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  1. just +1 he was fixed alot of things already just make it official please
  2. that is exacly what it is
  3. Name: ThunderSteam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/_bank_/In-game Name: Thunder/ DutchServer: (Clone Wars RP )Why do you want it: geting tired of being a clone nad need something to else to spice it up
  4. going to miss you buddy i will hold this photo close to my heart
  5. Finally made a PAC app this man puts alot of effort is to this pacs that he has made and makes SO A massive +1
  6. An great 7th hero has fallen
  7. For some reason I have always silently hated you with no reason at all but I am going miss you and your events
  8. Name: Dallas/Thunder/FaxSteam Profile Link https://steamcommunity.com/id/_bank_/In-game Name: Dallas/Thunder/FaxServer: (Clone Wars RP)Why do you want it: something that i being interested for long time but never had the money for
  9. Thunder/Dallas

    Bell V

    A Desert planet that is in the out rim and is not commonly known in the core the planet has a republic outpost which the locals only know it as a training ground for Clone troopers with transports moving Clone troopers for patrols and drills in the canyon but the outpost is not a training ground it is a Kyber crystals refinery which was ordered to be built by the Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine Thank you @Brady for help with the clone troopers
  10. # ... Receiving Transmission Stalker 1-1: Well Well Well look who we found Stalker 3 and the person that send us on this mission i guess it didn't plan out Special Agent Arsenic : i guess so Stalker 3-1: alright stop the bickering we have job to so where are they Stalker 3-3: according to this right behide that laat and there are three of them Special Agent Arsenic : i guess Sentinel went on this mission aswell *Sounds of a ship approaching and Turbolaser firing sending the ship in to the ground* Director Decker : It seem like we are doing the rescuing rather than you Special Agent Baylon: Hey Arsenic are you going to regret sending us on this mission or what and thanks for you armor Special Agent Arsenic : naa you guys can handle your selves they are just here for insurance and to handle anythings that to need cleaning up but it seems that the mission has changed Stalker 3-4: you say that now # ... Receiving Replay # ... Terminating Transmission
  11. Thunder/Dallas

    Stalker 1

    # ... Receiving Transmission Stalker 1-1: It has been five days since comms blackout the rest of the stalker units ,the EMP and Homebase Crashing. The pilots have been working 24/7 to get the LAATs comms unit back online since the crash but they are working with what they have which is not alot. Stalker 1-4 is hurt but not badly as Stalker 1-3 is treating to his wounds. Stalker 1-2: Hey 1 what you doing over there. Debating life choices? Stalker 1-1: No just logging everything Stalker 1-1: now were was i, food that is it! food is not bad as there is a local town that is willing to give us food and supplies if we help defend them but there has been nothing to defend them against for the last five days. Pilot Officer Scotty: we almost have the comms unit back online but needs a power supply and two more days to get that installed without the proper tools but i think i can cut it down to one i have to Ren to to thank for that at least. Stalker 1-1: well that petty much sums Stalker 1 stiuation i dont have know idea if the other Stalker unit alive or dead due to the EMP or other means. Stalker 1-1: Going to attach the photos that the drone took two hours ago. # ... Receiving Photos # ... Terminating Transmission
  12. Don’t worry the Pilots will get something less tragic in the next one
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