regiment open and close dorsal doors? Same with doing CG work; does the CO of Shadow Company deepthroat Palpatine? No. I can see Shadow Company working alongside CG for investigations and such, but we have Naval Intelligence for that. I personally see Shadow as a recon/stealth based roleplay regiment that uses their stealth to gain intel, to do reconnaissance, and protect the interests of the republic. As Nexoit said, take it up with your COs and talk to your fellow Shadow Company troopers.
  11. I mostly agree, but if they were to try anything, you'd have their IP address and therefore their hostname and immediate link to their ISP in which you could report them towards and get them in some serious doo doo. So it wouldn't really be any loss, and their aggravation is only a bigger loss and punishment for them.
  12. I've known Buck for the entire time I've been a Gateway gamer, and have also been able to get to know him outside of such. Buck has shown maturity, confidence, and leadership not only in his role as 2iC of the Coruscant Guard but also as an ARC trooper. He has shown that he can approach situations as a neutral body, which allows him to deal with the situations fairly. I have full confidence in Buck's ability to provide the ideal representation of a Gateway staff member - and believe he'd make a great addition to the current team. @Buck7778, I do recommend you reconsider your answer for Question 3. Denial of Service attacks shouldn't be taken lightly, as it is a criminal offense to takeout such attacks. I'd suggest an immediate ban of the player, and that you grab their SteamID & IP Address for a point of reference for when you notify Senior Staff. +1.
  13. Coruscant Guard Clearance Level: 4 Case Number: 1936532 Investigation into blackmarket trafficking Lead by: Lieutenant Vyve Accessing Audio Tape Investigation into blackmarket trafficking [AUDIO RECORDING] "Check 1, 2 - Check 1. Good it's working. For the record I shall now state my name in verification of my identity. I am Lieutenant 7845 Vyve, of the Coruscant Guard - based, at this time on Kalist. I am making this recording as I believe I have vital information that affects us all, and stems from the highest hierarchy of the Advisory Council to the fellow everyday troopers situated at this base. Approximately 16 hours ago I apprehended an overly inebriated republic commando identified as RC-3591 'Batnor' who was originally arrested for stealing High General Mace Windu's lightsaber - of which he exclaims later that he used it to cook 'steak' - and then further going on to take a joyride in Commander Ahsoka Tano's Delta, which RC-3591 'Batnor' ended up crashing and causing serious damage to the craft. RC-3591 'Batnor' was then taken to the Republic security cell-block and held in a cell until my fellow Coruscant Guard troopers were able to clean-up the mess of which had already been made. After we had finished, General Anakin Skywalker, Commander Ahsoka Tano, Major Thorn and myself returned to the cell where which RC-3591 'Batnor' was held, in-order to question him about the events of which occurred and attempt to get the location of High-General Mace Windu's lightsaber of which we were all desperately trying to find. When we arrived at the cell RC-3591 'Batnor' was still in an overly inebriated state - though in desperation we moved him from the cell block into our Interview room for further questioning. In the Interview room, it was apparent we were wasting our time trying to get information out of RC-3591 'Batnor' as he was in no state to think clearly or provide accurate intel, of which was most evident when RC-3591 'Batnor' proceeded to vomit into his helmet, of which Commander Ahsoka Tano quickly removed to ensure that RC-3591 'Batnor' didn't drown himself in the disgusting mess. Through this notion it was evident that we required medical assistance in hopes of bringing RC-3591 'Batnor' to a state where he could give us the useful information we desperately needed. Major Thorn stepped out of the Interview room and called upon an ARC Medic, Sergeant A-99 Buck who immediately presented himself at R-SEC to provide his expertise on the situation. I'm not a medical expert, so I can not comment on what the Medic provided to RC-3591 'Batnor', but whatever he gave him was enough to have RC-3591 'Batnor' slur out the location of High-General Mace Windu's lightsaber - of which happened to be under his pillow in the Aquilla Squad bunks - before then going on to pass out on the table in the R-SEC interview room. ARC Medic, Sergeant A-99 Buck then suggested that we must move RC-3591 'Batnor' to the Medical Bay for further treatment. Immediately Commander Ahsoka Tano began lifting RC-3591 'Batnor' of which I assisted her with, and then further progressed to carrying RC-3591 'Batnor' to the Medical Bay. Once arriving at the Medical Bay, Sergeant A-99 Buck directed us to the Intensive Care unit where we then got RC-3591 'Batnor' into a bacta tank to I guess, revitalise him. After sometime, RC-3591 'Batnor' came to his senses and was 'well' enough to question him - and although he was still slurring out his words and wasn't thinking straight, by accident he stated mentioning some revealing information, which although I took as a grain of salt at the time, ended up being a full-scale operation of blackmarket trafficking of prohibited substances. I questioned RC-3591 'Batnor' regarding how he procured the alcohol of which he mentioned was given to him by a 13th Starfighter Corps trainee - though he wasn't able to remember any names and numbers at the time - furthermore he said that there has been consistent cargo imports of alcohol and hallucinogens imported through a logistics advisor, carried out by the 13th Starfighter Corps trainee. As I stated earlier, I took a note of this, but didn't think much of it as RC-3591 'Batnor' was truly in quite the state. I then left the Medical Bay, and left RC-3591 'Batnor' in the hands of Commander Ahsoka Tano and ARC Medic Sergeant A-99 Buck. An hour or so passed and I was on the 2nd Floor of the Kalist base concluding a bunk inspection of the Aquilla Squad bunks - of which I found an empty bottle of alcohol and another full bottle stored in a cupboard. RC-3591 'Batnor' was back in his bunks taking a nap, when all of a sudden I see RC-1309 'Niner' heading to Aquilla Squad bunks in a very hostile manner, with his DC-17 pistols off of safety. Before he was able to enter the bunks, I had RC-1309 'Niner' tased and cuffed. Something was very off about him. I took RC-1309 'Niner' down to the R-SEC cell block where he also began to show the same signs and symptoms of inebriation. I radioed in to Sergeant A-99 Buck to once again provide medical assistance, of which he did. The ARC Medic was able to get RC-1309 'Niner' into an appropriate state where it was evident that he could think and speak clearly, from which he provided me with the following information: 'For quite sometime now, Advisor 45/187 Yoho had been working with Petty Officer Coric to traffic prohibited items and substances onto both the Venator and our Kalist base. According to RC-1309 'Niner', the republic commando's and a few clone troopers were granted access and given free-range by Advisor 45/187 Yoho to indulge themselves in the prohibited items and substances of which he had trafficked in.' Once RC-1309 'Niner' informed me of this, I knew that atleast some parts of what RC-3591 'Batnor' spoke of was true. With this information, I knew I needed to start an investigation and gather evidence. I decided to make a deal with RC-1309 'Niner' that I would not punish him for the abuse of substances as long as he became my inside man and provided me with documentation, helmet cam footage, cargo or anything that would connect the dots; and so he did. RC-1309 'Niner' accepted the offer and became my inside man. And that is all I heard of the situation for 16 long hours. Until only moments ago when I was approached by RC-1309 'Niner' and requested by him to speak in private. We headed up to the Omega Bunks where he provided me with helmet cam footage to back-up his claims. Loading Helmet Cam Footage... As shown in the footage, I was presented with a meeting that RC-1309 'Niner' attended with Advisor 45/187 Yoho and Petty Officer Coric; backing up all the previous claims and furthermore providing information about Advisor 45/187 Yoho using his clearance level to destroy any leads, ties or footprints to the existence of the operation - covering his tracks to the absolute maximum. I have just briefed Field Commander Fox on the situation. Its now time to meet with Naval Intelligence. Wish me luck." [/END OF AUDIO RECORDING]
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    GTA V

    Made Australian style police vehicles for the server I had, was pretty lit. Made 24 HD Skins/Models for them in total.
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