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  1. Congrats on Co-Owner retard. New you would get there one day. The boys are really proud that you made it this far

    1. Vyve


      bout time

    2. s8n


      feel like pure shit, wish the boys were by my side & please dont call me the r word 🤡

  2. Surely you're trying out for Gen 11 @AnnoyingTaco (Herd).
  3. Ah the chance to be the first of your gen, count me in.
  4. I lead the air raid on geonosis
  5. Thanks to everyone that participated over the 10 hours and shoutout to all the EC's that help. Special shoutout to @Lunar @Coric @Vyve @Andy for doing all the work behind the scenes over the campaign. Hope everyone had fun.
  6. I want to recommend the Head Comedian himself, @Ajax. He needs a second slot after playing Gateway for 3 years.
  7. My issue with giving you a shot at staff Richard would be the fact that you have already left the staff team and are known for joining/buying a regiment and giving up on it quite quickly and I believe (to my knowledge) you have only come back a short time ago. Before I would consider upvoting your application I would suggest you stick around a while, I understand that you have taken up the role with 41st and I hope you stick around for a while, once I am happy that you aren't just going to up and leave again then I will +1 your application. For now, I am going to remain Neutral.
  8. You have a well-written application and have shown good use of ulx commands. My only downside to giving you a shot a trial mod is the fact that not too long ago you were considering leaving the server, and I believe that until you find your role on the server that you actually enjoy and want to stay for that reason, that you should hold off on trying to become a staff member. If you are to find that role and are enjoying the server and wanting to stay, then in my opinion you should be given a shot at trial mod. As Beatroot has already stated try get well known within the community and staff team, my channel is always open if you want to come jump in, don't let the PTE sign scare you. If I am afk feel free to just jump in or chuck me a poke if I'm not and 95% of the time I will let you in. For now, I am going to remain Neutral.
  9. As many others have already said, age would be an issue as people who come on to minge won't take you as seriously as they would some others. Saying that you could still become a good staff member as long as you have the right attitude for it. If you were to be put through a trial mod phase your attitude throughout will be heavily watched, as well as how you present yourself during situations. Other than what I have already said, your application is well written and shows good use of ulx commands, aside from warns which work slightly different but that will be explained going through trial mod. At this current stage, I will remain neutral.
  10. You're cringe for asking for subs 😎

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    2. Jeff The Māori

      Jeff The Māori

      Sorry bro, just coz we have better juices.

    3. s8n


      tankjuice you mean cringejuice

    4. Jeff The Māori

      Jeff The Māori

      Sorry boostjuice man

  11. Hello, troopers this is Admiral Joff. We have been contacted by General Huxford, and he has asked us for his assistance in one of the bloodiest outer rim conflicts. The battle of Mygeeto has been being fought for a long time by the Galactic Marines, lead by Marshal Commander Bacara. They have been losing ground to the CIS forces in the area and need reinforcements asap. We are set to arrive within the fortnight, ETA being on the 13/07 at around 1 pm. Helping us with this mission is High General Lunar of the Jedi Order, Rear Admiral Aaron & Commodore Jordo. We are expecting for the fighting to last 10 hours before victory is achieved over CIS forces. If you have any queries or requests about this campaign, contact me on Teamspeak, Discord or In-game.
  12. Didn't know you were a comedian
  13. 104th Wolfpack G'day gamers, I would like to announce that the 104th wolfpack will be making another return to the server. This will be lead by myself as Wolffe and @Splash/Geeloot as my 2ic. This is a 15 slot regiment with around 4 slots already taken up. 104th has already been job coded in and we will be hosting tryouts after the 6:30, requirements for entry won't be super elite but saying that we aren't a starter reg either. We are looking for average skilled troopers and will train you up to be the best of your ability. If you are interested I would recommend coming along to the tryouts. We will have 2 sub regiments which have both already been paid for and implemented. We will also be having a regimental Beta ARC, with the possibility of 2 troopers getting these position. Bear in mind Beta ARC will not start for at least 2 weeks. 104th Medic Company This is pretty much the same as any other medic regiment, there are 4 slots available for this sub regiment with 1 slot already being taken up by @Serbacus as the CO. 104th Cannok Company This sub regiment consists of skilled troopers who will have access to the DLT-19, PLX-6 Missile Launcher and Thermal Detonators. There are 6 slots in this sub regiment and we are currently in the process of looking for a CO if this interests you get in contact with myself through Teamspeak, Discord or In-game. If you have any queries about this regiment come and talk to me and I will help you out. 104th Roster 104th Discord
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