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  1. after Watching this the auto play was this
  2. naa keeping promoting your self your videos are great
  3. 14


    well well well . . . . . . . look who came back
  4. Maybe a village overhaul to make it a place that you might want to go to
  5. 14


    Welcome to the club
  6. yea i thought that was just issue with my browser
  7. Since the change from NI to NSF i wanted to make this public https://www.dropbox.com/sh/i5cq2yhlpu774s3/AACWKy3vj9Vc8Xamzrb-QyCDa?dl=0 so yea no you can't say that NI did nothing
  8. My Suggestion is make our Own Time line continue after the Siege Of mandalore And if order 66 didn’t happen like alternative timeline And a lot of the Lore characters are still alive
  9. i feel sad that i was not mentioned
  10. By the way I am thunder so fix that up please
  11. 14

    Regiments Photo shoot

    Can you one for NI
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