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  1. Yeah bro cricket is pretty epic although test is a bit of a stretch to watch all of it. The Strikers are obviously the best and most superior team in the BBL just saying.
  2. Name: Loc Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198089563900/ In-game name: 2828 Loc Why do you want it: As a recently returned older player I would love the opportunity to experience another aspect of play and experiencing a new style of play, although I only returned recently it would defiantly be nice and used effectively. Thanks for hosting the giveaway and I wish anyone else entering good luck.
  3. As Spirit said, bans would not usually be the first action used in a situation like that, usually a formal warning would be used like stated above. For the application itself it's well written and you seem to be an active and mature person, every encounter I have had with you has been positive and I do believe you would make a good staff member. +1 from me and Good luck with the applicaton.
  4. #... Entering alias ... Alias accepted ... Enter secret ... Secret enabled ... Access granted to clone database GENERAL INFORMATION Full Name: CT 2346 Jas Known Alias’/Nicknames: Jas Previous Occupation: Unassigned Clone Trooper Current Occupation: 91st Reconnaissance Corps Known Languages: Galactic Basic Hobbies: Sharpening Knives, Target Practice, Climbing on the terrain around the base Alignment: 91st Reconnaissance Corps, Galactic Republic, GAR PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION Mental State: Sane, however, Jas is quick to anger and is quite serious at all times. Mental Disabilities: A possible Psychopath Likes: His brothers from 91st, 327th, 501st, 22nd, and most clone units throughout the Grand Army of the Republic, Reconnaissance Dislikes: The Jedi, Pilots, Navy, Close quarters PHYSICAL INFORMATION Physical State: Very strong at climbing the treacherous terrain that goes along with Recon, Fit and Muscular Age: 9 Weight: 85kg Build: Solid and Muscular Disabilities: None RELATIONSHIPS Dead | Death Wish | Hatred || Disliked | Untrusted | Indifferent | Acquaintance | Liked | Friend | Best Friend Anakin Skywalker: Jas' hatred for General Anakin Skywalker is beyond words, Jas wishes to end Skywalker's life and has planned to multiple times however Jas does realize that doing so would be treason. Neyo: Jas respects the person that Neyo is, Jas believes him to be just and looks up to him because in his eye he is the perfect commander. B-3612 Cappa: Jas has gotten to know Cappa over his time being at the base, becoming friends with Cappa has really helped Jas' ability to be social and Jas really looks up to Cappa as he is a reliable friend to Jas. RC-1207 'Sev': Jas has gotten to know Sev recently and enjoys him as a mentor, Sev helps him with target practice and a various amount of other activities, Jas finds it easy to get along with Sev due to there similar attitudes. 91st Recon Crops: Jas enjoys being amongst his brothers within the 91st Reconnaissance Corps due to his love for Recon and Neyo's leadership. CT-Bright: Bright is once again one of Jas' great companions, he enjoys Brights company and Bright would be one of only a few Jas would call a "friend". Ponds: Ponds was one of Jas' best mentors, Ponds helped Jas with target practice will Jas was still a cadet and Jas believes his love for Recon came from Ponds' mentorship.
  5. Loc

    RIP 41st

    Rip 41st, hello 91st.
  6. You're respectful and mature member of the community and your application is very detailed and well written, you definitely deserve a shot at a trial. +1 from me.
  7. Loc

    Farewell Omega Squad

    @Yoho Thanks for everything my dude, it was fun being Atin for that long and you were an awesome understanding squad leader. It is sad to see Omega go but all regiments and squads have there time and I'm glad you stuck at it so long. Gonna miss Omega.
  8. Application is well thought out and detailed, you're an active helpful player and you deserve a shot at a Trial at least. +1
  9. Personally, you have the maturity and creativity to be a good EM, all my encounters with you have been positive and the application is well written and thought out. +1
  10. Loc

    Ahh Hi

    Welcome to the forums dude. Good luck with Foxtrot, hope to see it thrive.
  11. Every experience I have had with you has been a positive one. Your application is well written and detailed and it would be nice to see some new EMs around. +1 from me, and good luck with your application.
  12. I don't really know you that well so I won't be a leaving a +1 or -1, I recommend trying to put yourself out there more, maybe talk to people you don't really talk to, in other words be more vocal. The application itself is decent however I recommend changing the color of the ULX commands to make them stand out more. For now I will be leaving a Neutral.
  13. This application is fairly well written in my opinion, the event sounds like an interesting original event which is awesome, personally, I believe you would make a good EM due to your ability to perform RP. My only concern is if you were to use EC's of such importance to the event they would have to be quite trusted, IE staff members, etc, just make sure you're careful with making your events revolve around EC's as certain people can be quite unpredictable. Despite that +1 from me.
  14. Probably Neyo or Gree, I like their armour and look, Neyo's helmet looks really sick however can't say the same about Neyo's personailty.
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